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ASOS 20% off Everything Sitewide


ASOS 20% off everything sitewide using coupon code MAJOR20.
Plus 7.20% cash back when using Cash Rewards.

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    Are there exclusions ?

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      I don't think so. I used it on Sale Items and it works just fine.

  • Thank you OP

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    Remember to change currencies to GBP for extra savings! Just tried and works.

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      Best savings right here with that tip haha

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        Laughing my ASOS !!!

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          I kinda laughed at that.

        • Brexit-er be Like Crying my Ass off

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        I approve.

    • Huge savings by doing this! Thanks, this'll be my first ASOS bargain!

    • Great tip!

    • Awesome advice. Thanks!

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      I wish i read this earlier, changed it to Zimbabwean dollars and paid a fortune.

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      Thanks BREXIT!

    • Legend!

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      Can this be added to OP for others to see?

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      Are the GBP prices lower in comparison?

      • Yes hence why people are saying thanks

    • Brexit happen, thats why we can enjoy lowest price

    • Holy sheet. I saved $30 on some boots straight up - wdf

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    Thanks, op. Bought a pair Frank Wright Chelsea Boots [Tan Leather] $56.22 delivered. Doesn't get much better than that.
    Edit: Crap, it does get much better than that. Could have got them for $45.24 if I'd changed the currency to GBP.

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      ASOS gives you an hour to cancel the order! Go to your profile and go to the order itself and cancel, then repurchase it with GBP :)

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        Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. Cancelled and reordered with GBP. $48.22 with Paypal's exchange rate.

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          Neg'd for being frugal. There's a traitor in our midst.

        • You should use your bank's exchange rates if you use a credit card with no international transaction and currency conversion fees (e.g. 28 Degrees and Citibank Plus Transaction debit card) and not Paypal's rates as Paypal would give you a worser rate.
          Cancel and reorder!

        • @Chateau:
          Its called Schadenfreude

    • Once you change currency do you pay in GBP or change back to aud ?

      • The order is completed in GBP and then it's converted to AU dollars by your bank/paypal/whatever.

    • It doesnt work with all items. I changed my shoes from AUD$ to GBP and after conversion, the price jumped up by $3AUD

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    Can this stack with unidays discounts?

    • +1

      Nope, appears like only one code can be used

      It does stack with their current "Smart Threads" 60% off specials though

  • If you need something cheap to qualify for free postage, these Halloween-themed items might be…useful

  • We've bought down asos

  • thanks ozb was about to pull the trigger on a 25 dollar bag + 5 ship. ended up paying 22-ish shipped. yay

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    Do all asos models have to have sleeve tatts?

    • +9

      it's either that or you look like you've dropped out of Hogwarts http://imgur.com/a/LHXed

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        haha awesome

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    I was about to say that the GBP thingy doesnt work, turned out ASOS increased the pricing (of all Jeans I am targeting) within minutes of me checking GBP to AUD conversion rate!
    I was browsing for Jeans originally priced $23.99
    After a couple minutes, came back to the same Jeans now priced $30.00 (20% OFF is $24.00!)

    • -1

      Pretty sure it works… it depends on your settings .. ie you need to be on the gb site and select gb pound.

  • Anyone tried the "super skinny" smart trousers? How tight are they? Do they look like leggings or something?

    • +1

      Yep, stay away. Skinny is great, but super skinny suit pants are awful. Had to return a set that were a real nice colour, but even on a guy like me (who's thin as all heck) they were too skinny around the calves.

      • Ah crap - already ordered a pair. No problems, will cancel them.


        • No worries! They've got free returns now so probably wouldn't hurt to try them on at least, but they ain't for me.

        • @Ozymandias:

          The skinny ones look baggy around the thighs but perfect around the calves. I'm going to try them first like you suggested though. Hope they stretch a bit at least.

  • What can I do if I just purchased yesterday??!

    • Purchase what you want now and return the old stuff once it arrives.

      • How do they differentiate between which refund to give you? (new or old purchase, if they are the same?)
        Also their website doesn't seem to specify change of mind? Only faulty/incorrect item

        • +2

          you will be given a return slip included in the package with order number on it.they will look at order number to see how much to refund to you.

        • @bjl0v3s: Thanks!

    • edit: what above said ^

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    Anyone know if ASOS jacked up their price before this?

