This was posted 5 years 3 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dyson V6 $277.6 / DC58 $198.4, Russell Hobbs Blender $23.2, Chromecast $44, MX Master Mouse $78.4, Seagate 2TB $95.2 @ TGG eBay

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    Yo dat V6 is cheap tho

    • Let's hope they don't jack up the prices pre-deal lol

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    And I just bought the V6 the other week from them for $302.. Damn it.

    • Where?? I think I paid $349 a couple weeks ago :'(

      • Where? I think I paid $402 a month ago :(

      • From TGG with the $20 off deal that was posted a couple of weeks back and combined with my $25 credit as well. Knew I should have waited haha.

  • I reckon this will be the new normal price for V6

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    What a price on the Dyson DC58 tho…

  • is the dc58 the same as the v6 just minus the long barrels?

    • I was wondering the same thing, so it seems that it actually uses the same base, but with different attachment, so you miss out on the wand stick and the motor head and the docking station, you do gain the mini motor head though.

      Not sure if they are a deal breaker.

      • I'm on the same boat as well to find out the differences between them. Quick google on dyson dc58 vs dyson v6 came up with some comparo's…

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      Simple answer - yes
      Slightly longer answer - Sort of, DC58 has like the first generation V6 Motorhead and V6 has like the second generation. The difference won't be noticed that easily unless you hook up the machines on a computer that calculates all that stuff, hence why they don't say it just to save time explaining it.

      And No, you cannot buy a wand officially from Dyson or anywhere.

  • Thanks op !

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    Shame they took off the V8 absolute a day before.

    • Yes was looking to get in after umming and ahhing the bing lee 20% deal for the v8…

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    So where's the new chromecast

  • wanted to buy and then there was an error to process to checkout…

    • Said somewhere starts at 10 A.M.

  • Hey OzBargainers, I need to buy a Dyson Stick ASAP. Looks like a good price for the V6. I'm just confused so as to why there are so many of them and what is the difference. Also why is the Slim one more expensive.

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      Difference between the V6s are just the attachments & HEPA filter. Suction power and battery are the same. The slim is just the newer model of the same thing. V8s on the other hand has longer battery life and better suction?

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      The Dyson V6 Handstick seems to be the 'budget' model but offers same suction as the others (even V8) based on reviews, but lacks some of the accessories or the V8's longer battery life. I was looking at the Motorhead/Slim models but at $100 more (after discount) I couldn't bring myself to spend it just for potential more ability to get pet fur even though I have a dog.


    • Note that these V6's are probably the older model. I was just looking at these in store a few days ago and the salesman was explaining that they're running out of stock on these sales models because they're phasing out the older models.

    • +1

      The V6 'Handstick', basically the one listed, is being renamed to V6 Cordfree and coloured white now opposed to Silver you see, so retailers are clearly that old name one and the renamed one is back closer to the old RRP of the V6 Handstick of $500.

      Basically, you are getting the same machine, just now an older name with the same benefits and warranty.

  • Conflicting reports if the HDD can be opened up and used in a PS4 or not, some saying Seagate are soldering the USB ports directly to the HDD's like WD do now. Anyone actually bought one and confirm?

    • I have been going off that assumption too and cautioning people where I can. Reviews on Amazon show as far back as Jan 9th that they are soldered, but plenty of reviews in Aug/Sep of people saying they work.

      Confirmed Working upgrade to PS4. Manufactured 04/16. The 2TB has the SATA but 1TB has the USB mounted into the hard drive so you can't use it.

      This is one review on June 2nd, maybe they are good? Some fellow in another thread told me he bought one in August and it was fine to use.

  • Cashrewards 1.25% or 2 Velocity Points for 1$ spent (thru Velocity eStore) which is better????

  • Anyone got comments on the new VAX VX51? On paper it has the same specs as the V6. I tested it at the shop and I couldn't really tell the difference. Only difference I could think of it possibly durability compared to the V6. It does come with a 2 year warranty and a detachable battery. After this eBay discount it should come to $135.20 which is just less than half price of the V6.

    • +1

      I had a look at this just this Sunday at a Harvey Norman. Both the store rep and the Dyson salesperson had something to say about it. Trust me it won't do the job. The power is very less compared to Dyson and motor head almost like its just grazing the carpet softly rather than actually picking up dirt. One play with it was enough to realize that while this is a new product very similar in looks to what Dyson have it is nothing close to what Dyson has actually engineered.

      • Thanks! Yeah, at 50% cheaper it is really tempting, but then again V6 is virtually risk free with the unanimous positive reviews for it.

  • I'm after the LG AN-CR500 remote but there's no stock anywhere so I can't buy it. Am I doing something wrong?

    • get it delivered?

      • No delivery option listed seems to be pickup only.

  • Can't click and collect?

    • I had the same issue. Change that to be posted and then change back on checkout screen

  • +2

    Thanks. Ordered the V6 Handstick. Came out to be $289.52 with shipping.

    • CC from castle hills.

  • I read the handheld vacumn has very short battery life ( V6 is 6 mins high level). Is there any other Dyson Vacumn (no need cordless)product you can recommend around 200-300$ ?
    How about Dyson cinetic big ball ? Is it very good ?

    • +2

      I read that being the boost run time. Regular suction should give 20mins

      • Can confirm this is about how long battery lasts. I can vacuum my whole apartment on boost before it dies.

        • 1 BR? Boost only last 5-6 minutes on any model. I'm happy without boost though

    • I recently bought one from the Bing Lee sale. Max mode lasts about 5mins, battery gets quite hot though. Normal no more than 13mins. It just turns off at 13mins.
      Still very handy for stairs and lights. Other then that I still have the original corded one and still use that for the carpets and car but I can use the attachments from the V6 which are better.

