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Apple MacBook Air 11" 4GB/128 for $943.99 l Apple MacBook Pro Retina 8GB/256GB for $1759.99 Delivered @ DickSmith by Kogan eBay


Great prices for these quality MacBooks.

Deal ends at 5pm tomorrow (1st October) so get in quick!

From my previous 13" deal, postage has been quicker than estimated for some lucky Ozbargainers :)

Don't forget Cashback from your favourite provider :)

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    Thanks for posting! Any deals on the 13"


    APple is releasing their futuristic dual screen macbook in 1 month time.


      The second screen looks to be a monochrome touch strip to replace the function keys. The LG V10 had a small second screen - was more of a proper dual screen.

      I think the 1 month rumor is looking pretty accurate, even if just for the release and a shipping date confirmation.


      A bit too futuristic if the many leaks so far turn out to be true- that is if it only has 4 USB-C ports and a touch panel working as function keys (unnecessary gimmick- ThinkPad Carbon 1st gen tried it and they failed). Apple even recently had a poll on how often Mac users used the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the MacBook Pro Retina- I am guessing indicating their intentions to scrap that port too so that they can sell their adapters and "lightning" port/ wireless headhones at very reasonable prices. However I will wait next few weeks for their announcement to pass a final judgement as it's Q4 already.

      But I digress, the rumours also indicate that the MacBook Air is likely to be discontinued by Apple as there has been no info at all on possibly a new MacBook Air, and the existing models haven't been updated since 2015. The MacBook might take over the MacBook Air lineup.

      Bottom line: Might be worth the wait for huge clearance sales on current gen Mac laptops after the refresh starts hitting the market as that is likely to happen within the next few weeks.


        I only buy macbooks for the young ladies in my family.

        Everyone else seems to be fine with Dell Latitudes from the Dell outlet. Cheap, fast, well built and great battery life.

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    Gotta love that Apple tax!

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