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[Steam] Skyrim Special Edition - Free Upgrade for Legendary Edition (or Base Game + All DLC) Owners


Skyrim Special Edition will unlock for players to download at the global release times mentioned above. The game is available for pre-order in stores and digitally for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam. As a bonus, Steam users that already own the game and all of the Skyrim DLC will be able to get Skyrim Special Edition for free.

For those who don't have the game already you can easily acquire the Legendary edition off steam key reseller websites for prices from around $17

EB games are selling the Ps4 version for $79 so I expect the official steam version to not be that far behind.

Don't eat too many sweetrolls .

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    I used to mod Skyrim. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

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      You sure it didn't get you in your Achilles tendon?

    • Say arrow in the knee again! I dare you ! I double dare you (profanity)!

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    That web site in the thread description says this after i enter my birth date (born in 1976 so it's not an age issue). Is it because i'm on an Australian IP?.

    "We're sorry but you may not access this site. Please review our Privacy Policy."

    • Same.

    • Here's the Steam announcement with the details:


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      Happened to me because I entered day of month first which results in an invalid date. Clear your cookies or change browser and enter month first

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        Ahh you just nailed it. Seems we were entering the Australian form of entering a birth date (DD/MM/YYYY) and so the web site was chucking up a whinge. But it seems the site is using the yanki backwards form of birth date (MM/DD/YYYY). Damn Americans and their backwards way of doing things.

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    Skyrim is still one of the best games I ever played.

    NOTE: Only Steam users that already own the game and all of the Skyrim DLC will be able to get Skyrim Special Edition for free.

    No problem just now accessing the web site after entering age date. 1973.

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    err.. I'll leave this here for people who are too lazy to seach.


    • Thats the one I would also recommend. Don't forget the 5% discount

    • Is it just me or did they raise the price since you posted it? I thought it was $16.49 now it says $19.79?

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        Not you.. they jacked it up by 3 bucks. Grab it from one of the other places that other people are talking about below?

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    I wish console owners who own the game digitally had the ability to upgrade. Even if it's not free and at a partial cost.

    It's annoying enough that Bioshock and Batman Arkham City/Asylum owners have to repurchase these games again in order to play them on this gens console.

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      Time to convert to PC gaming, brother ;)

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        I knew someone would say that. 😒

        Definitely considering it since the budget graphics cards were announced. My Steam library of unplayed games awaits.

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          Nvidia Gtx 1060 or amd rx 480 are the best bang for buck

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      Ex PC gamer here… the alternative is to spend the cost of your console per year upgrade your PC enough to play the next gen graphics at a good frame rate!

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        That simply isn't true. Running a 970 for 2 years now and it is still giving me brilliant graphics on every game coming out. You can stick to a similar upgrade cycle as consoles(3-4 years) and always have significantly better graphics.

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        If you actually were a PC gamer in recent years you'd know that it not true at all.

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        I only upgraded my 5 year old 6970 earlier this year and I wouldve been able to play most games on Medium, so your assumption is incorrect.

  • Oh this is good. I have Skyrim + all 3 DLC on Steam. I get the Special Edition for free.

  • Any authorised key sellers at a good price?

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      EB Games they are selling Skyrim Legendary for $39.95. That is an authorised reseller. Get that and activate the supplied key in the retail package via Steam and you'll get a free upgrade to the Special Edition.


      Otherwise i looked up a few online key resellers and they either don't have it or are a ripoff (Gamersgate want $52.41 AUD).

      On the other hand buying a key from an "unauthorised key seller" is a lot cheaper, but you want an authorised seller in this case, which in that case is EB Games.

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      Err.. look at my comment earlier with the CDKEYS link

      • Will do!.

      • cdkeys.com although is not an authorised key seller, just to let you know.

        Examples of authorised key sellers are Green Man Gaming and Gamersgate.

        Green Man Gaming want $35.99 USD for the Legendary Edition = $47.30 AUD. Or $33.79 USD VIP Price.


