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LIFX Globes - 2 x White 800 or 1 x Colour 1000 $34.99 USD ($46 AUD) Posted (Minimum Spend $39.98 USD)


The LIFX bulbs have been on sale for more than a week now and there's an additional $5 off your purchase if you use the above code. There was quite an interest on it when it was last posted a week ago (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/269153). I have a few of them around the house and I use them with my Amazon Echo. For you guys who are into building a Smart Home IoT might be interested with this other post on the Echo Dot too (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/270820).

Edit 8pm: Minimum spend of $39.98 has been added, see here.

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  • Does not stack with the 'StJude' code for charity :(

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    Darn, I've OzBargained myself again - I have 12 of these now. What to do with all the 'dumb' LED bulbs I'm replacing?

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      Put them out the front of your house with a sign saying 'DUMB LED BULBS - FREE FOR DUMB PEOPLE'

      Edit: Maybe leave out the 'dumb people' part

  • Any idea if you can use code multiple times? Edit - seems only once

    • one email once, I used two emails to buy two.

  • Are there any delivery charges?

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      Free for me Country Vic

      • Thanks.

  • I'm new to these smart bulbs and not very energy savvy. Can somebody please help?

    How reliable are these bulbs? I find myself replacing light bulbs pretty often, about 5-6 times a year as one of my light fixtures seems to be especially prone to having bulbs go out during adverse weather.

    • These are LED so they should last a very long time compared to typical bulbs.

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    This is a little misleading. Not incorrect, just misleading. You can only get them for $14.99 if you only buy one, as it's only $5 off the entire order.

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      You can buy multiple times. They're free delivery anyway. And sounds like you'll have to use multiple emails for every order you make to get $5 each time you buy.

      • Thanks. Tried and it worked for me.

    • Very easy to buy more than one with another e-mail though. You don't have to sign up or anything - just enter a different one when checking out.

      Not sure if the gmail dot trick works or not.

    • Yeah I just bought 2 of the white ones in 2 transactions.. May buy a Colour 1000 too.

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    I'll bite :)

    My first ever LED smartlight. Exciting!

    E22 Bayonet is the usual non-screw one we have here in Aus?

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      Yep that's right. You sometimes see E27s as well in some lamps. What I did with mine was to just buy $1 adapters E27-to-E22 from ebay.

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      Bayonet is B22

  • Nooooooo! I already have 8. Must. Stop. Buying.

    • I've run out of sockets in my house… I dont know how to stop…

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        Time to drill more holes and install more sockets!

  • Just bought another 3. Great deal

  • Do the LIFX White work with existing clipsal dimmer switch? (for times i cant be bothered finding my phone to turn down the lights…)

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      Not sure. But if you get the Echo Dot, you can tell Alexa to dim living room light to 50% or something :P

    • I believe no. You have to run the dimmer on max.

    • no they wont work with dimmer switch.

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    I'd stay away from these. I've got two which are terrible.

    My colour just stopped working , gets really hot and then turns off.

    My white bulb keeps disconnecting from wifi.

    I've moved to Hue which are much more reliable and work with HomeKit.

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      I actually have both, Philips Hue and LIFX in my ecosystem but I prefer LIFX ones since they're much brighter than the Hue. My Philips Hue also disconnects from the wifi due to its distance from the wifi router so I doubt it's the bulb itself. But if it is really the bulb then you should try and claim back from warranty.

      • Yeah wifi issue was just on the white. Colour works fine from same distance.

        Your hue shouldn't be using wifi , the bridge goes directly into your router and the bulbs communicate using the zigbee protocol

        • That's right.. sorry, Hue uses the bridge which is sitting next to my router.

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      Sorry to hear that yours have been problematic. Contact them as they're an Aussie company.

      I've got 12 and have never had any issues with them. I love LIFX bulbs. Just ordered four more today.

      • After about a month I'm having big problems connecting to mine too.

        I'll drop them an email and see if what they have to say but I'm close to giving up on it.

        • Update - After trying for 3 days it finally was able to connect. It seems to be working again for now.

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        Yeah I did contact them , they kept pushing it as a firmware issue and made me do a number of updates, then after it didn't work became unresponsive.

        All those things were big enough warning signs, but the fact none of the existing bulbs will be updated to HomeKit makes it clear it's a bad time to invest in these before the release ones that do.

        • Good to know about their post sales service. Makes me feel better about missing out on the deal.

  • Great deal, thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, got a white globe to try out.
    I'll try this and Hue maybe and see how I go

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    How do you pronounce LIFX?

    In my head, I've been reading it as Life-X… Or is it Li-FX (as in short form of light effects)?

    • I’ve heard it pronounced Life-X. I’ve always read it as Lif-x but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong

      • I would say you are right, if we are going to let those ones through you may was well let people say "hi I am John, spelt Susan"

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    The website does a really poor job explaining how it works (zero description at all really) and what is needed for it to work.

    Can someone please explain to me is it as simple as plugging this lightbulb into a socket and connecting it to my router for it to work? Do i need any other connecting/control device? Thanks

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      You use the LIFX app on your phone. Pretty simple to join to your existing WiFi and once setup, you can configure to turn off or on with certain events using IFTTT.

      • What sort of "events" are we talking about? Eg. Can I have a light sensor so hat when it hits a certain darkness it turns on? Or when I turn on my bluray it can reduce lighting down?

        If it's simply time of day or when you come home, it's easy enough to just use the switch. 15 bucks for a globe isn't cheap, especially if you are having to replace them often

        • If you have logitech harmony, you can link it up with LIFX so that when your bluray activity starts,it will dim the lights down.

