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iPhone 5s, 6 & 6s 16GB Models 10% off + Delivery @ Dick Smith/Kogan


Not bad if you been waiting out for a cheaper iphone and don't need a higher storage capacity.

E.g iPhone 6s 16GB: $746.10 + $22.99 delivery = $769.09

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Are these grey imports?

    • Yep Kogan and Dicksmith are always grey imports

      but I think apple has global warranty so shouldnt matter

      • U sure about that? Have u done warranty claim on an iPhone bought from kogan in Apple store here? It sounds too good to be true

      • Yes I have bought Apple products overseas and they did warranty in Australia ….was iPhone and I needed new battery …they swapped on the spot as they had one in stock and mine wasnt water or screen damaged else it's a repair. Only time they can't do it is if you a have a model they don't carry eg Verizon special. With Apple they just want to keep customers moving ..,what say to international business travelers wait till you get back home to get phone fixed …..Apple are great on service.

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    Pointless buying a 16GB model, unless you really dont intend on taking photos/videos or installing apps.

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      You want the prices of thirteen different handsets in the title? Don't be so ridiculous.

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        Not every handset but maybe something like:

        iPhone 5s, 6 & 6s 16GB Models 10% off - Starting from $700 + Delivery @ Dick Smith/Kogan

  • $413 after 10% off for the iPhone 5S 16gb exclude delivery. Might as well get from Optus online for $399 prepaid delivered and local warranty.

  • k/Bogan

    This is not a deal

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    16GB is not enough to keep daily photography. A few popular apps are enough to make it keep notify you about out of storage space.

    • Depends what you use your phone for and where you backup unused stuff to.

    • With your photos backing up to Google Photos with unlimited free storage, 16GB is more than enough space for daily photography. When you run out of space due to apps, attempt to rent a large movie like Lord of the Rings and you'll reclaim a couple of gigs from app caching. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy a more expensive higher capacity phone, but this is OzBargain and most of us go out of our way to save a few bucks.

  • Apple may not have world warranty anymore

  • Does anyone know when the local sellers are going to reduce the price on the local stocks on 6/6s?

  • Most if not all Kogan iPhone models are grey imports without Band 28. Beware fellow OzBargainers….

    • Most if not all Kogan iPhone models are grey imports without Band 28. Beware fellow OzBargainers….

      What Buddy is saying is that many/most are grey imports into Hong Kong from the USA.

      When Australians buy from Kogan HK Limited or KOGAN HK LIMITED T/A Dick Smith Electronics, the items they buy become private imports as far as Australian Customs and Fair Trading and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are concerned.