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Dyson: V8 Animal $599 / V8 Absolute $679/ V6 $278 / DC58 $199, Seagate 2TB $95, UE Boom 2 $143, LG 55" UHD $1439 @ Bing Lee eBay

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  • K, now put the product tags in 😂

  • Some good prices…….

  • An ozbargainer never sleeps, good deals

  • That's such a good price for the Sony KD55X9000C! Sucks they have no stores in Victoria :(

    • Wodonga is in Victoria.

      • I said stores, which means more than 1 store. Wodonga is 3 hours out of the CBD, no one would travel that far to pick up something off eBay 😂

        • No stores implies zero and as you may or may not be aware there is alot more of Victoria then just greater Melbourne.

        • @crift85:

          No storeS implies plural, more than one. Like the No Homers Club. They're allowed to have one Homer.

        • @Domingo:

          Then he phased his sentence poorly. Where I live has one Hungry Jacks store. If you were to ask me if they had a store in town and I reply "Hungry Jacks don't have any stores in town", to me that would imply zero. To most people I think it would imply zero.

          Perhaps in the future and to ensure clarity, "Sucks they only have one store in Vic", would be more appropriate.

          Saves each of us thinking the other one is a moron, when you come across the singular Hungry Jacks store.

        • @Domingo:

          Like the No Homers Club. They're allowed to have one Homer.

          No they're not, if it says No Homers that means they don't allow anyone named Homer.

          It's plural as it applies to every Homer.

        • @Kleetus: Im pretty sure he was joking. Hopefully people don't take The Simpsons that seriously.

        • @johnno07:

          I know he was joking, I was just being a smartarse.

        • Hypothetically then, if you called to ask if they had that tv, this is how your conversation would go:-

          'Hi there, do you have any Sony tvs there? '

          'no sir, we have no Sony tv's left.

          'Ok, awesome, can you please put the Sony tv aside for me?'

          'sorry sir, w DON'T have any Sony tv's left'

          'insert your explanation regarding plurals here'

          'mate, we don't having any expletive tv's left'

          Hangs up

          Quick better go explain plurals to ozbargain and have a whinge forum going.

        • @crift85, @Kleetus, @smpantsonfire:

          Jeepers, that was controversial.

          See here, proving this should not be controversial: Youtube Link

        • @Kleetus:

          I was just messing with you guys 😂 This is why I love ozbargain

        • @smpantsonfire:

          While we are on the topic of grammar…

          'no sir, we have no Sony tv's left.

          Sony TV's what?

          'sorry sir, w DON'T have any Sony tv's left'

          Their what??

          'mate, we don't having any expletive tv's left'

          Sweet jesus tell me what the expletive TV owns!

        • @johnno07: The whole apostrophe thing is something I've been wondering about. I read lots of tech reviews that use 's every time they are referring to multiple products.

          Here's a question: How would you differentiate between more than one iPhone 6 and a single iPhone 6s?
          E.g. "My local store had a bunch of iPhone 6's in stock, but only one iPhone 6s"

        • @johnno07:

          While my autocorrect dictionary does not have tvs as a word, it was dialogue. So if you spoke it as it reads, you will be in the same pickle.

        • @mrdavedave:

          How would you differentiate between more than one iPhone 6 and a single iPhone 6s?

          Incorrectly using an apostrophe doesn't automatically make your pluralisation more understandable. You might as well be grammatically correct, and be careful to give your statement context. In your case, "a bunch of iPhone 6s" implies that there is more than one iPhone 6 ("a bunch"), and "only one iPhone 6s" is pretty clear. Clearer still if you used the actual capitalisation of the model number - iPhone 6S - which allows you to do some pretty wild stuff like "I've got loads of iPhone 6Ss for sale". I appreciate this can be awkward sometimes - especially with products that are singular, but referred to as plural - like headphones. "I have a pair of AD-700s". I'd say tech sites err on the side of people not having a conniption about them "getting the model number wrong!" and go for incorrect grammar instead.

          TL;DR - Don't use apostrophes for plurals - it doesn't make what you're saying, clearer - and it's wrong. Dat English language tho - I'd hate to have to learn it.

        • @smpantsonfire:

          "duz it hav TVs?"
          "bcoz thatz tha proppa inishalizm (with capz)"
          "if i put kwotes arownd thingz duz that meen i can spel thingz fonnetiklee?"

