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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime 3GB/32GB (Global Version - B28) (Gold) - US$159.99 (~AU$210) Delivered @ AliExpress


Thanks to HUKD :)

Xiaomi Authorised Store

Grey is US$10 more.

Global version here, no B28 concerns!

New users get US$4 off via the app, and don't forget 7% cashback!

Copy/Paste from last deal:


Snapdragon 650, 64-bit hexa-core 1.8GHz
Adreno 510
3GB dual-channel LPDDR3 RAM
32GB eMMC 5.0 Flash
4000mAh / 4050(typ)
0.3s fingerprint unlocking
4G hybrid dual SIM, microSD support


13.9cm (5.5) full HD display
1920 x 1080 resolution, 401 PPI
Sunlight Display
Night Display, produces minimal 1cd/m2 brightness
Reading mode
Color temperature adjustment


16MP camera
5-element lens, f/2.0, 78° wide-angle
Two-tone flash, auto detects room color temperature
Panorama, Straighten, Manual mode, Scene mode, Timer, HDR
5MP front camera
f/2.0 aperture
Beautify with 36 smart beauty profiles
Face recognition

Network Bands

FDD-LTE - B1 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20 / B28
TD-LTE - B38 / B39 / B40 / B41
TD-SCDMA - 1900 / 2000MHz
WCDMA - 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100MHz
GSM - 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

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  • +28

    Loving my non B28 Pro 3.
    Buy 5 for the same price as one iPhone 7

    • +1

      nah i will just buy one of this redmi, and buy $0.50 apple sticker to put it on the back of the phone.

      the extra $- keep them.


      • I got core i5 sticker at the back of my iphone 5(that i got for free), but your idea I like more =)

  • Tempted to pull the trigger, but unable to use paypal?

    • +6

      Some say Alipay is better

      • interesting!

      • +1

        Do you think this is much of an upgrade from an iphone 5?


        • +9

          probably day and night in terms of speed.

        • +11

          Also battery life is twice long as iPhone5. Bigger screen as well

        • +7

          Wife had an iphone 5 as a company phone and it's in the cupboard . No interest in getting another Iphone ever .

        • @fchis:

          haha thanks pulled the trigger in the end! haha

        • +7


          Alipay is a very safe method of payment, but just be aware that once you click on the "goods received" link you will no longer be able to make a claim against the seller.

          So don't click on this until you've tested the phone over an extended period of time.

        • @troyww: My wife also have iphone 5s, but she loves it. I just don't understand her at all…. It's so small, the battery is so bad…

        • @coolbbb888:
          It was fairly easy getting my wife away from the iphone as she was tired of carting around a work phone and a personal phone . She loves the RN3's battery life even with 2 sims and a much bigger screen it still easily outlasts the Iphone5 . Best of luck as I guess she'll be wanting a 6 next .

      • +4

        Alipay is great in terms of refunding your money if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
        I recently purchased 2 x Xiaomi Mi4c and one arrived faulty.
        I communicated to the vendor and took pics and video of the fault as it was easy to show them the fault with both unit side by side.
        The difficult part was sending the unit back to China.
        Make sure you communicate with the vendor on the return shipping address in China and don't use the one that comes up automatically once the vendor has approved the return.
        The vendor will not reimburse you for the shipping cost, which was $21.64 using Auspost with tracking.
        That was the cheapest option from Auspost with tracking but the tracking was useless, once it left Australia there was no more tracking after that.
        But you must send the faulty unit with tracking or you will not get your refund.
        So I lost $21.64 to get back $160.00 back onto my 28 degress card (plus I also lose out on the exchange rate as AUD got stronger against USD).
        If you use Paypal which Aliexpress do not support, you can claim that shipping cost back onto your paypal account for your next purchase.

        That was my experience for returning a faulty phone.
        I have bought a Redmi Note3 on Aliexpress from this vendor "Xiaomi Authorised Store", and their shipping into Perth took less than 2 weeks. They shipped the phone within 2 days from ordering. I was very happy with their despatch time and shipping time.
        Now I am so tempted to get this one with Band28 as I am on Telstra's 4gX network.
        But I would not be able to use my current flip case with this one as the dimensions are slightly different.

      • Amazing how similar the design Alipay website is to PeePal

    • +1

      I've bought multiple items off Aliexpress. No issues using their system. I've even used it to get some money back and it was painlessly easy.

  • Good deal.
    I just paid $230 :(

    • +18

      unlucky mate, just think of the extra 15$ as money you would have spent on 1$ fries at HJs or 9.95 @ kfc which would have been unhealthy

    • +2

      DW mate, I paid $300 just a few months ago!