        However EB Games is an authorised retail seller. They've got the Legendary Edition for $39.95 (and yes that's Australian dollars since it's an Australian store) as the retail pack (it comes with a key to activate on Steam). EB Games is the probably the better deal if one must buy from an authorised seller only.

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          What difference does it make? Cdkeys still gives a steam key dont they? All you need is steam product activation

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          Not sure who's negging my legit question. Still looking for an answer. Steam says nothing about it requiring an authorised seller.

        • @Putnum:

          I don't there was a difference. hollykryten was just responding to the above comments where '3' asked for a good price for an authorised key seller, which was probably interpreted to be like a proper business with no history/accusations/chance whatsoever of dodgy-ness in their practices, and that cdkeys wasn't a proper B&M kinda store or in their definition an 'authorised seller'.

          Personally I've had no problems with cdkeys and have bought a few games from them in the past year with no issues.

        • +2


          Authorised key seller is one that's been directly authorised by the game publisher to sell their keys, which cdkeys.com is not one of them. Therefore i was in fact correct. Every thing i said was correct.

          It's not about being a B&M store or any thing. It's about approved authorisation by the game publisher, those key sellers generally get their keys direct from the game publisher. Key sellers for example cdkeys.com get the keys through other means other than direct from the game publisher, so they aren't directly authorised by the game publisher.


          Authorised = keys sourced by the seller direct from the game publisher. Or sourced through an official distribution chain.
          Unauthorised = keys from unauthorised non official distribution chain, not coming direct from the game publisher, no one knows where it's from could be Russia via some crime syndicate for all you know.

        • @hollykryten: At half the price I think I'll go cdkeys

        • @Putnum:

          Yeah. But there's no guarantees that the key you get isn't stolen since the key is coming through an unauthorised distribution chain. That's why some people prefer to buy from an authorised key seller (the likes of GMG and Gamersgate that get the keys distributed direct via the game publisher) as it's guaranteed not to be a stolen key.

        • And why are people negging my legit and 100% factual answer?. I gave a few legit quoted prices from a few authorised sellers (GMG and EB Games).

          And i also quoted the fact that cdkeys.com isn't an authorised key seller (they don't obtain the keys neither direct from the game publisher nor through an official distribution chain). Fact is fact. You're buying from a grey market (unauthorised by the game publisher).

          If you still like i'm BS'ing then read this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/916373-pc/71753582

        • @hollykryten: Greenman Gaming have also been known to use dodgy keys, so your answer isn't 100% factual, strictly speaking.

        • @hollykryten: I haven't negged anything here 😁 all I wanted was answers so thanks!

        • @hollykryten: People are negging you because you assume that CDKeys or the equivalent "Non-authorised" sellers are automatically Russian Criminals who may have got it from the back of a truck - without any evidence at all on this. CDKeys have been around for what.. ten years or more? If they were indeed a company that is criminal, then they would have been surely taken down by now.

          Furthermore, you are implying that every retail company in Australia will need some sort of blessing from whoever their vendors are as an "Authorised seller" in order to be legitimate to purchase from? This pretty much puts out any small business out there who do source their products from third party channels.

        • @bchliu:

          I said who knows where any of the keys are from, some could be from a Russian crime for all you know because you're the buyer you don't know where any of these keys originate from (not saying that they are Russian criminals, just that some of the keys that they the key seller source end up having been supplied to them by a dodgy supplier as stolen keys unknown to the key seller). It was just an analogy that some keys could be stolen or get banned. It's happened in the past from some keys bought from cdkeys.com that keys have been banned because they were stolen keys given to them by the key supplier eg http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/cdkeys-com-elder-scrolls-onli.... I didn't say that all keys come from a Russian criminal. That means we as a buyer don't even know where the keys come from in the case of buying from one of these grey market game key sellers.

