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Microsoft Lumia 950 $339.15 & Microsoft Lumia 950XL $424.15 Free C&C or $9 Shipping @ Domayne


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    Just do it

  • i have an iphone 6 plus and my bro has a galaxy note 5. Is this an upgrade for any of us?

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      Yes,the camera is an upgrade

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        So is buying an actual camera……

        If you've been on iPhones for a while then the windows OS will shit you no end, regardless of how good the camera is. Be prepared for very limited apps, and even if there are apps you use on windows they'll often have features missing.

        I tried a lower spec phone as a second handset and gave up after 3 weeks. Everything was just so painful. E.g Updating the new handset to windows 10… so many meaningless errors (wtf does my live account have to do with anything?!?? Just update ffs!!), much googling and eventually got the phone updated 3 days later. I could not imagine trying to use it as a serious phone with all the downtime it requires

        My original iPhone 2G worked better and with less hassles, and I had to solder a chip onto the SIM card to get it working in Aus.

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          I find the Windows OS far superior to the iPhone and Andriod. It is easy and intuitive. They just haven't marketed so well that the 'cool kids' trash talk it because, well thats the cool thing to do. The Apps are limiting but the missing Apps are mostly the thousands of crap that you don't need or use.

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          easy and intuitive.

          Surely you're having a laugh. That's wasn't my experience at all. I wasn't expecting it to be immediately intuitive as I was coming from iOS, so I was prepared to learn.

          But easy…. I've never had so many crashes and random meaningless error messages. Trawling through online forums for the answers. Crazy.

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          The original iPhone 2G that has less capabilities than any of the current smartphones at the time of release including the lack of MMS, GPS and Video calling? "But its got those 1st gen apps?"

          hmmm.. probably not a good comparison.

        • @nicksinternet: The OS is good, but lacking of apps is a real pain that no one can deny.

        • @ChickenTalon: can't second this enough, I tried a Nokia 735 and hated it due to the OS limitations, frequent app crashes , no decent browser ( on win8) etc..
          As for the "useless crap apps" the other guy informed about , the following are the ones I sorely miss :

          Proper YouTube app with Google cast
          Banking apps
          Public Travel apps like tripit
          Very bad WhatsApp (the win version sucked )
          Google maps ( accept Google sabotaged on purpose) etc

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          I also find the OS to be a dog. App shortages aside, I just dislike the layout and workflows of it, and find its a systems that's not very fun or inviting to use. It all feels so sterile.

          That's all subjective, but even if it had the App library I'd pick another OS.

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          Google maps ( accept Google sabotaged on purpose) etc

          What about Here maps - I find that much better than google maps

        • @Frig: unfortunately my experience is otherwise , I find google maps much more useful. ALso I have not tried the latest version of Here maps , I'm talking from my experience a while ago

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          I tried a lower spec phone as a second handset

          That's your problem. Same reason why Android has gotten such a bad reputation despite being on par (but in most cases superior) to iOS. iOS users who bash Windows and Android often try a crappy sub $200 phone that doesn't have enough power to run the intended OS for just a few days (whether it be Windows or Android) then form an opinion of all phones running that OS based on that single crappy experience.

        • @Frig: Here is no longer available in Windows 10

        • @ChickenTalon: All the operating systems have their navigation quirks, and as most people have experience of some sort with another OS, you're almost guaranteed to never get a quantifiable answer to which is actually better. You're used to that way iOS works, sure you're prepared to learn the differences, but those differences would still be grating on you when you have to override what has become muscle memory.

          I've recently moved from WM to Android and can basically say the same thing. iOS always urks me when I use it too.

        • Or those two to three really neat custom apps that relate specifically to your niche hobby.

          Windows phone is fantastic right up until the moment its not, and then it's a pain in the arse.

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      From what I have seen the Nokia/Microsoft handsets are a nice piece of hardware but Windows Phone is a dog of an OS and has a lot less apps available on it. Personally I thought the OS sucked in comparison to Android and lacked many features.

      Before you buy it look at what apps you frequently use and whether there are available on Windows Phone.

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        The OS is a lot better than Android especially on slower hardware but there aren't many apps.

