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Dyson DC45 Hand Stick $253.30 from The Good Guys eBay


Great Vacuum Cleaner for $253.3 - The Mrs and I are about to rent an apartment, this would be perfect for it.

Not as powerful as the 'animal' versions, but for two grown adults with no pets, who generally clean up after themselves, this should be a great little vacuum cleaner.

Original 15% off eBay Site Wide Deal Post

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    Bought one of these about 6 months ago when they were just under 300, this is a great price.

    Use more than the plug in vacuum cleaner as it is easier to move room to room. We do have floorboards throughout and rug in most rooms.

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    I bought one of these about a year ago. We've got a pet Samoyd (didn't worry about the animal version of the vacuum) and it works fine. I think it might just be a marketing thing that you "need" to get the better version for pet hair. Although our house is tiled throughout with rugs in key areas which may play a part.

    In any case i'd recommend the vacuum to most people with a small-medium sized home. Anything large and you'd be hard pressed to vacuum the entire house in one go without a re-charge.

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      . Ignore.

  • Too add this is Click & Collect. Another $11~ for delivery

  • Ordered this morning seen it on offer a few times in past with eBay promo but never bothered then when I wanted it was too late.
    Now it's back took advantage of the 15% off.

  • Worth the extra $100 for the v6 model instead?

    • Would like to know as well.

      Our original is playing up, might be time for a new one.

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      The v6 has around 50% more suction power and a few other design improvements, the battery also charges faster (3.5hr rather than 5.5hr).

    • Yes. The 45 feels really weak. Even on the sofa it just doesn't have much pull. In hindsight I'd rather pay $100 extra to get one that vacuums properly.

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      Where are you finding it for an additional $100?

      • Yep I'm after one too.

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    Any thoughts on the Fluffy for $500? seems like a decent price for that model


    • It's only perfect for you if you only have hard floors in the house.

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    Got one and it was OK until I also got a girlfriend. Her hair kept getting stuck in the rotating mechanism.

    So I had a few options. Stop vacuuming, buy a new one or dump her.

    I dumped her and now the DC45 meets all my needs.

    • sick.

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      You don't need a Girlfriend when your DC45 sucks it like it does

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    Does anyone know whether this come with other "heads".. So instead of the long stick, I want something narrow for my car carport. . Cheers

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      Yeah comes with two additional attachments, a brush and crevice one. I use the brush for blinds, keyboards etc and the crevice one for architraves, car etc. really happy with it for the price although I paid a little bit more than this deal :(

      • Sold… thanks mate

  • Paid ~$260 about a month ago, and love it. The battery life may not sound like much, but it's plenty of time to do a quick run around the house.

    • Does it come with other "head" ? Looking for to use for the car

      • Yep, there are attachments that let you use it as a smaller 'duster buster' type vac

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    this vacuum cleaner sucks..

  • Just seen this advertised starts tomorrow at Myers I'm taking its a better Dyson?

    I'm happy with this one and is $100 less than what's on offer tomorrow $100 I can't really afford to pay extra on right now.

    Dyson V6 Handstick Vacuum Cleaner $349 delivered [ save $250 ] .

    • Besides the budget factor, it does depend on the focus you want it for. Like what type of floors do you have? What are you picking up, etc. E.g. if hair is your pick up focus than V6 would be more suitable and will pick up hair much easier than DC45.

      • No pets and it be for tiled floor,rugs and odd bedroom carpets.

        • Yeah, that sounds like DC45 is sufficient enough for the job. Buying the V6 will just make the job easier and quicker.

        • @cortex21:

          Ok cool stick to dc45 then its expensive enough currently with 15% off and a v8 is too much over budget right now.

        • @bwatt99: Price wise in store I've never seen it below $250. The cheapest Ive ever seen it in stores is $279.

    • sould you share the deal on the myer sale on the dyson?

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    In case some of you aren't aware, the new Dyson V8 has already been released overseas for several months. This new model has 40 minutes of vacuum time as opposed to 20 minutes of the V6. The retailers here will have to start discounting the V6 heavily in the near future to get rid of the V6 stock. Personally, I would hold off from purchasing any of the V6 models unless they are heavily discounted. A short review below.