          I suggest you'll probably need to read that out loud haha. Just having a go ;)

        • @johnno07: There is no capitalisation of the model number. Check the apple website: http://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-iphone/iphone6s?afid=p238%7...

          So your example is "I've got loads of iPhone 6ss for sale".

          If we hadn't already been discussing this and you put that in a Gumtree listing, I'd probably contact you to clarify what you were actually selling.

        • @mrdavedave: My bad about the model number - some retailers use capitals. If I had a Gumtree listing like that, I would have been careful to be very clear what I was talking about, but would still be grammatically correct. Using apostrophes for pluralisation just makes you look like an illiterate greengrocer.

        • @johnno07: Anyway, I don't mind the apostrophes for pluralisation thing, I just find it interesting. The thing that bugs me most on ozbargain is the number of people that say "I brought" instead of "I bought". I just…really can't understand how people get it wrong.

          If you search it up there are more than 20 pages of results with most being people using "I brought" incorrectly.


        • @mrdavedave: To clarify - I wasn't saying YOU personally are an illiterate greengrocer. To those who have negged me, please familiarise yourself with this phenomenon: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/greengrocer%27s_apostrophe

        • @johnno07: Oh, I didn't take it personally. Someone else negged you lol

          I just read the wiki you linked. Interesting explanation of greengrocer's apostrophe's

        • @mrdavedave: Well you've brought it up now!

        • @crift85:

          *than (not 'then')

        • @koalafied: You can't apply plural form after "no" or "any", always follow up with a singular


    • Noob question, do you think the prices could get better for xmas sales?

    • Absolutely - I was tossing up between this and the KS8000 in the recent Good Guys sale. Would have definitely gone for the X9000 if this was the price then.

      No regrets about the KS8000 though - great TV.

      • I also got this Samsung Series 8 TV with the GG sale. I am also very happy with it. It got delivered on Saturday :-)

  • +3 votes

    Looks like they've started jacking up some of the prices? Eg. the Samsung UA55KU6000W.

  • I just don't get the Bing Lee and eBay pick up listings.

    If it's showing stock at the nearest store I can't add it to the cart or pay because it states:

    "The address specified in your cart is in a location that doesn't meet the seller's postage requirements."

    If I'm driving there and picking up, what does my address have to do with it?

  • +1 vote

    Don't forget that there's still a few more hours for prices to be jacked up.

    • Bing lee usually dont jack prices up. They list items as sold out if there is too much demand for a particular item.

  • Is the V8 worth getting over just the V6?

    • Would like to know this as well…. half the price!

    • +11 votes

      double the battery life (V6 has 20 min, V8 has 40 min)
      the bin has been redesigned to not need to manually pull crap out (hair gets stuck in the V6 bin when you open the hatch, you gotta pull it out instead of it just dropping out, whilst the V8 has some thing that pushes it out)
      15% more suction i believe
      + since its the animal version, you get a special animal attachment that is better on pet hair.

      I own the V6 and 2 cats, personally it does the job for me, if i had to buy another one right now i wouldn't think the V8 is worth over double the price, especially since we are bargainers! i can do half my house in 20 mins throughly and put it on charge for an hour, finish the rest of the house off.

      • We just bought the Dyson V6 Handstick from the good guys 20% sale and we love it 20 mins is enough time to do what we need doing and its light and i think quite powerful for its size " more suction than our full size Vacuum " , xENT is right on the money .

      • We just got a V6 from GG 20% sale too, as our DC31 was on its way out..

        The bin design is worse than the DC31 for getting stuck, the space between in the outside wall in inside part is much smaller than the DC31 and stuff gets stuck between it very easily.

        Where we could usually just knock it free before we now need to pull it free, so the new cleaning mechanism would be handy, but not at double the price. If you need more run time than the V6, you might consider a full vacuum instead.

      • Is the wall mount compatible across each model? I got a DC4x from memory so it would be nice to use all the same setup. Or at the very least the same holes in the wall.

    • Yes for comparing the same models. More powerful, double the battery life, better design for emptying.
      Going from the base V6 to V8 Animal/Absolute, then its more than double the price. Up to you to decide if the above features are worth it, plus the attachments that come with the higher models.

    • A more accurate comparison base on those two models on this post:

      • V6 has 20 mins run time, 6 mins on max, 3.5 hours to charge
        V8 has UP TO 40 mins (varies on attachment used) run time, 7 mins on max, 4.5 hours to charge.