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          This is subjective, and I think windows running better on lower grade hardware was correct with windows phone 8 , less so windows 10 mobile.

          The camera on the 950 series is arguably better than the iPhone, but not by a lot these days. They're both great cameras. I prefer the camera on the nexus 6p.

          I would say from having used both that android is a more functional and stable OS, Windows 10 mobile still had some stability issues for me on my 1520, plus with Microsoft retreating from the mobile race and putting in fewer resources for its development that is hard to justify investing in the platform. The lack of apps is the icing on the cake for not getting a new windows phone.

          Is a big shame because I was "all in" this time last year. If Microsoft had done a few things differently I think we'd have a more healthy market share and a better t OS.

        • @thisispants: I've never owned an android phone I was just comparing my 930 to my wife's long list of problems with her Xperia Z2 then LG G3. There's something new for her every other week

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          @Chipwich: I've had mine for over a week now.. and my list of problems with the 950XL is growing by the day too - with everything from "why I am having to PAY for apps that are either standard on Android and iOS or obtained freely without the bombardment of advertising" to "Why cant I have a decent browser outside of the shitty Edge that does not even support Ad-blocking"?.

          Horses for Courses and unless you have tried all three platforms to do a fair comparison, then you probably are not in the right position to make an assessment.

        • @Chipwich: Have you try owning different wife?

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    Nice specs its a huge shame they have no apps.

  • Wonder if I could price beat at HN. I could get another $50 off from Amex HN deal.

    • Really when does Amex have HN offer? I remember couple months ago?

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      Went online chat after being knocked back in-store. The online agent was quick in matching the Domayne price with a special discount code.
      Will pick from the same store that knocked me back. Win-Win. Thanks OP.

      • Which model did you pick? And what color?

        • I got the 950xl black.It looks surprisingly easy to handle even in my small hands.

      • I tried Harvey Norman online and they said no. I tried in store afterwards and they were only willing to do it if they added their extended warranty for a total price of $390

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    Under $350 for the 950 now. How low can they go?

    w10m is a work in progress, but it's slowly getting there. Microsoft have been pushing out monthly updates, improving performance and adding new features. Lumia phones have always offered features that the competition has later adopted. Features such as glance screen, double tap to wake, manual camera control, and living images are ones that come to mind. Continuum is another unique exclusive feature that can't be found on other phones.

    The app gap is real and kills this deal for many. Even if an app exists, it's often missing functionality and usually offers poor performance. For instance a major app like the facebook one performs horribly on the platform, takes around 18 seconds to just launch (first launch after reset, ~5 seconds to launch again) on 950xl and lags when scrolling. This is a flagship spec phone performing like a midrange or low end one, mind you even on the cheap Telstra buzz it takes like ~3 seconds to launch facebook. Apps like the fitbit app is another classic example, doesn't support notifications. Banking apps (if you are lucky to have one for your bank) like the commbank one hasn't been updated in years, doesn't support features like tap to pay or even cash withdrawals from atm. A windows phone fan will tell you that pinning website shortcuts to the homescreen is the solution for all the missing apps in ecosystem. I'm sure for some this is a workable solution, but for many unfortunately this isn't what they want from their smartphones and not all mobile websites are user friendly.

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      One thing I found interesting recent for developers is "project centennial". Allows developers to convert win32 applications to universal apps or windows 10. Potentially it's huge for business and even games to migrate to windows 10 without starting from scratch.


      Still WIP but potential is there.

      Fyi: Microsoft also briefly was developing project Astoria to allow windows to play android apps. Initially was showing promise but politics came into play so it was canned. Ah well

      • Allows developers to convert win32 applications to universal apps or windows 10.

        This only applies to desktop (ie. Intel and AMD) Windows 10, not Windows 10 on (ARM) mobiles, the context of this post.
        (Trivia: Last Australian-made fridge, April 2016).

        • ** Trivia intended is for entry below.

        • Really? I could have sworn once it's on universal apps platform it's available on windows on any device (I.e. mobile, desktop, Xbox..)

          I could be wrong..


        • @harkoliar:
          Actually half right, it's up to the developers to integrate it to mobile but the option is there under universal apps.

