This was posted 5 years 8 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dyson V6 $277.6 / DC58 $198.4, Russell Hobbs Blender $23.2, Chromecast $44, MX Master Mouse $78.4, Seagate 2TB $95.2 @ TGG eBay

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  • Does the motorhead comes with the V6? Says only crevice device and combo tool?

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      Yes it does

    • Do mean the mini turbine head, similar to what comes in the V6 Animal and higher model? If so, then no but you can buy it online from Dyson website and it will still be cheaper than buying the V6 Animal at their respectable prices.

  • Received a pickup call from GG in Perth for the V6 …

  • I'm considering getting one of these for elderly parents.

    Does the trigger have to be held down during all operation , or can the trigger button be pressed down like a switch please?

    • Has to be held down to operate, so unsuitable for people with joint problems.

      • So basically it sucks

        • Maybe to your criteria needs, if you want something cordless and cheap (obviously not as strong) I recommend the Vax cordless one, they have the switch you described.

  • I got the dc45 just a few weeks ago still to take out of its box and got 15% off through ebay.They dont seem to be available now.
    Is the v6 a better model?
    Or just same.

    • I believe the V6 has a slightly more powerful motor.

      • Ok thats great i buy the dc45 and the v6 has a deal which is like $20+ more.
        Maybe the run out of dc45 or no longer sell them as none showing.

        • Did you pick up the DC45 from a store like TGG? IF so, if it is sealed and does depend on the store, try returning it and exchanging it, worth a shot if you want to upgrade at minimal current cost.

        • @cortex21:

          Is it worth upgrading yes still sealed and in box not sure how long i have had it for maybe few weeks.
          So v6 is same just more powerful motor.

        • @bwatt99:

          If it's under 30 days, a possible chance so worth asking, as that is the length of their price match guarantee but try to use the bought as a gift but they didn't want it card just wasn't able to give it to them until recent excuse. DC45 uses V2 motor, V6 ones are more than 50% stronger and you will see the difference.

        • @cortex21:

          I think paid around $253 for the dc45 so this is not much more.

        • @bwatt99: Alright, thing is though you would need to purchase the V6 online first to get the discount price, but go in store and see if they will allow it first before you try it.

  • anyone have their cashrewards recorded for this purchase? ..

    • I usually get the tracking email a day or two after the purchase.

      • Just received an email it's tracked now. …

  • So is it worth swapping my dc45 for the v6 on offer,mine is still in box sealed. i asked and they said it be ok but ss its an online orderthe refund would be that way.
    Just wondering if its worth the hassle paying about $24 extra or there about for v6 as thats what it will be more by time im refunded and purchased the other.
    As got dc45 with 15% off and this is 20%.

  • And here was me going to return my dc45 and get refund and order the v6 tonight but looks to be sold out,wasbon the fence anyway if to bother buying another and return ours but no option now lol.

  • Got mine the next day :)

  • Got a call from Auburn TGG earlier this week, said they have no stock at the moment and need a couple of weeks for new stock to arrive …..

  • Finally picked up the Dyson V6 after the Auburn store had stock. I noticed the unit was already on when I took it out of the box, as in pressing the trigger started the machine. Is this normal?

    I thought the battery would have been attached packaged separately.

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      Yes, it is normal because it isn't your typical lithium battery that you get in mobile phones, drills, laptops etc.

      Dyson redesigned the traditional battery to last in its lifetime longer (designed for 3+ years) than the traditional lithium battery (1-1.5 years, 2 if you are lucky).

      So you do not have to constantly replace it, doesn't loose charge as easily and can be used even used say 30% charged for a few minutes then put back on charged and it will not ruin it but the downside at the moment is that it takes longer to charge than the traditional batteries, which for the V6 3.5 hours to charge to full capacity.

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        Oh ok, didn't know that. Thanks rep

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