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Solar Casio Men's PAG240T-7CR Pathfinder US $148.96 (~ $198 AUD) Delivered @ Amazon


$55 coupon from amazon makes this a really good deal compared to the other sites. Most other sites charging $200 USD

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I am getting does not ship to aus. But I have po box.

  • Very good price!! I was just about to buy this or the Casio Protrek yesterday. However, I stumbled on this and it stopped me buying it: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/gear-s3/ Should be coming out very soon and has compass, barometer, altimeter, SPEEDOmeter, heart rate monitor, inbuilt sim so you can receive SMS, get weather updates, make phone calls, atomic web sync time that works anywhere, battery life of 2-3 days.. Plus it looks decent…

    • As long as they are not wanting to integrate that into their washing machine ecosystem like they did with the Galaxy Fireball…

    • Way different beast.
      S3 is a "city watch", ProTrek "outdoor". You can wear ProTrek in a city, but don't try S3 on a trek :).
      BTW - own S2 classic (9 months) and Sea Pathfinder (12? years)
      Both decent watches for the price - not cheap, not expensive and reasonably well made for the price.

    • Totally different watches. $650 vs $200.

      1m vs 100m water resistance.

      Take off the Samsung when washing your hands, or turn down the tap very very low.

  • Maybe mention in the title that it's solar.
    There are some good prices on some Casio G-Shocks here.

  • Based on the specifications, this watch appears to have v2 of the triple sensor (ABC) because the altitude is measured in 5m increments.

    The benefits of the Version 3 engine are impressive. The compass features a continuous reading for 60 seconds (versus 20 seconds for prior versions) as well as consuming 90% less energy and having a 95% smaller direction sensor! The result is a faster and more accurate wrist tool.

  • I have the PAG-240 in black plastic. Great watch, the original smart watch, and very tough. Solar powered so you never need to recharge it. Not pretty, although the titanium ones are better than the plastic.

  • Have had one of these for the past 4 years. Great outdoor watch!