This was posted 5 years 3 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Storewide @ The Good Guys eBay


20% off at The Good Guys eBay, excludes postage.

See all active CGOOD20 deals

or scroll down to the 'search the sale' searchbox on the main deal link.


The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price (excluding postage) for up to 3 transactions at the Good Guys Store on during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction.

Don't forget 1.25% Cashback

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    Only if there was a T in the coupon code… it would have been epic.

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      I….don't get it

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        LOL, there was a dummy coupon entered in when the post was made. It was 'CUNCONFIRMED'……

  • No fridges or just laundry?

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      Pretty sure it's going to be storewide as the appliances page has the same thing.

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        This is exciting stuff, hopefully Chromecast remains at $48 so will come down to $38.40. GG usually don't price jack either :)

        • TGG have just jacked up on the ChromeCast, it's going to start soon….

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          to be fair $58 is their normal price. so $55 is a "special" atm.

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        This is the landing page.

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          Beat you to it:

          Main landing page(

    • Hopefully it will be store wide ( in which case would include fridges. We need a new fridge/freezer as the door is falling off our old Westinghouse - although have heart set on a Mitsubishi L4 Grande, and TGG don't stock it (at least not on eBay).

      As an aside, both Samsung ( and LG ( have promotions with some fridge models at the moment, so could probably combine and get a decent deal.

      • LG

        Promotion starts 27 July 2016 and ends 2 October 2016.

        • Ah. Oh well. The Samsung one is still active though. Doesn't worry me either way as I want that Mitsubishi…. ;-)

      • The fridge door is falling off at the bottom hinge of my old Westinghouse side by side and I was looking at a replacement. There's a Kelvinator for $974 on clearance that looks almost identical to my 13 year old Westinghouse that cost $1500. I wonder if it'll last as long ..(hopeful thoughts!)

      • Got a Mitsu L4 Grande last 15% off. It's a fantastic fridge. Very quite.

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      To tell someone who's going to buy something TGG soon to wait until this is confirmed.

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    Good guys are having so many 20%, 15% sales! Kind of similar to how Dick Smith was on sales all the time before it went into Administration. I wonder if the Good guys is struggling financially???

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      JB Hi-Fi purchased them, so they aren't struggling any more.

      TGG hasn't been part of an eBay sale for ages…

      • ha! Forgot about that!

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        Just because JB HI-FI has purchased them it doesn't mean that the business model is miraculously fixed. I think TGG will have to undergo some serious changes if they're are going to stay profitable. Maybe they can start selling Audiosonic.

    • They were planning an IPO if JBHiFi didn't buy them, so all those previous sales were probably to drum up their sales numbers. It takes time to switch gears, so they're probably still following the old management plans, which explains this sale. Fair chance things will change once jbhifi has had a good look at how the machine works.

  • Those 10kg F&P top loaders are less than $1000 in local stores. I only just picked one up today.

    • Which store? Probably store specific.

      • Was looking at the Fabricsmart top of the range F&P Top Loader until I read the reviews on Product Reviews. Im steering clear and keeping our mid range F&P top loader.

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    2 reports? Some people need to ease up lol.

    • Think that they originally thought it was washing appliances only before I edited the post.

  • Has this been confirmed yet?

    • No.

  • i foresee impending disappointment

    as prices get hiked..

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      I don't think there has been a history of TGG raising prices, it would be doubly strange if they did as it's just them in the sale. They might withdraw a few items from their eBay store however.

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        Agree, I've made a couple of large tgg eBay 20% purchases in the last year or so, no issues with prices rising. Both were competitive prices before eBay deal, so worked great. About $700 saved this way.

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        They withdraw items and, from experience, quite quickly. I bought a Galaxy S6 from them last year at 7am and by 7:05am all the phones were gone.

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      I took a snapshot of all 3671 ebay items … we'll wait & see

      • legend

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    Ah, the weekly eBay Price hiking deal

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    Feels like eBay is becoming EBGames

    • EB-ay and EB-games, both have similar names :)

  • My pick for the best two Fridges, let me know if they are crap.

    $635 after 20% off.

    $857 after 20% and $100 cash back from Samsung.

    • Do Samsung fridges catch fire?

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        Only phones and washing machines. Fridges are cool.

        • I see what you did there

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      Have the previous model Samsung and happy with it's performance.

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      I have the previous version of Samsung, very good quality and good energy rating.

  • If anyone is interested, I purchased this last for $545.00 + $50.00 for delivery during a laundry sale which ended last night:

    Price is listed as $629.00 so 20% off is approx $500.00. So potentially I could have saved 50 bucks or spent 70 more.

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    My guess:


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    They listed the Gopro Hero5 on ebay today ;)

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    Oh bloody hell. They raised the price of the item I had in my shopping cart saved (Samsung KS8000 65") up to $3995 from $3695 this morning. I hope they change it back before the 20% sale begins. :(

    • Yeah i saw that too !!

    • Is dodgy Dick back?

    • The sale on that TV finished on Tuesday I think. JB raised price as well. Still very cheap with 20% coupon if it is for real..

  • Need advice on a 65 inch 4k TV - which one should I buy? Budget 2k-3k…

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      Buy 4 from Aldi.

    • LG 60UH850T for $2100 OR Hisense M7000UWG for $2000?

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      Raise the budget or drop back to 55" and get Samsung KS8000. It is the best LCD for the money. Avoid LG.

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    Just did some quick checking. I recently bought a fridge and washer from appliances online during the last 15% eBay sale. Now looking at the exact same items on the good guys eBay site, even with the 20% off, I have still saved about $200. No regrets here.

  • They don't sell iphone?

    • Use the search bar.

  • perfect timing for me! I was hoping for a good guys ebay sale to come up again soon

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    looking forward to pick 55/60" 4k UHD tele

    • Aldi have the 65" 4K for $799

      • thanks @thebargainhunter, interested in Samsung/LG

  • Thanks for posting this :) Hope it comes to reality now!

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    If its confirmed. What time is it usally go online?

    • 10am AESTHETIC Monday or Wednesday is normal for eBay sales.

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        Oops, my Swype keyboard on phone thought that 'AEST' is 'AESTHETIC'

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      People still buy beats?

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        Only the solo people. Beats me as to why they do though.

  • Wrong comment. Mixed things up.
    Should go sleep :/

    • You're a bit late to the party… ;)

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    They're going to withdraw all the ipads.

    • There is none on there now.

      Was there any before?

      • They have had them before, and normally do. But how soon before the sale did they pull them off, I have no idea. Didn't check.

        Wasn't expecting iPads and iPhones to be part of the sale anyway. It's possible Apple Australia doesn't allow it because they control pricing very tightly.

  • No iphones I'm guessing

    • Even if they included them, they'll just sell out instantly.

  • Looks like 20% off Tech deal is on now, but TGG isn't one of the listed stores.

    Edit: Please, disregard this. I clicked on the 'landing' eBay link OP mentioned up in the description, and the deal I saw was another ongoing deal. My mistake.

  • DoesTGG eBay accept the $25 credit?

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    Will I be able to get my eftpos card also?

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          Not valid in conjunction with any other offer

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