          Also many other grey market key sellers have been caught up with selling stolen keys. eg. http://www.kitguru.net/gaming/matthew-wilson/revoked-ubisoft...

        • @hollykryten: Say NO to Russophobia!

        • @hollykryten: Not sure if you know about the retail business. But with software, the price actually degrades over time with the popularity of the title (demand) and a certain time to sell it ("Aged stock policy"). This is why you will find some decent games at times in bargain bins in HN, JB, EB and the likes as they are trying to get rid of the stock to cover the insurance gap of the stock being sold.

          Some of these online stores will often fetch a number of these aged stock from other retailers and even distributors for a bulk price and sell them off for a smaller margin given they are only providing a key from within their databases. This is why the OZB posts about super cheap games are literally $10-20 or so because they are aged stock as such (including Skyrim, a 5 year old game). They also have a limited amount of these keys too and can be out of stock just as any other provider (ie. they do not use a key generator).

          Their new games are only "slightly" cheaper than discounted local stock (eg. Battlefield One is $65 on CDKeys vs $78 on typical special at a local store).

          This is a much better explanation than the Russian Mafia and back of the truck conspiracies out there. You can always look up "Aged stock policies" of retailers or ask any of the fellow OZB people to validate these comments.

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    I have the base game, I assume it would be cheaper for me to just buy legendary rather than the individual dlcs right?

    • +4

      Depends if you want to buy the DLC from an "unauthorised key seller" such as G2A, Kinguin, etc or from an "authorised key seller" and pay a higher markup.

      I'm seeing the whole Skyrim DLC Pack addon for the base game (containing all 3 DLC's) from Kinguin for $14.74 AUD.


  • Thread title says for Legendary Edition owners, but free Special Edition upgrade is also for base game with all 3 DLC added to it. So if you already have the base game with all the 3 DLC then there's no need to go buy the Legendary Edition just to get the free Special Edition upgrade, as you already have what you need to get it.

    • Yeah fair enough, edited title just in case someone buys an extra copy of everything :)

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    I used to be an out of work knee surgeon.

    • just send me the bill doc

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    Apols, but it's not clear from the above - but inferred in some posts - is it still fine to purchase whatever bit you don't have now (game or DLC pack etc) and be eligible for the new console versions or do you need to have owned prior to a certain date?

    I have the title on PC - but no DLC yet. Happy to grab the DLC now if it will give me the game on Xbox one! Seems too easy though!

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      You don't get the game on Xbone just a free 'enhanced' upgrade on PC

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    What is special about the special edition .. it's not clear. The steam page talks about engine updates and a 'virtual world' it mentions those words a few times .. is it going to support VR? Apart from that what is the benefit if you already have the Legendary edition (don't see mention of new content) - there was already a high res texture pack for that, do the engine upgrades just make it run smoother?

    • +4

      The special edition will have 64-bit support, meaning it will be able to utilise more RAM than the original version of the game which should help it run smoother.

      Other than that it's graphics updates which may not be super noticeable if you have a heavily modded version of the game with the high res texture pack.

      • Thanks I was wondering if this was really a bargin.

  • +16

    My research for your benefit:
    * Kinguin is cheaper than CDKeys and G2A.
    * NOTE: Kinguin currently has a 5% coupon code: OVERKING

    Cheapest price on Kinguin for DLC ONLY (You must have the base game:
    * https://www.kinguin.net/product/522404/the-elder-scrolls-v-s...
    * I paid $12.11 including PayPal fees

    Cheapest price on Kinguin for Skyrin Legendary (base game + DLC):
    * https://www.kinguin.net/product/210805/the-elder-scrolls-v-s...
    * ~$13.27 (+ fees)

    * Whilst I didn't pay for Kinguin guarantee, I always recommend to others that they consider it.
    * Key resellers are generally fairly good, but there are plaenty of anectodes regarding keys not working. Buyer beware.

    • Thanks, I was about to buy it for $19 from cdkeys and saw this post just before I did. Saved me about $6.