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    Agreed, it's just hard to recommend this phone to anyone other than a windows phone fan.

  • Australian stock? Is tax invoice included if choose delivery?


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      Don't you recognize Domayne? They are owned by Harvey Norman. Its as Australian as you can get.

      • Domayne .. Harvey Norman .. it's as Australian as you can get.

        Except the stuff they sell. Mattresses and a bit of furniture, that's about it.
        (Trivia: Last Australian-made fridge, April 2016.)

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          Try and find Australian built Brown Goods, White Goods, Computers, TV's for sale then? You'll be out of business before you even attempt.

        • Try and find Australian built …

          Yeah, once a manufacturer closes its Australian factory you can't buy their Australian-made products.

  • SEems like they're trying to get businesses on board.


  • May pick one up to replace my 640 play phone but W10M is (IMO) nowhere close to being polished enough to be a daily driver. Rumour is that Microsoft is discontinuing the Lumia series this year and these are borderline firesale prices so it wouldn't surprise me.

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      No rumour. Lumia is dead.
      The OS will live on for much longer though and these phones will continue to be updated.

      • If Lumia is dead, so is Windows Mobile, seeing as how Microsft makes something like 98% of them. The mythical Surface Phone won't turn it around if it's saddled down by the same OS, regardless of hardware, and besides little off pet projects like HP x3, hardly any companies want to make Windows phones.

        • Windows Mobile isn't dead.
          I've had more regular updates on Windows mobile than any other OS- android and iOS included. I own and use all three systems.
          Microsoft is simply stepping away from the hardware production for a while, but the mobile OS is a huge part of their strategy and they are far from stopping support.

          The Lumia brand is gone, Windows 10 Mobile will live on (X3 is an example of this.)

        • +1

          @imnotarobot: they'll continue to support users, as they should, but the OS is a commercial failure. Apps are being abandoned or pulled entirely (eBay just did today) and accounts for just 0.7% of mobile sales. If MS stops making and selling Lumias, W10M folds overnight. It was fun while it lasted, but the x3 is not going to carry an entire platform.

        • @Strand0410:
          I guess what I'm saying is that a mobile version of Windows 10 (whether on phones, small tablets, whatever the future may bring) is still actively being developed and will continue to be for some time.

          But yes, with the demise of Lumia it doesn't leave much to choose from.

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    So I bought it last time too expensive , should've waited for this one …, it is nice phone when first use it took a lot of battery but after the update ,the battery back to normal , it replace my Chinese Huawei Ascend mate 7 gold , team with Toshiba 128 GB bought last time here it become a functional phone for me , I use the camera a lot , apps on the phone , Tripview , Proshot classic , Viber, Skype with a lot od credit , Oxford English learning , Enpass to store log in password.. , Media player gold , Mytube for download video MP3 ,Facebook that can not make call.., Android can , NextGen reader for news .., and lot of games , I think that is the basic enough for me ..

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    Had a 950 XL for about a year as a work phone. Good camera. Ok battery life. That's about it. Locks up and limited apps. Wouldn't buy one.

  • I'm gonna wait for this to go down even lower closer to christmas

    • You might swell wait till 2020, then the price will go down ever lower!

      • +1

        It's gone down heaps over the past month…it's a fair assumption it will drop even more by Christmas.

        But I'll take your comment as one of the silly ones 😉

        • Will most likely go lower but the question if you can find stock. Domayne and Harvey Norman is all running low or out of stock already in my area.

  • Ordered thanks Xl black 2Nd sorry 4rth phone to play with

  • No Mirror link, no sale.