      These are bargains at this price, unbelievable really.

  • +1

    is this the cheapest its ever been?

    and are there custom roms (CM) for this yet? the other aliexpress thread someone said there was but i remember the global version used a different ROM

    also have we found a case for this longer phone??

    • +1

      Yes. CM and some others.

      • +2

        any chance you can provide a link so i dont look at the wrong one?

        gunna get this for family, wanna set and forget cause i hate being tech support

        • +7

          It's Kate (b28 version)
          Some references and guides here

        • @Phoebus: thanks bookmarked

        • @Phoebus:

          Thanks for the information.

          TBH…those steps look pretty daunting as I understand about 10% of it.

          Can this phone work happily in Australia out of the box?

        • +1

          @tsunamisurfer: it works fine. There's a few minor annoyances. For example some plays tore widgets don't run properly amongst a few other niggles. But all in all it runs pretty well as is

        • +1

          Yep. My Kenzo version has been running the stock MIUI ROM for three months.
          Had problems with a few apps because of the default background app permissions though once I figured that out (easy) it was all good.
          My phone came with a 'vendor ROM' so I had to flash the official ROM. Was easy though.
          I've finally decided to go to CM, as soon as I find some time to do it.
          NX ROM, which I think is based on CM, also looks interesting.

  • -1

    Be aware that this device throttles down the LTE download speeds and caps it at 20MBps a second. I found this out the hard way.

    • wtf why

    • +1

      huh …. the whole idea of LTE and band 28 is so that will aggregate …. if it throttles at 20Mbps then it's slower than a $80 prepaid from optus or telstra.

      • +1

        Well it does and I have tested another phone on the same network and that does 50 and up. Weird but read that Kate thread on Whirlpool because other users have reported the same thing.

        • +1

          What network are you on? And what MIUI version is your RN3 SE on?

    • +7

      Nope, got 46 mbps down when I tested it today on Optus

    • +6

      I get 60mbps down with vodafone on kate.

      What might be happening, is maybe your phone preferences 700mhz over the other bands due to reception or something, and maybe 700mhz is more congested, thus slower speed in that case.

    • +6

      Myth busted

  • +1

    Anyone know how the camera would compare to a htc m7 or galaxy s4?

    • +1

      My xperia z1 camera is better than this phone. Its front facing camera is better than z1. Low light is disgusting, but in enough light it will take decent photos.

      • +5

        People bag this phone for its camera a lot. It's not as bad as they say - at least, for day shots. Low light is more like a mosaic of noise. I went on a trip to japan recently and all the day shots look fantastic. Video is decent as well. Some say using another camera app fixes the noise issue but I'm quite happy with the standard shooter. So long as you don't intend on zooming in on photos to use in photoshop you'll be fine.

        • +4

          Indeed. It can take decent pictures with enough light. Not as bad as people think. It's a $200+ phone with fingerprint sensor and metal casing. I am very happy with this phone.

  • +1

    I bought one of these and ordered a Redmi Note 3 case separately. I received the case today, and it's too small. This version seems to be a little bit longer than the regular Redmi Note 3.

    Does anyone have a link to the proper Xiaomi flip case for this one??

    • +2

      Read the original Whirlpool thread.
      OP mentions this version is 2mm longer.

  • Was going to buy, but they don't accept Paypal. Why, what's the point of that! They'd be $210 richer by now if they accepted.

    • +6

      Many consider Alipay better than PayPal. Afaik they hold the payment from the seller until you've confirmed you've received the item.

      If you were running a business the size of AliExpress, would you want your payment method stealing commissions, or keep that profit yourself? ;)

    • +3

      As commented above, AliExpress uses AliPay, which is arguably better than PayPal.

    • +3

      Ebay owns Paypal, so its not really surprising a major competitor uses their own payment system

      • +5

        I've made over 100 transaction with Alipay and have never had an issue. Certainly much easier to get your money back than PayPal.

  • +1

    Does the non band 28 version have any bands that the band 28 doesn't?

    • +4

      Yes but the extra bands aren't supported by Optus telstra or vodaphone. This model was made for Taiwan we are just lucky 28 is one of the bands used in Taiwan.

      • are you suuure? He's asking "are any bands lost when choosing the international version over the other version".

        I don't think any bands are lost, only gained, but if I'm wrong I'd like someone to clarify with some specifics.

  • What's the difference between this phone and this one: ?

