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2x Dimple 12YO Scotch Whisky 700ml $70 @ First Choice Liquor


$40 is pretty standard, but a drop for FCL. Combining it with the $10 off coupon makes it good value.

In-store and online.

Click & Collect for 2000 Flybuys Points.

As with any blended Scotch the key to a good one is the balance of flavours which is delivered in droves by Dimple. A well rounded Whisky with surprising depth of character making it a stand out that punches well above it's price!

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    • Promotion Code D67KKPG8 has not been applied - order does not qualify
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      worked after creating a logon.

  • I never tried Dimple which was dubbed as if you dont know what scotch is, try this scotch…
    is it really bad?

    • not a scotch drinker but seems like a decent drop based on reviews … some prefer it to the more expensive ones :) good price so you can always gift the second to someone if you dont like it hehehe

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      It's a seriously nice scotch James.

  • You can get another $10 off if you use click and collect

    • How?

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        I bought 1L Chivas that cost $60, after selecting Click and Collet + using $10 off voucher I paid $40

        • Got hidden gem for $3 and will get 2000 flybuys points =$10. So profit of $7

        • Chivas and Dimple are both blends of similar price range, but Dimple is a bit better in my opinion, a little smoky over chivas. Chivas is sweet, but is a bit harsh over this.

        • @Gaggy: I'd take the Dimple over the Chivas any day. The Dimple is a much classier blend.

        • @elektron: True. Chivas has more advertisement I suppose that is the reason it is more famous.

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    Bought 2x dimple using code + cc. Good deal OP. Cheers

    • You're welcome, have a great weekend!

  • hmmmm, that code doesnt work for me at all. Ive read that it hasn't worked when people are not logged in but then worked afterwards. I created a new account today and im logged in, still no joy.

  • Code not working logged in
    Am I missing something?

    • New customer?

      • Is it only for new customers, I am logged in to my account ( existing one) and it says:
        * Promotion Code D67KKPG8 has not been applied - order does not qualify

        Same message with the new account :(

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          Use this code instead, worked for me when other one didnt…
          Thanks to Jaeger LeCoultre for finding this alternative code!

        • It's is for first online transactions. See the original coupon post for details.

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          @Kbro: Thanks C1HGPOL2 works

        • @sween64: It didnt work for first online order either.

        • Works.

        • @Kbro:
          Thanks it works

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