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    So.. my week+ assessment of the 950XL is as follows:

    The Good:
    * Camera is superb. Easily beats the last gen top line Samsungs and Sony's (S6 and Z5) and on par or better than the latest LG G5.
    * Quick and easily flick through stuff
    * Continuum is fun
    * Well made and good quality
    * Battery life is good. Can easily do a day on heavy usage and up to 3 on light usage

    The Bad:
    * The App Gap is not just real.. its not even a Gap but more like continental distance between Windows Platform vs iOS/Android. You will struggle to find apps that do what you do on other platforms.
    * (Subjective) I still hate the interface. Its not intuitive and not consistent throughout
    * USB-C compatibility is questionable - but its not MS's fault since this standard is arguably WIP
    * Continuum still has a LONG way to go before it can replace a desktop and MS are not doing much to help it either
    * Office is no longer "free" with the device but is subscribed to via 365. On top of this, the capabilities of Office on Windows Phone is no better than the other platforms compared to the full Windows office on the desktop

    The really bad:
    * On top of the App Gap, you will find that you have to PAY for the privilege of all the standard features you have on Android or even iOS. You want any Google Apps compatiblity? You have to pay $5 for each app that Google gives away for FREE without ads. (ie. Google Photos, Google Keep, Google Maps, Youtube, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Chromecast, Google Earth, G+ etc). Yeah, you can use the "FREE" versions by these 3rd parties but you will have to content with horrible spamming banner advertising. Expect to pay at least $100 to just even fill the capabilities that you take for granted on the other platforms. Then another $200 or more to migrate your app collections over to this (if they even exist or have equivalents).

    Overall it is probably worth the cost for the phone given it is flagship specs. Just that there are hidden costs involved with transition to this platform being the Apps and the time invested to find the apps or methods to replace your comfort zones.

    • +1

      So true, good for simple task, but apps and factor in other cost, it will add up. Also Microsoft have screwed over alot of people by promising their phone would be upgraded to latest Windows phone, with great features, but they never deliver. Windows Phone are dead.

    • Cant you use the web browser for all of google services.

      • +1

        Not effectively on a 5" screen. They make apps for a very good reason - to be optimised on a mobile screen and to use the full capabilities of it. Not everything is solved via a web browser.

        • Just a query is all.

          So wm is really affected.

        • +1

          @Hotkolbas: Not only that.. They dont even support Adblocking in any shape or fashion either. So expect more ad's on your mobile when you use it for anything.

        • @bchliu: I don't find the adblocking on Android Chrome any better TBH…

        • @StewBalls: I use Firefox myself with any of the available adblockers..

        • @bchliu: I haven't used FF on Android for ages, it was pretty spartan last time I checked; so you reckon it's more usable now?

        • +1

          @StewBalls: Yeah it is much better now and based off the same code as the desktop so supports a lot of the snapins as the desktop. It is a tad slower than Chrome and a lot slower than Dolphin, but it probably works the best as having a real browser on the phone.

        • +2


          You can use opera mini that has adblocking built in. Or you can do something such as this for edge.


        • +1

          @Ronnnie: Opera Mini does not even compare to a "real" browser. It is a Proxy Cache front end application that compresses and sends you static webpages directly from their proxy. You cannot use it for rich HTML5 or Flash type content, cannot use it for internal or VPN sites and cannot use it for sites that require direct connectivity between the host and client. It's good when you are out and about that just needs static content, but just does not work (fully) with at least 40% of all sites out there.

          I will try the PAC file method though as it looks interesting. Thanks for that tip.

        • @StewBalls: Has been for a year or so, some sites still render the desktop version by default but that's changed a lot recently. Having an easy way to ad-block is a real win so I find myself using FF 99% of the time.

        • Sweet, thanks guys…I've had my Lumia 920 for a bit over a year now so that kinda matches up with my last experience with FF on Android.

          I'm in need of a new phone, I dropped the Lumia recently & whilst it still works fine, the raised (sharp) crack across the screen is a worry, I've sliced a finger & shaved an ear slightly already.

          I'd love one of these, but as I said below the uncertain future of WP is a bit troubling… :'(

        • +1

          @StewBalls: if you are going back to Android, then make sure you check out Dolphin Browser too. With the jet pack option installed, it is arguably the fastest browser available. Also has adblock built in but not as effective as ABP or equivalent on FF..

  • Two years warranty?

  • +1

    Good deal for some people if wp can meet your needs but read up and see what you're getting into.