  • Just paid $200usd for the grey from Goldway last week with express shipping last week. Although got the 10% deal from cashrewards.

    Good price here.

  • Is the shipping time standard for Aliexpress? "Ships within 60 business days. "

  • How do you think this rates against a Galaxy S5?

    • I'd like to know as well, is it much of an upgrade?

    • +1

      I had an s5 wasn't a fan after last OS update, went to an S6… bought this for a mate that needed a new phone and I couldn'the fault it. It's quick, looks good. Interface was a bit odd compared to Samsung but you get used to it. Now there's a CM and b28 I can't see any reason against it, except I don't need 2 phones ;-)

    • +1

      I have an S5 with CM13 on it and it runs the best it ever has but shows it's age against my S7 Edge of course. I purchased one of these Note 3 Pro's for my son who broke his S6, and after playing with the Note 3 it is fairly comparable to it. So yeah in my opinion it is comparable to an S6 but has way better battery life. You can't beat them for the price, nothing comes close.

  • Guys I am weighing between this and the 3s prime!!

    I am currently using the note 3 pro. Is prime any better?

    • +1

      the redmi 3s looks very underpowered - worse cpu, less ram, lower res screen….

      i havent done a full side-by-side of the specs, but if i was considering buying another phone, this is what i would do first

  • Any deal on the Max guys? I'm after a bigger screen. Cheers…

  • Been using this phone with CM13 for the last week. Nice and quick, good battery, and all in all I'm pretty happy with it.
    The only annoying thing is the lack of cases and screen protectors that fit!

  • +1

    How's the performance compared to Asus Zenfone 2 with 4gb RAM? Anyone care to share your experience? Cheers

    • +2

      Beats it. I have the Asus Zenfone 2 with 2Gb of RAM and the slower SOC and the benchmakrs for 4Gb are a bit less.

      This one doubles the score in the single core mark and better in multicore. Benchmarks aren't everything but this Redmi Note 3 FLIES. I love mine.

      • +1

        Cheers, that helps!

        • If you remember even with marshmallow the Zenfone still stutters and lags at times and battery life is crap. You lose out on audio quality and screen quality but everything else is an upgrade internally on the Xiaomi.

          MIUI does suck in parts but at least you can put any launcher you want.

  • +1

    ordered! Now has anyone found a cheap cover/tempered glass to suit this phone?

  • +1

    How long does delivery take? Is it really "Ships within 60 business days."? I don't like the idea of waiting 2 months for it to arrive.

  • +1

    I also bought a note 3 from aliexpress, it was already faulty when it came out from the box. And 2 months later I'm still shooting messages back and forth with these guys. Not sure about the others, but for my first purchase with these guys it didn't turn out that well

    • Which vendor did you get your faulty phone from?
      Have you started a dispute on your purchase?
      I lodged a dispute after day 1 from knowing the fault on my phone.

      • Because I retrieved it from the mail late, I raised the dispute ASAP once I turned on the phone and realised there was a fault. They offered me unclear options as to solving the fault about 2 weeks ago, and have stopped replying since.
        They are also called xiaomi authorised store.
        I must say I'm not very pleased.

        • What is the fault on your phone?
          Tell them that you want a full refund on the phone and not a partial refund and keep the faulty phone.
          Have you tried going to Alipay and ask for their assistance (online chat)?
          Alipay was good to me and showed me how to dispute and went through the steps of getting my refund.
          Once you have raised your dipute, Alipay will give vendor a time limit to respond.
          Make sure you send them photos and videos of the problem as that becomes your evidence when Alipay steps in to resolve a dispute.
          The seller I was dealing with was called "DREAMI" and they responded within 2 business days.
          They did approve the return of the faulty phone and I had to enter the tracking number on the dispute page.

        • @he88388: I think I have a faulty digitalizer because there are certain areas of the screen that are unresponsive to the touch. Okay, I will do just that over the weekend, seems like contacting the vendor itself was not good enough.

  • What operating system does it has?

    Will whatsapp support this mobile platform in 2017??


    • +1

      it runs MIUI which is a customised android. so you get all the android stuff/google stuff and yes does run whatsapp.

  • +3

    Xiaomi just needs to up the camera on this and include some HiFi stuff and then will be the best phone ever!!!

    • Audio quality is very decent for the price. Admittedly not as good as the Asus Zenfone 2 I have. But it's up there for sure.

  • +1

    always tempted to buy one of these…

    I've had my HTC M8 for over 2 years and hasn't skipped a beat. Are these Xiaomi phones reliable from people's experiences here on OZB?

