Dear OzBargain, What Do You Name Your Computer?

I am sure that OzBargainers would have some clever naming schemes, so let's hear them.


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    Your own name? :)

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    I name mine with my own name


    etc etc/

    boring I know

    I also have a potato computer with an ancient core 2 duo / 9600GT that I call the Potato-Masher PC

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      Nothing wrong with a Core2Duo. Well, not that much anyhow :p

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        If you dont play games its fine, people upgrade when there's no real need to

  • My-Laptop

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      Can I rename it Your-Laptop so i can take it home?

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    i named my computer, Computer

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    Computers are just Name-Desktop, Name-Tablet, etc.

    Servers… I went with Greek deities (mostly titans) from — Gaia, Rhea, Phoebe, Leto, etc.

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    Glad that I'm not the only one with a naming problem.

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    Mum won't let me keep the name :|

    • So I read that as edge - weed - edge for life. Confused! Please explain.

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    I have been naming my computers with ship names from the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary, here are some of the names that were used:

    Desktops - Aircraft Carriers (Invincible, Ark Royal, Queen Elizabeth)
    HTPCs/NUCs - Submarines (Vengeance, Vanguard, Victorious)
    Desktop replacement laptops - Amphibious ships (Ocean, Albion)
    Laptops - Destroyers (Sheffield, Exeter, Manchester)
    Netbooks - Frigates (Norfolk, Westminster, Northumberland)
    Tablets - Offshore patrol vessels (Tyne, Severn, Mersey)
    Smartphones - Patrol vessels (Archer, Raider, Sabre)
    NAS - Replenishment oilers (Fort Victoria)
    Mining rigs - Mine countermeasures (Penzance, Pembroke, Blyth)

    • That's awesome! I might have to steal that scheme!

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      Next one - Boaty McBoatFace?

      • Not really, that's a NERC research ship, not RN or RFA.

        It would be a good name though if I decide to add a dedicated FAH rig in the future.

    • When I was studying, the teachers used names of space craft from movies.

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      Have you named anything "Cockchafer" yet?
      Would that be a tablet?

      • Nah, no gunboats on the list…

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      You can't be serious?

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        I'm not Sirius. He's Sirius.

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    Named them after characters in one of my favourite manga (Yotsuba&!)

    • My laptop is called Koiwai (the dad)
    • My netbook (remember them?) is called Yotsubox (after the daughter Yotsuba's box)
    • My iPad mini is called Jumbo (after the dad's friend)
    • My HTC 10 is called Yanda (the dad's junior colleague at his old work)
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      great names, great manga!! :^D my laptop is Professor, after Professor Layton, my favourite puzzle-solving English gentleman.

  • I tend to change them every so often. Currently the server is Gerald, PC is Dorothy and the laptop is Eugene.

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    My Confuser

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    Monolith (from 2001: A Space Odyssey).

    Which is purely ironic, because it's basically a toaster. But then when I finally build a beefy computer I can then call it 'Breville Sandwich Press'.

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      If I ever repurpose my Raspberry Pi into a home automation computer, I might call it HAL2000. Then I can use Amazon Alexa and tell it to open my pod bay doors…

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        C'mon…not even Alexa wants to open your pod bay doors @scrimshaw

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    Mr Computer

  • Make (laptop) or generation name (desktop). CPU model number.
    - PH2550 - AMD Phenom II 550BE based desktop
    - ACER4720 - i7-4720MQ based laptop from Acer

    • pretty much this… the CPU is the big signifying thing for me for desktops, the model of the laptop, you can see this on your dhcp table: (copy pasta)


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    PJCPJC. I think it wanted more than 3 letters.

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    Bad Devil

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    This could be a cunning social engineering attack.

    I've been naming after astronomical bodies for years. It obviously has plenty of candidates, and I tend to name the devices after their relative size.
    E.g, a desktop is called Sirius, a laptop was Neptune, an external HDD was Phobos and another is Luna and the little 128Gb sandisk memory chip that I keep losing but turns up again later in a pocket is called Halley.

    My favourite at a place I worked was a pair of massive SUN servers in their squat custom racks that acted as proxies for a private network. They were called Gatekeeper1 and Gatekeeper2. The names sounded suitably stoic and slightly ominous without devolving into some dungeons and dragons fantasy.

    • I used to have a Proxima Centauri :) and I agree with the social engineering perspective, same thing popped into my mind when I read this too, especially with a current problem I'm dealing with two of my servers duh ;)

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    Personal computers: JJB-Laptop/pc/tablet… etc

    Work computer : her name is Samantha.

  • PC and laptop hostnames are usually boring and generic, but I name the boot drives or virtual machines after rivers, and any storage drives after national parks.

    As an added level of detail, the river/park names line up with parts of the world, so that I can tell if it is a Mac, Windows or Linux system.

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  • Graham the Unwielding

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    Procrastination assistant.


  • Everything is admin or user
    im very fun

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    When my build was frequently crashing, I called my PC Sean Bean
    Now that it is reasonably stable, its called Serenity
    I just hope it gets renewed

  • Jimmy Smits

  • None of my computers are named actually named this.

    Deep Thought

  • Whatever's inside.

    Main PC: i7-3930K
    Laptop: Atom-Z3775

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    Yes I work in IT, but it's fun watching others search logs for errors when troubleshooting.