      • V8 has 30% bigger bin canister over the V6, emptying system is also improved

      • V8 is 50% quieter
      • The V8 range has 150% more suction and power over the V6 HS/V6 Animal.

      This V6 HS on sale is a clearing out price tag as it is just the old name version, it has been renamed to V6 cord free and is now colour white, besides those changes same vacuum and performance but the cord free model goes back to it's RRP of $499.

      There are multiple models on both the V6 and V8 range to suit different consumers cleaning situation, the V6 HS/Cordfree is the base model.

      Main heads can not be bought separately if you decide on a different main head so choose wisely, smaller attachments can be bought in the future but for those that are bundled with the higher priced models allows you to save a bit of money based on RRP prices.

      • V8 is also heavier*

      • Also, is the difference between animal and absolute just:

        Soft Roller Cleaner Head?

        • The V8 range has 150% more suction

        150% more suction is wrong. The V6 has 100AW (Airwatts) of suction whereas the V8 boasts 115AW. That's 15% more.

        • Watts isn't everything in terms of vacuuming especially with Dyson, it is a very loose unit of measurement of power.

          However, I will say I did choose the wrong word, but V8 has 150% more pick-up power performance than the V6 HS.

        • @cortex21:

          V8 has 150% more pick-up power performance than the V6 HS.

          Is there a source for that? You're saying that the V8 is 2.5x more powerful than the V6. That's a pretty drastic increase for only 15% more wattage.

        • @johnno07:


          Like I said above, Watts isn't everything especially as a sole unit of comparison when it comes to appliances/products. It is really just the amount of power the product needs to turn on.
          On its own, without any other deciding factor, yes usually higher the watts, the stronger the power but when other things come into play, such as the level of technology put into it then it is no longer accurate form of measurement.

          The best example I can think of in relations to this area of products is The Good Guys have their cheap alternate brand for most of the appliances they sell in their store under the 'GVA' label.
          They sell a GVA vacuum at around $80-100 last time I checked, on the box says it is 2000W powered.
          IF watts was truly the accurate and sole factor of measurement of the power of a vacuum, do you really think brands such as Dyson, even Electrolux and Vax can compete with such price?
          We as consumers, of course, know that kind of products would not compete in the long term (life span, performance, etc) against the big brands.

          Dyson in this area just has the ability with their technology to keep watts low and still have the strength and performance of a vacuum of such watts power, which makes them energy efficient and saving compared to other models of similar performance.

    • remember 40mins is with attachments that are not motorized. so its nearly same time with motorized head. but since the head themselves are 150% stronger, in therioy should yelled better performance.

    • It's an improvement in every aspect. More powerful suction, quieter, better battery life, better bin mechanism.
      It's excellent in terms of an upgrade but perhaps not worth double the price simply because it's just so expensive.

  • +2 votes

    @ Bing

    I didn't know that search engines sell Dyson.

  • Do you know whether we can carry a 55' tv with us if we take a flight from sydney to Mel? Do Qantas/virgin charge fee for that? I will fly to sydney tomorrow and it seem can pick it up but not sure how can post to Melbourne. Hic

    • You cannot carry on a 55" TV, no.

    • Here's a weird idea. See if any of the bus lines will carry freight Sydney->MEL. When I moved from QLD, I freighted a dozen things on the bus because it was cheaper than a "real" removalist.

    • +9 votes

      Do you know whether we can carry a 55' tv with us if we take a flight from sydney to Mel?

      Of course, I'd suggest you also take a lounge and some headphones so you can fly in style and comfort.

  • is this Acer laptop a good deal?

  • Samsung 65 ku7500 JACKED!

  • anyone else read in the title 'Bing' as the noise a bell makes?

  • Epic price on the 55 inch 4k sony Bravia, very tempting

    • Nope, voucher only for click and collect from Woolies/Big W.
      This is only C+C from Bing

      • Yeah i realized and changed my comment, obviously not quick enough, would've been an epic deal though

    • Reviews for the 9000C model are not great - lots of people complain about light bleeding. A shame as I'm in the market for a 55" Bravia…

  • Preempting these "sales" is pretty futile. I appreciate the work that went into this and other posts.

    eg: Samsung -UA65KU7500W - 65" UHD Curved Smart LED TV $2079.2(ebay.com.au) NOW $2716 after 20% off

  • All LG tv's have been jacked.

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