  • A friend is asking whether this phone comes with Google Play Store as some phones from China dont have it.

    • +1

      It probably does, as this is the Global Version

      • +1

        Yeah it does they flash global ROM on it that has Google play. Don't worry doesn't have malware box is unopened etc. In the box should get an update to MIUI 7.5.2

    • +2

      does have google play store. but i think you would need the global rom and not the chinese rom. i have a the same phone except 2gb ram and 16gb storage and everything works as it should.

      • Thanks heaps

  • +1

    The best phone I have ever own.

    My previous Galaxy note 4 was a disaster compared to this.

    It fits my needs perfectly.

    Such a lovely phone.

    • jason, can you elaborate more about comparing this and note 4? are you referring to battery, as the screen in here is smaller than galaxy

      • Hi I also had Galaxy 4 note edge for a year but sold it when I bought this.

        I can explain 100 reasons why Xiaomi Note 3 pro is better than Galaxy Note Edge.

        But the two main advantages of Xiaomi note 3 over Note edge are

        1) Battery - You dont need to recharge it everyday.

        The main reason why I sold Galaxy was the f**king hopeless battery.

        Xiaomi Note 3 pro has 4050mAh whereas Note edge has 3000, which is perfect for heavy users like me.

        Thanks to the new MIUI 8, the efficiency got even better!!

        I watch Youtube video clips for 3 hours nonstop and the insane battery is still going and going.

        2) Software (UI)

        Forget about bloody hopeless TouchWiz from Samsung.

        MIUI in Xiaomi phones is a lot superior to TouchWiz even though they are based on the same Android system.

        MIUI is lighter, quicker and smarter.

        There is never a delay and FREEZING you can experience with this phone.

        Galaxy note users are ashamed of saying their phone freezes quite often because they spent so much money for it.

        As you would know by now, TouchWiz is not a smart UI for a smart phone because it is heavy, slow and stupid enough to kill itself (Frozen).

        Xiaomi is well known for their open-source policy to the general public.

        Have a look at this official website (, especially FORUM menu.

        There are hundreds and thousand users worldwide to get involved in MIUI development.

        Xiaomi does minor MIUI updates every month via OTA when users come up with ideas.

        How often does samsung update its phone????

        When did you last time get an update of new Android version?

        What version of Android are you using in your Note Edge?

        Android introduces new Android version almost every year (kitkat, lolipop, marshmallow, …….).

        But do you get a new version straight away? NO. Not for Note Edge anymore because Samsung only cares for the new model.

        When Android introduces a new version, Xiaomi soon after updates a new MIUI version for ALL Xiaomi phones.

        No exceptions.

        $200 price tag for this multi-mighty smart phone??

        It's no brainer, mate.

        Once you go to Xiaomi, you never look back.

        • Thanks yes agree baterry is bad and at marshmallow now but laggy.

  • Was going to sign up for alipay until I noticed they need they need ID doc type. Can I avoid entering this info in, not too keen on putting my license number in.

    • +1

      interesting. i signed up an account about 2 months back and bought a phone and they didnt ask for anything like that.

      have you verified your account? that could be the only thing i could think of.

      • Lol @ Please do not upload any selfies, landscape photos or student cards.

    • I put in arbitrary number and submitted

      then I got >>

      You can verify your identity for a higher payment limit.

      Verify my identity >

  • A lovely phone so everyone should snap it up that's still on the fence about deciding.

    I must ask though has anyone had issues with bluetooth with this device. Seems to be a battery hog on mine.

    • +2

      are you running 8.0.1?

      everything is taking up more battery. phone charge now last around half what it did for 7.3.7. im considering downgrading the rom until they fix it up

      • +1

        Na on stable 7.5.2. I turned Bluetooth off for th last day and yet in battery usage stats it still claims I have it turned on. Unless it's a background service but it still shouldn't show up like that.

        Yeah with the MIUI 8 beta that's bound to drain battery I suppose. Just hope the stable release isn't too far away.

        Was pleasantly surprised to see us get Marshmallow out of the box.

  • Paid $245 a few days back. bugger

  • I've been using mine for about 2 weeks now. Bought it on the GB deal.
    I'm very impressed with the phone apart from the issues I had getting FB and FB messenger to work. I fixed this by installing a couple of months older version of the apps, must be some incompatibility with the MIUI 8 beta rom that I'm running. I think I also had this issue on the MIUI 7 rom.

    • +1

      Good to know. Thanks for tip. Got one on the way

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