    There's a reason people who have been with the platform since launch have given up on it, a reason ms is focused on 'business' for now.. Worked well for blackberry… a reason that eBay just killed it's app today and isn't doing a uwa app etc

  • Nice hardware for the price. I use very few apps, but they're pretty much all Google apps with no WP support, or poor 3rd party alternatives. Otherwise, I'd probably jump on this.

  • +1

    I've been using my 950xl for 6 months now. Lovin it. Camera is amazing. Iphone just does not compete full stop in the camera department. (using a iPhone 6s for work)hands down the biggest issue I have is "edge" browser. It's shit and there is no other way to sugar coat that one. Oh did I mention edge is shit.. If they had Firefox or chrome I could put up with everything else.

    • If there would be Chrome or FF on 950 I might get one.

      Basically the only thing I do with my mobiles is browse the web :P

  • +1

    Having had windows 10 phone alongside iphone 6+,I find the lack of Apps annoying. As a daily phone, you can live with windows 10, but for a general smart phone with app support ios and android is top notch.

  • +1

    Wish i can install android on this phone and get the best of both worlds.

    • Given the resources MS have that would be a better option than all the effort on bridges to port apps. All they would need is a virtual container for Android and the app problem would be solved. Politics maybe?

      • +1

        Having virtual container will make developers completely abandon Windows Mobile ecosystems altogether.

        • Yeah maybe. Still it might have also quietened down the complaining about the lack of quality apps? Looks like the horse has bolted now anyway. Can't see them coming back to the consumer space on mobile at all.

  • +1

    Even though im not a fan of the wm platform. I can say that every os never came out without any teething problems and features that came in at a later date.
    From my observation ms tried to make it like ios with the android live widget concept (turned into tiles).
    There needs to be a lot more work in it but well android and ios were already cemented into the market and like other oss they are getting mussled out, the reason why they are still here is because they have a big corp backing it….. for now.

    • +2

      It's a real shame that its future is somewhat uncertain, because you're absolutely right, WP/WM has a lot to offer as an OS. Personally, I prefer it to both Android & iOS.

      The big kick in the butt is the MS spat with Google, negligible Chromecast support, & as others have noted, lack of app support for commonly used Google apps makes cross platform operating difficult…but not impossible…it's a shame these corps are both so childish.

      I can get by quite nicely with the available WP apps & browser use; but then I don't require more than one talking cat app per device! ;)

      • You say Google is being childish by not supporting a competitors os that plenty of other big corporations ignore because it's not profitable for developers to support. Yet even Microsoft themselves are guilty of having their own developers choose to support iOS and Android instead of supporting their own mobile platform first. I don't blame big corporations ignoring w10m, and don't see it as childish decision, while it has such a tiny userbase and even the creators of the os choose to not port many apps they create for other platforms. Are the ms developers childish too?

        • it's a shame these corps are both so childish.

          Are the ms developers childish too?

          Well yes, if you actually read my comment you'll see that's exactly what I said. Let me repeat the sentiment: The bitchiness of both companies is actively disadvantaging customers.

  • +2

    I'd like to say Lumia 950 is best 4K camera for that price :)

  • No deal. The 950 still costs more than a Nexus 5X. They both have almost identical physical specs. 5X has one of the best fingerprint readers in the market (the 950 facial recognition is lame). The camera on the 950 is better but the apps on the 5X and the software updates but the 5X miles ahead. I really want a Windows Mobile though because the core OS is a lot more polished (not as great as Windows Phone 8.1) but better than Android (I'm on Nougat). I'm waiting for the final fire sale when the 950XL will drop to under $200 (if it ever does). IMHO that is the only price I will pay for a phone that is already 1+ years old.

    • Wut..

      Sure, it's $10 more than a 16GB 5X.. but, this has twice the storage with a microSD exapanson, 1GB more RAM, higher res QHD vs 1080p screen, camera with OIS. The only thing that's the same is screen size and Snapdragon 808.

      Side not, I actually think Android is more polished than W10M, I prefer the UX on W10M but everything seemed unfinished.

      • It might be $10 more today but if you've seen the deals recently this is dropping like a dead fly. Microsoft is getting out of the phone hardware business and will instead be promoting the HP Elite x3 as the new W10M flagship.