      • +1

        Key register on Steam without issue?

        • keen to hear your experience with Kinguin as well.

        • @eviledward: I just bought it but I'm at work. Key was delivered instantly, and is a photo. I've bought from fast2play before it merged with kinguin so I can vouch for the site's reliability. Forgot I cant use the code until I get home though so will have to wait until 9AM or so.

        • Key registered on steam without issue, instant delivery of the code. And I also got a 20c skin in CSGO for 1c :D Win-Win

        • @eviledward: yep, key delivered instantly without issue.

        • thanks guys

          UPDATE: Got my key instantly and successfully added to my library. Got it for $14.25 AUD.

        • +1

          @eviledward: I have bought several games from Kinguin with no hassle and fast key email. AAA titles too, between 3 years and 6 months ago, so no long term detriment, I did choose a top seller each time to protect myself though.

        • +1

          @eviledward: Just activated mine then. Worked fine.

        • I just bought a Legendary edition key from this link for $13.57 including PayPal surcharge, and it instantly got delivered as a photo via email and successfully activated on Steam.

        • Yep, I bought it and it redeemed fine on Steam for me too.

          Email came in within seconds.

    • Thanks for the post. I was disappointed when I found out the base game wasn't enough to quality. Worth $12 bucks👍

    • Awesome find, just purchased and was able to activate on steam.

      Does anyone know how I can install these DLC? When I press on Skyrim it lists in the DLC section that I have purchased it but reads 'Not Installed'.

      Edit: Ah looks like it installs in the background after you have added the CD Keys.

  • I have just the base game, haven't even played it yet. Honestly can't be bothered buying the DLCs… Probably be years before I play the game anyways.

  • Can someone help me with a couple of questions please?

    I had it on Xbox 360, and I think I saw a few months earlier, that the owners of the main game on 360 will get the Skyrim Special Edition for Xbox One for free.
    Is it true?

    and as I had progressed way too much back then, and there is no way I am not gonna start over…
    can you remind me if the 360 had a cloud option for the saved games? and will it be possible to be used and continued on the Xbox One version? (saved game to same profile)


    • +1

      no and no.

      you will have to buy the game again and saves do not transfer over.

      Its a bit crap like that.

  • +2

    So this is basically a HD remake of the original game + all DLCs…?

    • yes

    • +3

      Not a remake at all. A couple new effects and lighting more than anything.

      It's a big upgrade for last gen console versions but there is a reason it's free for existing PC owners because it is barely any different. And if you modded the PC version originally, that still looks better than this one.

      • High resolution textures need many many hours of resampling. I dont think the plot of the game changes, but the eye candy is more than enough to pay for it (at least get the DLCs if you already have the game). Although I wouldnt pay another $78 or whatever for it on the XBOne or PS4.

  • Just wondering if anyone noticed Steam has 50% off Fallout titles during this hot and heavy authorised key debate, good time to get legit Fallouts for double your Bethesda fun!

  • +2

    Disgraceful cash grab, few minor graphics mods and priced like a full new game.

    I will get it free on pc but it nowhere as good looking as free mods that have been out for years.

    • A lot of game publishers do this. Release a base game, then they add DLC for it to make the gamer shell out more money for what should have been in the game in the first place. Then integrate all the DLC into some "Special Edition" to make people shell out more money if you want this "Special Edition".

      • That is different because it's the same as the base game plus DLC in a more convenient package for those that hasn't played the game before. Skyrim already did that… This is an entirely different beast.

        • Nothing different from what some game publishers always do. They previously release a Skyrim base game. Then released DLC for it for money (the 3 DLC for the base game). Then they released the Legendary Edition which contained the DLC in it as one package so they could get more money (Legendary Edition wasn't free for existing game game + 3 DLC owners). Now they're releasing another release of the game with the DLC also in it as one package.