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      I read that the V8 is an addition to the product line, and the V6 will be continuing. It's definitely priced as such - $849 RRP for the V8 Absolute.

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      Dyson V8 has been out for a couple of weeks now. Selling at most major retailers. Bought mine for $800 at JB Hi-Fi over the weekend.
      Apparently it runs for 40mins on normal mode and less on max mode also depends on whether you are using a motorised head or not.. Found it more than sufficient for a 3 bedroom house.

      • Thanks for this. I didn't realise it is already on sale here in Australia.

  • i saw an add for the v8 stock, they said it runs for 20minutes?

    hrmmm guess they are duping their old stock?

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      V8 runs up to 40 minutes depending on which head is being used.

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    By the way MYER will also price match the 15% off on their Dyson Range - I just called my local store and they will price match 15% off the Dyson V8 Absolute, I'm picking up this afternoon :)

    • wow, nice. 15% off Dyson v8 Absolute is a great deal! Most places wouldn't budge on the price as its a new product.

    • So what price are you getting v8 for with 15% off and how much is it without 15% off.

    • Keen to know how you got Myer to offer 15% discount

    • I paid a total of $721.65 at the register - as I said above, all I did was call & ask if they price match eBay offers. At that time eBay had 15% Off via the CODE15 coupon on numerous electronics retailers. The lady asked to make sure that the ebay retailers had stock, I said yes as they did & then she price matched the price for me :)

  • Is the Dyson DC58 animal vac better this one or this one better? I am looking at getting one but myer catalog have the DC58 for $249. thanks

  • If anyone is curious about the DC58 - It is currently $249 at David Jones http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/ProductDisplay?catalogId=1...

  • Has anyone seen a ripper price for the Absolute… im too lazy to check (its beer'o'clock!)

  • Looking for a vacuum for pet hair and floor boards. Juggling between DC45, DC58, and V6 handstick as it is within my price range! Any suggestions guys? Was hoping to get the pet groom attachment as well but it seems none of the vacuums are compatible..

    • V6 is the better option out of those 3. If you can find one cheap in your price range get V6 fluffy if you can.

      Yeah groom tool will be awkward as if your pet dont stay still, you won't be able to use it unless you have a partner helping you out always

    • From Dyson website: " The DC58 animal handheld vacuum cleaner is powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This 350W motor, 2 Tier Radialâ„¢ cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery combine to provide constant high suction."

      It seem the DC58 is using the V6 motor.

  • Damn no stock in Brisbane so had to fork out $12 for postage!! and don't forget CashRewards!

  • Great vacuum. The sales person said it is in addition to a corded vacuum but I use this 90% of the time as appose to the corded one that sits in the cupboard most of the time. Great if you have pets or kids and need a quick vacuum, by the time you plug in a corded one, this has the floor cleaned and back in the cupboard.
    Also its amazing how quickly you can vacuum a large house with this knowing the battery will last 15 mins - Highly recommend.

  • Bought the Dyson DC58 Animal from Myer today $249 (from their catalogue). Still showed as $399 on their website though.

    • Dc58 doesn't have the long wand though - only a handheld

      • Come with three attachment, one motorised for removing hairs .

    • Any idea if the long wand can be bought separately, or whether the DC58 can fit into the long wand of the V6?

      • +1

        Someone here said you can't buy the long wand. But the suction for this one is really good, it pick up hairs on my carpet that I can't even see…. and I don't have pets. I mainly use this for spots cleaning, cleaning furnitures and car. Also good idea to read the 3-4 page pictorial manual that comes with it, shows you how to remove hairs and clean filter etc. I also have the wired Dyson, really happy with it, got it 4 years ago, still going strong.

  • you can price match in Goody Guys and use $25 voucher if you have.
    Is anyone have unused $25 voucher ? I will give my one once receive.

  • Anyone know how Good Guys eBay ship? Will this box arrive 'naked', or inside more card board? Considering a gift

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