  • Ramrod

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    Mine are named after LOTR locations. Not a lot of thought went to the names, tbh

    • rivendell
    • erebor
    • Mordor
    • lothlorien
    • bruinen
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      I would occasionally name my computers after Middle Earth kingdoms, e.g. Gondor. More often I would name hard disks after cities, e.g. Erebor and Dale in one computer.

      What I still do is name my iPhones after swords: I upgraded from Glamdring a few months ago, I now wield Anglachel.

  • Andromeda, they're all named after stars.

    My drives are named after mythical gods.

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    Jarvis - just a rather very intelligent system.

    Hopefully one day it turns to vision.

  • Jashole

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    This is Ozbargain not Tom's hardware. Only names should be "PC Bargain #___"

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  • ORAC

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    I have two Mac Minis named "Mac Daddy" and "Daddy Mac"

  • Skynet-Beta

  • Main - ItsInTheCompute(r)
    Laptop - Claptrap (Clunky, old and makes noises at me sometimes)

  • [email protected]:~$ users
    legit legit
    [email protected]:~$ hostname

  • Blackhole

  • My laptop is a MSI Dominator so I call him Dom.

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    Can't mess with the classics.

  • I pick a theme, my last theme was different types of colours, mostly blue, so I get :

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    Main desktop - Galactus
    250gb SSD for OS - Quicksilver
    1TB HDD - Goliath
    250gb SSD for other files - Dwarfstar

    Laptop is just called laptop though

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    Mine is named after startrek.
    My router is deepspace
    My NASes are defiant, voyayger
    My desktop is Enterprise
    Boring also i know…but have been this way since the last 20 years.

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      Where is the Borg vessel which will assimilate all of your Star fleet ships?! ;)

      • :-)

  • Goku

  • My first named computer was Bean (a nickname for one of my kids)
    My kids named another one of my computers Rosie (the girls had a toy baby named Rosie)
    I named another one CM for cooler master the brand of the case, which later became Crystal Maiden (Dota 2)

  • my 4 year old named our devices!
    laptop is white - he named it snowy
    ipad has a pink case - he named it pinky

  • Dear Systema, What Do You Name Your Computer?

  • I think i should name
    my next pc candypc
    Laptop candytop
    Tablet candytab
    Ipad candypad
    Etc etc

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      When are you going to name one Candyshop?
      So you can go "I'll take you to the Candy Shop"
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I name my devices after qualities I wish to possess and/or remind myself of.

    Desktop: Clarity.
    Laptop: Patience
    Mobile Phone 1: Integrity
    Older Phone: Humility
    Camera: Insight

    P.S. Vehicles are named after Space Shuttles/Mars Rovers.

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    I name them after bright stars

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  • I have my own domain controller at home and each machine is connected to that

    I run the following devices

    1x e560 lenovo laptop win 10 pro / 16gb ddr3 ram / 500gb SSD
    1x 2012 r2 server xeon dual core - domain / exchange server / wsus server, VMWare 64gb ram
    1x i5 5th gen gaming PC 32gb ddr4 / gtx 970 / <— rarely used these days
    Steamlink / Controller
    1x i3 desktop dell runs my security cams x 2 via a POE switch / 4gb ram / 500gb wd purple drive / blue iris
    1x q6600 running my 3cx phone system / cisco voip phones
    1x Nuc running random VM's for testing / HTTP server / Web site
    TP Link D9 running ADSL2 Link / Wifi
    Vividwireless LTE / Backup Link
    TP Link 8 Port POE switch
    Netgear 24 port gigabit managed switch / ports 1-16 data / 17-24 run my phone system

    most of my computers are just named accordingly with the local domain name kedron.local

    Bit of a nerd :)

  • My desktops are named after malevolent AIs:

    Gaming rig - GLaDOS from the game Portal
    Server - HAL

    Laptops are named after Zim's schoolmates from the old Nickelodeon TV show Invader Zim:

    Laptop 1 - Keef
    Laptop 2 - Iggins
    Laptop 3 - Gretchen

    I also name my hard drives after animals from anime:

    HDD 1 - Inko the bird from Toradora
    HDD 2 - Tadakichi the dog from Azumanga Daioh
    HDD 3 - Sakamoto the cat from Nichijou

  • Big Balls Mahogany.

  • skyloft, lanayru, eldin

  • i7-6700
    E5 2689v4 QS

  • Greek mythological figures:





  • Nigel at home. At work, named after Aussie cricket greats.

  • My laptop is named Adam-DESKTOP for some reason

  • NightHawk Shadownet

  • Rah, portaRah, RahPi2, rahBuntu : Desktop, Netbook, raspberry pi model 2, Linux server

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    Name mine after Australian birds.

    Desktop - Rosella
    Server - Galah

    etc etc

  • Windows96

  • Workstations = (Prefix)-W(ID)
    Laptops/Portable = (Prefix)-L(ID)
    Servers/NAS = srv(ID)
    Other = don't care, just make it somewhat descriptive (eg. Judy-HPLapt)

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    Laptop = Centurion Mk1 (British MBT)

  • well duh, hal9000


  • I named it after the CPU in the PC.
    For example, my desktop was named i3-3200, now it's i7-2600.

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