        • @hollykryten:

          Can you name any other games that have had some minor graphical tweaks then been released 5 years later at full price?

        • @noise36:

          Battlefield 2 base game, release in 2005
          Battlefield 2 Complete Collection, released in 2010. Only difference is all the DLC was integrated into it and released 5 years after the base game as Complete Collection. It does happen when a game publisher re-releases a game a few years later with all the released DLC integrated. But in the case of Battlefield 2 Complete Collection there was no graphical tweaks over the base game, just all the DLC integrated. It's a way the game publisher gets more money for what had already been flogged.

          Also when it comes to Skyrim. That high resolution texture modification tweak is already available to Skyrim base game owners in the form of a free DLC.


          All the game publisher is doing with this "Special Edition" is intergreating all what's already available to the base game owners as DLC along with the base game into one game package and calling it Special Edition. Base game owners already get the high resolution textures in that free DLC. That's why the game publisher is giving all base game + all DLC added game owners a free upgrade to the Special Edition, because it basically is the base game with all the DLC integrated (including the high resolution texture DLC pack). In other words no graphical tweaks or any more DLC over what's already available to base game owners who already own and have all the DLC.

        • @hollykryten:

          Neither of your examples is even correct.

          They didn't realise a complete collection of BF2 then later improve the graphics and release it again at full RPP. The first part of that sentence happened but not the second.

          Your understanding of what they are releasing with Skyrim Special Edition is also not correct.

          Read here on the steam page http://store.steampowered.com/app/489830/

          "remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more." these things didnt exist in the HD textures pack, the base game or any of the DLC.

    • Does take hours of labour to convert it to the new gen consoles (if people have never played it). Plus more hours of labour to resample new high resolution textures, program HDR and other lighting effects and sort of bugs left over from everything. Not sure if worth it for the next gen consoles but definitely as an upgrade to the PC version.

  • has anyone heard if it's possible to pre-download it or anything?

    • I bought the DLC yesterday. The Special Edition appeared in my library today but unlocks tomorrow. I am pre-loading it now :).

  • I was prepared, bought the legendary edition for $19 from EB a couple months ago (it's just a steam key inside a game case).

    The people saying special edition is not a big difference for PC, well if you've modded out your game then yeah, but special edition vs original on PC is definitely a good few steps up, much better lighting, effects, DoF, shaders, reflections and art style, the special edition really breaths life into the whole world, the original looks bland and lifeless in comparison.

    • -2

      You do realise that the high resolution texture mod is already available for existing Skyrim owners completely free of charge?. And yes this is for the base game too. It adds permanently in the Steam account for the game. Those effects that you speak of would already be in this high res texture mod. So therefore there would be no difference between what's already available to current Skyrim owners + all DLC than what will be in the Special Edition.



      That's why they are giving the Special Edition away for free to those who already own Skyrim + all DLC, because it's not a big step up at all. Actually no step up at all other than having the DLC integrated.

      • +1

        Hey so, you aren't correct here. Maybe do some Googling before trying to tell people they're wrong.

        There is a difference aside from textures between vanilla Skyrim (+hi res texture pack) on max vs Special Edition Sykrim, as detailed in both the comment above yours and all the information about the special edition avaliable online.

        This article explains it well.

        Fairly big difference. Not enough to convince PC gamers to re-buy it, sure, which is likely why they are releasing it for free.

      • +1

        Wrong. The high res texture pack is, just textures, duh. The texture resolution of the special edition remains the same as the high res texture pack. But the special addition adds DX11, new lighting engine, new special effects, Depth of Field, new water and snow Shaders, better reflections and revamped colour palette/art style for the textures.

        • Yeah ok i'm wrong. I acknowledge that i'm wrong. Fair enough.

          It's a good thing that current Skyrim owners are getting the Special Edition upgrade for free. :)

  • Was considering buying as never played Skyrim, opened Steam & I already have it & all 3 DLCs!!! Cant imagine I'm the only one here that did this

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