      • Thanks for sharing, could you pls advise what model corded you are using ?

        • My corded one is like 11 years old, think its a DC19 or something. Still runs perfectly except that the head has caught so much hair it doesn't roll anymore and you can't take them appart to clean, but the head for the V6 you can take appart so atleast they got that right now :)

  • Well my Black and Decker cordless vac is dying in the arse and the DC58 looks like a good price.

  • +1

    I was getting "Sorry, we couldn't complete your request. Try again later." for a while, but I kept refreshing and it eventually came good.. $277.60 click-n-collect

    • Ditto.. kept refreshing the sorry page and eventually the page wasn't so sorry and took my money. Thanks for the tip @andrewb55555

      • Same thing for me. Also kept saying that the voucher has been used. Turns out you have to select a payment method before it will apply the discount.

        • +1

          got the same, so I used iphone instead. it worked.

        • @minicat:

          yeah had to go mobile (on android). Hitting F5 on the desktop yielded no joy.

    • thanks for the tip @andrewb55555, it worked.
      CC 277.6$

  • Ordered a v6 however I have yet to receive the confirmation email. Guessing they are probably getting smashed.

  • was that a Click & Collect or shipped?

    • Click and collect means you collect in store. Shipped means it will be posted to you.

      • I think maddy is asking whether cdkit was able to click and collect as it appears this option is no longer available??

        • Mine was delivered. Have since received the confirmation but no shipping details yet

  • Can the "Dyson V6 Handstick $277.60" be converted into a handheld (for cleaning car etc)?

    • +1

      Comes with smaller attachments so yep!

  • Do not buy the Colour Control Blender, it's terribad.

  • Seems they removed the V6 Click & Collect option completely…

    • I can't find the C + C option either. Does anyone know a way around this?

      • It happened about an hour ago.

    • yes .must pay the 11 bucks, sadly

      • we're NQld….it's $30!

        • Yeah man if they brought back the C & C I'd be like totally happ-e!

    • +1

      C&C is back at the moment. Bought one @14:35.

      • Crap! Anyway to change from delivery to Click and Collect?

  • For a while now my wife has been showing me deals with the V6 at $350. I have held firm and talked of Dyson being overrated and overpriced. Thanks to this deal we now have one. I'm half annoyed at myself for giving in and half smug for getting it for 20% less than what she thought was a great price.

      • +3

        you are talking about DC45 for $251 and this offer is V6 for $277.6?

        • No dyson v6… Bing Lee had them few weeks ago and the 20% offer on eBay applied total $288 delivered

          Sorry I got mixed up wasn't $251.. Was $288

          I'm not saying this isn't a good deal, I was mearly pointing out it had been cheaper if you needed it posted

  • Can we use ebay voucher 100$ for 85$ ?

    • Unfortunately no.

  • +1

    C&Cd a v6 after holding out! Thank you ozbargain!

    • +1

      Same. Have been hating myself everytime an offer on one of these at $320 or so has passed me by but in between dropping well below $300 (and able to CnC) and the fact that vacuuming the stairs in my townhouse is slowly killing me I had to press GO on this offer.

  • Can anyone Click & collect? i dont see that option anymore

  • There are some Fridge-Freezers at 20% off too, but after reading the T&C's, the saving won't actually be much, as the maximum you can discount on is $1000 (so $200 discount), but the delivery is $76. So on a $1699 fridge-freezer, the price would be $1575… only a $124 saving using the 20% sale, not $263 ($339 20% off and then - $76 for delivery) if it were 20% of the total price.

    • Weird. Within 5 min of posting this, the delivery price went down to $50.14.

      Still, the 20% should be on the total price of an item, not up to $1000.

      • Its up to $1000 discount isnt it? So unless you're purchasing $5k+ you get the full 20%.

        Double checked, i purchased $1250 and got the full 20%.

        • Cheers! I'd better get better at reading T&C's then! Doh!

  • 470 dysons sold in 24hr, thats insane!

    • 618 sold in 24 hours as of now

      • This is clearly the #1st choice for every ozbargainers home :)

        Does anyone know if third party batteries are on offer ? For after several years on it won't keep as much charge etc..

        • No, as the batteries come only from Dyson as it is their own kind of battery that they redesigned as the old style from the earlier generations were the ones that didn't hold much. These new ones are designed to last at least 3 years without needing replacement, of course depending on the treatment of use.

      • 773.. that's a lot of vacuums

        • And now I am one of those numbers. We have the previous model, its 3 years old so happy to keep this in its box or setup upstairs

  • Has anyone received a click and collect pick up confirmation?

    • Nope. I ordered a Dyson V6 at 10:10am (by which point 77 had already been sold!) and received a message that it'd be ready to collect around 4pm, but so far there's been no SMS or email notification.

    • No and I'm beginning to think there's a problem

      • me too. over 800 sold!! Hard to believe they had over 800 of the old model still in stock?? Fingers crossed!

        • Well that worked - I just received a motification that it's ready!

        • @namenotspecified: Nice!!!! Email or SMS? or BOTH?

        • @julz15:
          Email and FB app

        • @namenotspecified:

          Awesome… still waiting here in VIC!! there's a facebook app?

        • @julz15:
          Sorry I'm an idiot… Ebay

        • @namenotspecified:

          Got an email from TGG. Out of stock at my store and it is on back order, 2 week wait.

        • @julz15:

          There's about 10 on the display floor when I picked up mine, and mine was from the stock room at the back, so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

    • Still waiting for the msg for collection, already sent 2 ebay msgs with no reply… : (

  • Shit, bought V6 handstick from bing lee $346 a few days ago, Myer sell for $348

    • +6

      Sir you must return your Oz bargain badge!

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