          As for your question about turning on when it gets dark, it'll only do that at Sunset. it doesnt have a sensor to know if its dark outside.

          I think there is an IFTTT recipe to get your light to turn on if it's raining outside.this relies on weather forecasts though

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      To function as a normal lightbulb you literally just plug them in. To control them with your phone you get the LIFX app and just complete the setup on there, which is really just passing your wifi passsword to the light bulb, and then you're good to go.

  • Pulled the trigger to try out smart LEDs! Thanks OP

  • gmail dot trick works so you can use the same email for all orders

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    anyone know if they will ship it to Parcel Locker (AusPost)?

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      They will

  • Thanks so much OP for the code

  • What do I need besides Echo and the LIF-X bulbs to control them by voice?

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      That's about it. I guess you'll need a couple of Echos spread through the house so you wouldn't be shouting and asking Alexa to turn on the light at the back of the house (when your Dot is also at the back) when you're at the front. :)

      You can also do a few cools things if you have the bulbs linked with an IFTTT account and/or a Yonomi app on your mobile phone.

    • nothing. That should be everything. Im just waiting for my echo dot to arrive to try. Im pretty excited about it. Hopefully it will work as i expect

      • I'm excited too! Really can't wait for my bulbs and Echo to arrive

  • Off the topic Que: I am looking for a smart lock for my Apartment's entry door (yet to be settled) and would like to know if any smart lock out there complies with Strata Law? As I said, I don't own the apartment as yet so won't be able to check with my OC. Since all the tech gurus are looking at this post, I wonder if anyone has any idea about Strata compliant smart lock?

  • Bought a colour globe in the last sale - works brilliantly with both the smartphone app and my Logitech Ultimate Remote (with hub). Much easier changing colours with the app, but the remote is handy to turn it on/off.

    • Just curious, what do u use the colour globe for? I'm trying to justify getting one and looking for uses/excuses to get it ;)

      • It's in the lamp beside the couch, set to a soft blue and is weirdly comforting. Apparently you can use colour to influence mood but I just think it's neat. Also handy to be able to turn it off from bed when it's left on by mistake.

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    Thank you! I've finally bought my first Smart Globe… been wanting one since LIFX started.

    • Colour or white? idk which to get for my room haha

      • Got a white, for a lamp in the living room. So can be a dimmed warm white for movies, but then brighter cool for general.

        Might also order one for the bathroom.

  • cheers. bought 3.

  • I'm not seeing any details on how bright the lights are. Anyone able to provide details? Thanks

    Nevermind. Found it. 1100 lumens

  • Do they sell these in bayonet light fittings? None of mine are screw in light fixtures - can anybody help?

    • Looks like they don't, I was going to buy it just now…damn! Might have to buy an adapter :(

      Edit: Just found B22 Bayonet LED Bulb in Color. B22 is not available in Can Lights though.

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      Yes, there is an option to choose the fitting type just above the red "Add to cart" button

  • Does anyone know if leaving the light switch on and powering the bulb off by the app means it is using more power in standby than if it was turned off by the switch?

    • Yes, about 1W I believe.

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        1W per hour?

        • Watts are a measure of power, so W per hour would be a measure of power over time. As such, if it consumes 1W for 1H, it would be 1Wh

        • @Jackson:

          Yes that's what I were asking, just trying to work out how much electric charges would be by leaving the switch on.

        • @wildstone: usually charges on bills are shown as kWh which means multiply by 1000 to show watts per hour

    • Here's the official figures:

      When I measured mine with two different power meters, it was more like 3.3W on standby (turned off using the app) for the original LIFX bulbs. It's definitely a lot more than I expected. YMMV.

      • I picked up an LED bulb from Ikea a while back and on is onky 1.8W

  • Finally pulled a plug for my first smart bulb, how fast do they Ship? Hopefully I will get it before next weekend, can't wait :)

    Thanks OP

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      2-5 days

  • This discount has reached its usage limit

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      I just tried.. it still works

    • +1

      I got this when trying it a second time with the same email address. Have since done it (multiple times) successfully with different email addresses.

      • yep - seems to be OK - It was off but perhaps it was reinstated?

        Either way - appreciate the replies and great news!!

        • Ah yeah - see below :)…

          (Didn't think it was me!!

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    Hey all, I have had to increase the minimum spend to $39.98 on on this code as too many people are buying multiples which kills us. So you can buy 2 white 800s or 1 color 1000 and still use the code. Cheers, Kav

    • Damn. I was waiting to get home to buy these and now the voucher doesn't work. Wanted to just buy one to give them a try =(

      • Grab a color 1000 :)

        • +2

          Deal has changed…. is this still a bargain?

          The positive votes are now misleading as it is suppose to be for the original offer.

          They would probably not vote or buy if the minimum spend is $39.98 USD

          I think the original post should have been expired and not just change the deal or offering.

        • @atlinus: They're already half price - see the deal from a week ago that got 88 positive votes. This is even better than that, with the savings ‰ depending on how many you buy.

    • +3

      Fair enough, people clearly abusing it (can see right here in the comments)

    • When does the code expire? I won't be able to check which fitting I need until late tomorrow.

  • I'm getting this: "Your cart does not meet the requirements for the LIFX5OFF discount code".

    • Ah, new code requirements :)

      • +3

        lol yeah that would be me playing bad cop ;p

  • Do there work with HomeKit?

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