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      when I compare my recent orders (paid in GBP on AU site) prices are slightly higher for some of the items, but the discount still makes them cheaper than I paid, so kind of like 10% discount when taking price change into account.

    • +1

      no they didnt it still the same price before the promo (at least from the nike brands). i've been monitoring the site for the past few days. because i get the feeling they will follow suit from theiconics 30% off sitewide last week and it turns out i was right.

      • +1

        what did you cop from nike? I just bought a couple things too. some tech knit and tech fleece pieces.

        • just some tees and a cortez mate. i already copped them hoodies and fleece in theiconic sale.

    • +1

      They have actually, I have been looking at a few different shoes for the last few days, seems some are almost $20 dearer.

    • Things I've been watching didn't go up.

  • Thanks OP just bought stuff, first time using ASOS so we'll see how we go for quality etc.

  • +1

    Sweet - haven't bought anything off ASOS since 2013 but thanks to you OP, bought some stuff using the code!

  • How's the fit? Target stuff fits me perfect in my size. Does ASOS run tighter/looser?

  • I think it's down now. We did it ozbargain!

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    Really!? I just purchased 200 dollars worth of stuff 3 days ago! omg.. hate when this happens

    • +2

      Return for free and reorder.

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    anyone know if the items would be TRS claimable? I don't remember if they provide tax invoice.

    • +1

      They would not.

      "The TRS allows Australians and overseas visitors to claim a refund, (subject to certain conditions), of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax paid on goods bought in Australia and then taken out of Australia in checked luggage or carry-on bags."

    • +1

      They provide a tax invoice but you don't get charged GST to begin with as they are an international website.

  • I purchased $180 worth of shirts 2 weeks ago using $AUD, turns out to be $145 had I used GBP and $116 had I waited 2 weeks. I feel defeated.

    • +1

      Repurchase and return the new stuff to the old order :)

      • What an amazing idea lol, definitely doing that, thanks catbug.

        • I can only do it on 2 items, saving me about $15 so I don't think Ill do it. Most of the items are now out of stock :( awesome tip anyway Thanks again.

  • cheers bought 105 GBP of stuff, including some wicked pocket squares and floral undies

  • +2

    Haven't purchased anything from ASOS, for a while. They used to stock really nice shirts.

    Now I go looking through their shirts and I see hipster shite like this:

    • When you want to look your best for your mug shot.

    • I read your comment and thought, 'fair go man, how bad can it actually be?' Imagining some vaguely hipstery shirt with a pug on it or something.

      And then I looked at the link. Oh man I laughed. I had to watch the catwalk of that guy and everything. His face was kinda priceless.

  • +1

    Why don't companies appreciate that less is more. This is the crap one has to deal with when ordering from ASOS overstretched product line:






    • +2

      They're all different designs and colours. As a designer myself, I can see the difference. But I can see where you're coming from though.

  • Is there a currency conversion fee if paying by credit/debit card or PayPal?

    • +2

      on PayPal, it will show on PayPal checkout.
      on c/c, check your bank rate + intl fee applies

    • +1

      That would depend on your card.

  • I use to use the change to GBP trick after someone mentioned it here but just now when I try to do it…it keeps taking me to the actual UK site and emptying my cart! Weird. The item I wanted was the last one in the AU site…so just had to grab it before it was gone! Maybe they are catching onto us professionals? haha

    • +2

      you are changing the site not the currency

      • +1

        This. There should be a currency drop down list. choose GBP. Don't click on those country flags as it will change the whole website to a country you selected.

  • Should I pay with paypal or westpac debit card? thanks

    • +2

      If you're going to pay GBP use a 28 degrees or similar to avoid international transaction fees. I found that if you check out using PayPal, PayPal will convert to AUD and the conversion rate is not as good as you'll get if you charge your credit card directly.

      • Or you can use Citibank everyday transaction account there is also no international transaction fees

      • This wasn't the case for me: PayPal's conversion rate was better than Westpac's.

        • Doesnt that mean Westpacs rates are even worse? They probably impose currency conversion fees too.

  • Yay new shorts

  • Just track my order and it's shipped from the UK?

    • Yes, but it's very fast. I got mine in 3 business days.

      • I hope so because mine was suppose to be express.

  • Marked as shipped, then emailed saying they've refunded me, apparently they're out of stock now. No more discount for me :(

    • Oh no, that sucks, are those items showing as sold out on their website?

      • Yeah those sizes are.

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