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Nexus 6P 64GB $616 Shipped @ Mobileciti eBay


Another awesome price drop by Mobileciti. 100% Australian stock with local warranty. Dispatched same or next business day. You can collect immediately from the Parramatta store if you wish. GST invoice included & TRS eligible. Enjoy :)

Original 15% off eBay Site Wide Deal Post

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  • +5

    Dammit so many options today don't know which ones to buy! Thanks OP :)

  • It was $580 last time, if only they could match that deal I would buy another. I expect these to drop in price after Oct 4.

    • +3

      Aus stock, or grey import?

      • From mobicity so hopefully aus stock $579.01 at start of Aug

  • +2

    Great deal for the 64gb model. :)

  • +2

    I was really tempted until I read no SD Card slot.

    • That's standard on google phones unfortunately :/ my biggest disappointment

      However, there are the USB C little attachments you can use to play movies or photos or music or whatever

    • +1

      Yea pretty much most phones which don't have expandable memory are a bit of a concern, cause your stuck with what you get and there isn't much you can do if you want more memory… (or buy a new phone?) Luckily some manufactures have started to ditch the lower storage capacities and starting to make 32GB variants the minimum, hopefully this becomes the new standard :)

      • +1

        Heck Apple finally did it, so everyone else will definitely follow (at least for high end phones)

  • +3

    Done - trigger pulled!

    Interestingly, how does the local warranty work for Huawei - as their website shows service centres only in WA and NSW? so still need to post?

  • -4

    After reading how terribly Mobileciti have been handling the Samsung recall I would be reluctant to use them.

    • +3

      ??? I bought the s7 on the last ebay deal (2 weeks ago). I didn't like the battery life and returned with their 30 days return policy no question asked. refund took 2 days. pretty happy with them.

      • +2

        I believe their initial response to it was slow and they weren't really sure what to do. They're on track now though.

      • I wonder what they do with returned phones. Factory restore, repackage and sell as new?

  • -4

    This phone is $573 plus delivery at eglobal. Worked out to be $598 delivered for me.

    • +2

      local warranty vs grey for $18 bucks

      • true,have bought a few phones from eglobal however. Had to send 1 back and service from them was fine.

        • -2

          Eglobal: 1 year non-official warranty

          Mobileciti: 2 year official warranty

          For $18 extra it's a no brainer

        • +2

          @cheesecactus: Warranty is "12 Months(AU)" according to the product specs.

        • @belbo: Yeah, 12 months seems short. But that's the official stance from Huawei.

        • @cheesecactus: How did you get 2 year warranty?

        • @cheesecactus:

          Mobileciti: 2 year official warranty

          I see 12 months on ebay

        • @LoveBargain15:

          Turned out I was looking at the 32gb model (which has a 24 month warranty).

          For some odd reason the 64gb version has a 12 month warranty……….wat.

    • TRS brings the local one down to $560.

    • hppart, if you are happy with overseas stock then 64GB Nexus 6P is $540.60 delivered here. Don't pay $598 on their website and if you have already then cancel the order.

  • Out of interest, any reason someone would pick this over an OnePlus 3 for the $600 price? Besides any warranty related justification.

    • +2

      Support for Australian network bands. It's the same thing for almost every Chinese Android…

  • +1

    Kogan 128GB is it not $613?

  • How weird, the 32GB version is more than the 64GB. Let's hope they bring the 32GB back down to $546…

  • Probably clearing stock for the upcoming Pixel XL (next Nexus) release

  • +2

    Is there a need to say 100% Australian stock? What would 50% be? :-P

  • any deals for Nexus 5x?

  • +1

    Damn.. reading over at whirlpool that a lot of people will be holding off if the pixel prices are sky high. I reckon the 6p will remain really popular. Been pretty hard holding off. Hurry up pixel

  • So what do i do. Go Kogan 128GB grey import $614 or mobilecity 64GB $616 aus stock.

    • +1

      mobilecity 64GB $616 aus stock.

      • I think your right

      • I'm thinking of going the Kogan. What would be your reason for going the aus stock? Aren't they both 1 year warranty?

        • Ended up with 64GB from DWI $546 after discount.

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