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$80 Cashback on TPG Broadband Plans @ Internet Choice


Until Friday midnight, you can get $80 cashback on TPG broadband plans for NEW customers. Simply switch or signup a new broadband plan with TPG before midnight the 7th of October and we'll send $80 your way!

This applies to all new customers to TPG who join through the InternetChoice.com.au website (signup is still through TPG directly) and use the dealer code QLGWI.

Not sure if TPG is right for you? We compare hundreds of plans from a range of providers Australia wide and just by comparing you'll also go into the draw to Win a $500 Coles Myer Gift Card!

This offer is available on the following plan types:

NBN Broadband;
ADSL2+ standalone and bundles;
ADSL Plans; and
Naked DSL Plans

All signups are completed through the TPG portal which ensures you are paying any price as listed on the TPG website.

To redeem, simply email us (via the contact form) your new username along with your bank details or paypal account. Alternatively, get in touch with us via our Facebook page. We'll then confirm the order and once the connection is active we'll send the cashback your way!

This is an exclusive offer only provided by Internet Choice so all questions and queries please forward through our online chat, facebook or contact form.



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  • Tpg? No thanks.

    • +3

      I have used every major provider across the years Dodo, Optus, Telstra, TPG and now Wondercom (TPGs optic fibre company) and TPG has given me best bang for buck and zero issues in comparison, and Wondercom FTTB is keeping all its promises so far.

      Edit: don't pay your bill a month ahead on time, and then you get issues.

      • Me too. In most cases it's all ddependant on the distance to the exchange. The rest is just much of a muchnes. I've selected where iI've lived based on that criteria and enjoyed TPG's good bundles

  • Just make sure the deal has an expiry until the end of the decade - hopefully by then I should be able to "upgrade" to an NBN plan.

  • Any cashback deals on Spintel?

    • $80 Cashback on TPG Broadband Plans @ Internet Choice

  • +2

    Been with them from day 1, ie IHUG, then IINET and now TPG

    What did they ever offer me for near 20 years of being a loyal customer…


    • +1

      iiNet has gone to shit

      • I agree, you make a good point!

        The data does seem to download in packets, and not smooth like before?

        Waiting for NBN before i move on

        • +1

          Holy shit I've been noticing that too.

          iiNet's FTTN here is very congested at times. Don't go with them!

  • Anyone actually got a cash back?

  • +1

    I'm signing up for this. I was planning on going with TPG anyway for my NBN so I've got nothing to lose and $80bucks to gain :)

    • Thanks Harvey. Just email us once you're done and we'll confirm once your service becomes active.

  • We compare hundreds of plansv

    Nice offer but please disclose you get paid commission. I know a lot of people here will assume that you do, but you should disclose it.

  • Any cashback deal for Belong?

    • Hi misterx18, Unfortunately this is only available on TPG atm. We post all cashback offers on OzBargain and FB so keep an eye out!

  • Can I use this offer on the TPG $59.99 "Pay As You Go" offer? It's not listed on your website.

    • Hi BigBird. What connection type was this? Happy to take a look.

      • ADSL2+ Home Bundle - $59.99/month unlimited data, with home phone, on the "Pay As You Go" option

        • +1

          Yes the cash back will apply to this. :)

          Just make sure you use the dealer code QLGWI so we can track the application on our end and pay your cash back.

        • +2

          @InternetChoice: Thank you for the prompt response :)

        • @BigBirdy: Unfortunately TPG don't have equipment in my local exchange, which means their offerings don't look too good anymore! Know any ISPs with a good deal out of Noosaville (NOOV) Exchange?

  • Does this apply if I upgrade from naked 200gb to the naked unlimited ?

    • New customers only. If you're out of contract, you could cancel and get someone else is house to sign up in their name. But then they'll probs slug you for the $100 connection fee.

      • Sorry this one is only for new customers to TPG.

  • I use TPG. Maxes out my connection on ADSL2+ all the time on the QLD Chapel Hill exchange. My connection is only 13Mbit though.

  • Hi Rep, considering signing up also, however my current contract (DODO) expires until the 27th of october, will this offer still apply if I sign up by friday, but service only starts until after the 27th?

    Im also looking at Spintel via your site which is $5.00 cheaper per month for me, and no set up fee over 24 month contract.

    • Yes if the application is received and acknowledged by TPG on Friday, we're happy to honor the cashback for you once the connection becomes active.

      • +1

        Thanks, this cancels out their 'set up Fee (crowd goes boohoo!)' so it may completely sway me in their direction thanks to you!

  • +1


    I'm signing up to TPG with this deal. AWESOME!

  • Does this include Home Phone Bundle?

  • To help personalise your results
    Tell us a bit more about yourself?

    Nothing turns me off a service more than having to enter name, email & phone numbers just to see bloody online prices…no thanks.

    • That's why you make it up and use a throwaway email (if necessary). Simple really.

      • Simpler just to go elsewhere IME…

        • might be simpler but doesn't guarantee the best outcome.

        • @gimme: Plenty of competition out there bro, if you have the time to stuff around then good for you, but I CBF.

          IME if you have to sign yourself up for SPAM (carrying on over throwaways notwithstanding) to get something, you don't want it…I learned the lesson the hard way with youi. :/

        • +1

          If by 'stuffing around' you mean spending 30seconds to enter information that may produce a good outcome then you're right. It's all about priorities I guess. Some choose to spend far more time talking about it on this site for example, but may consider the 30 seconds on another site as wasteful.

  • Hey guys,

    I cant seem to find the 25Mbps/69.99 unlimited bundle from TPG's site? Can anyone else see it :(


    • Hi Raif,

      If it's on the TPG website and not ours, we'll still honour the cashback offer.

      Hope that helps.

  • I've filled out the contact form and also tried to msg you on FB with my new TPG username and bank account details. I have not received any confirmation from you guys. Can you please have a look if you have received it?

    • I've sent you a message via your contact form as well with no response. Will PM you username.

  • Hi Durian797,

    Can you PM me your username and I'll check it out.

    • Hi I also filled out the form last week and no response. I have PM'ed my username also

  • Hi ,
    i have enrolled for this and the service is active now. can you confirm

  • I got paid my cashback.. thanks! took a while on FB messenger (like a month!)

    • +1

      Do they respond to comms? From what I can see the people who jumped on this latest deal haven't had comms back from the rep.

      I don't think they ought to be posting any new deals without letting us know what is going on. He'll getting a lot of negative feedback on the deal.

  • Did anyone get the cashback? I've sent them a email and try to communicate with them on facebook. There is no reply….

    • I've had NO comms back from them at all. Also haven't had anything from TPG which I find weird too.

  • I'm now connected to TPG and received the cashback however it took a few messages on Facebook on multiple days to get a message back. The contact form and Ozbargain PM did not work

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