  • +1

    I bought this on last deal with Mobileciti eBay $454.32. little bit higher than this price:( but nothing can beat this superior Camera quality. And I don't use much apps too. I'm very much happy about this device.

    • Gsmarena had a kicker shoot out with the camera and the camera was always last bar a couple of features.

  • IMHO Windows Phone OS is a disaster.

    People talk about the problem with marketing and make other excuses. Its not that any of those problems at all. If the Surface Pro wasn't marketed at all then people would still use it, because it's a best-in-class tablet with great hardware and a great experience.

    Windows Phone OS just doesn't make sense. It's not intuitive to use, to me.

    • +1

      The OS doesn't make sense?? How so?

    • just need more apps then everyone is happy.

    • +2

      Some things in the OS were incredibly good ideas. Like live tiles and having the navigation buttons at the bottom of the app (so you could reach then one handed). But without apps that exploit those features they are pretty useless. Oh and the lower buttons UI emphasis disappeared after Windows phone v8.1.

  • +2

    honestly, how many app do you guy actually use? i mean actually use on regular basis, not yeah , new hot app, download it and never even touch it. for me the xl is way more than enough, perfecttube, best replacement for youtube, twitch for driving and listening to stream, ext sd for music and crap, beautiful camera, uber for weekend drinking, teamviewer for access my computer at home if i forget my work, and pretty much it, barely touch anything else, grap it really cheap during my trip to Vietnam for roughly 450 including continuum dock, i dont need to bring my laptop with me anymore to work since everything is on my phone. i also grap another dock recently if i decide to do some work at home. and that is it. company pay for 360 office so it is fine for me

    • +2

      I don't even play games and even I've felt the app gap. It's not just quantity, but even those apps on WP, are substandard. Uber? For whatever reason, still hasn't been updated to the new UI and missing UberEats integration. The official FB and Instagram apps still have touchscreen issues due to OSMeta port. Amazon is a web wrapper. Snapchat and official Google services still missing. Gets even worse with accessories. Virtually no drone supports WP, Fitbit drops BT like a mother, no GoPro, no Sonos, etc. Then there are recurring issues of the OS itself and how it mismanages system memory resulting in'resuming' screens. None of these might be individual dealbreakers, but let's not pretend the problem only affects new 'hot' apps.

      • -2

        The app gap exists because people don't buy into Windows.

        Developing apps for Windows isn't hard, it is just not profitable for a lot of devs. If anything Windows is making app development easier with its Universal apps.

        The more people complain about an app gap, the more it is reinforced. Whereas if people just bought into the experience, it would be a thing of the past.

        Developers are the problem here not Microsoft. Do you know that some of the companies (Such a Snapchat and Niantic), even stop the development of thirdparty apps!

        You should know that some of the thirdparty apps on Windows are better than popular apps on Android/iOS! So you begin to get the picture, that developers are in it for themselves…and the fact that consumers such as yourselves are unwilling to give the OS, time to develop is actually the problem.

        Consider this for one second (How undermarkted Microsoft is), how impatient consumers are, how selfish developers are and how little resources Microsoft pours into WM comparatively…and you would see that this would easily be the best OS around, if it was given the time of day!

        I am an advanced user..and I can already set up my Windows Phone to be a better experience than that of the average Android/Iphone user….imagine the possibilities, if it was actually given the time of day. Windows Phone is not a flawed OS, it is just not supported.

        • +2

          Firstly, the onus is not on me to spend money to jump into a struggling platform and act as a beta tester for later users. I've bought three WP handsets and the growth rate of this platform in that time can't even be charted.

          Secondly, stop laying the blame solely on developers, the OS just isn't polished and Microsoft doesn't seem to care, just look at the WP sub. Microsoft still hasn't figured out RAM management and how to effectively tombstone apps hence the ever-present resuming screens even with 3GB.GATT server APIs are still missing so even devices with companion apps are missing functionality like notifications. Windows Store ever-pending downloads. Why are they pulling in-house apps like Lumia suite or FM Radio while their Garage apps like News Pro launch exclusively on Android/iOS? And you blame consumers for not buying WP? Wow. How about they show a little pride in their own product.

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