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Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband - $130 for 44GB - 2 Year Expiry


Just noticed that Optus has double data bonus on their prepaid mobile broadband.

Previously $130 recharge got you 22GB to use in 2 years.
Now you get 44GB.

Great for those who are after long expiry for use in a tablet or as a backup connection.

$30 - 8GB - 1 month expiry
$50 - 14GB - 1 year expiry
$130 - 44GB - 2 year expiry

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    awesome. great spotting!

  • 1 year plan also double up.

  • Are the Optus Mobile Broadband devices any good? Or should I buy an unlocked device and slap a $2 sim in?
    My Telstra one is dying and this is much better value for when I travel so I'm tempted to switch.

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      I have an E5573 and E8372 both Optus branded and they both work great.
      You can pick them up for around $24.50 usually with Coles/Officeworks deals.

      They both came unlocked and I've used Vodafone and Telstra sims in them.
      Just be aware of the bands it supports, I believe it doesn't cover all of the bands Telstra uses. For CBD or metro it shouldn't matter.

      • I have the E5573 and it doesnt work so well for me, i use a old S4 instead
        is the E8372 much better?

        or do i have to buy a more expensive model?

        • I don't really notice a difference in performance between the two.
          Both get the same level of reception at my house and when I've been travelling metro they don't miss a beat.

          The E5186 that they offer with the home wireless broadband is apparently very good but it's not a portable option.

        • Yeah I have the E5573 as well and mine kept on disconnecting quite a few times (light went red).

    • +4

      yeah the $24 one at BigW should work well (comes with a sim).

      • Cheers!

    • If you have an old phone lying around, you could use it to tether. That's my Nexus 5's new job.

      • I'm still using my $35 Alcatel pixi for this, work on 4GX and makes a great ipod replacement/wifi hotspot combined

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    Would be good if the had better coverage and less congestion

    • They are all pretty close in speed


      Australia has done an admirable job maintaining its leading role in the global 4G market. In our most recent tabulations, the country was among the top 10 in average LTE speed and in the top 20 in 4G availability (not an easy feat to pull off considering Australia's vast territory).

      • +1

        They are all pretty close in speed

        Not when you can't get Optus reception…

  • This may be a stupid question (I apologies); Does this come with a number on the SIM? Or is it the data itself?

    • If you buy a sim starter kit, you will get a number on the sim which can receive calls and sms on I believe. But you won't be able to call or send from it.

      • From memory, if you activate the sim with call/sms feature, then you can't recharge it with Mobile Broadband Data

        Best to activate it as Mobile Broadband Sim for this deal

      • You cannot make or receive call but you can receive SMS but not send, except for Optus automated SMS services like the 9999.

    • this is a recharge offer, not a sim.

      But sims come with a mobile number which can be called, sms'd with.

      I believe the way it works is you buy $x credit, that credit can be used for data, calls, txt, etc it's just that data rate charged was ~$6/gb, now it's ~$3/gb. As you use the service (data, sms, calls, ect) your credit reduces. If you recharge with $130, and only use it for data, then you get 44Gb. If you make call & sms's, (say $30 worth), then you only get $100 to use on data (~34Gb).

      make sense?

      • You can't make calls/sms with it.
        I have the prepaid mobile data and it's purely data only.

        When you log in to the My Account page, it just says how much data remaining you have.

        You can still receive calls and sms with it though, Optus sends an sms with a pincode to the number so you can link the account to the Optus mobile app.
        You just need to login to the mobile router to retrieve the sms, or pop the sim in to a phone.

        • can you apply this to a post paid plan lol or a plan with calls as well

    • +1

      On my Optus sim that I only use for data tethering - it has a mobile number and I can make/receive calls/texts. I received a picture of a newborn baby the other day with the message "It's a girl!" - god only knows from whom because I've had this sim for a few years now and I've never given out the number to anyone!! I'm hoping that if I don't respond they'll give up.

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    PSA: sim not included :(

    • +1

      Hmm… I like your name CodeXD
      Here's 50Gb's of data*

      *sim not included

      • +1

        How do they send you the 50Gb's? By email? /s

        • +1

          Usually they post it out to you. ;)

        • +1

          But then bits get lost in our amazing postal process which is why you only receive 44gb

    • wtf, surely it must be?

  • +2

    Great as long as you're not going away from Metro areas, Hwy 1, or the mainland.

  • I just did the math I think its about 60Mbs per day?
    Can anyone check?

    • +3

      Aim for 61MB a day to get most value out of it.

      • +1

        Equivalent to

        1.83GB for $5.42/Month
        60.27MB for $0.18/Day

    • So you can update 1 app per day, YAY!

  • any way to use the optus student discount with this?

  • This fabulous deal is only valid till 5 Feb 2017.

    $50 reload will give you 14GB (7GB standard +7GB bonus) for a year.

    Wish it was a permanent plan!

  • -3

    as long as you can get half price sims with telstra you can still get 3gb for 30 days and make a $1.50 profit

    • More detail?

    • +5

      Can't do that anymore, 'Data Pass II' has replaced the old Data Pass offer and doesn't have carrier billing.

      • :( on the 25th of october

  • Wonder if it's good for a grandparent that rarely turns the computer on. Instead of paying Telstra for stuff all.

    It might be in the too hard basket for him though. Just in terms of moving off Telstra.

    • They on a telstra sim data plan?

      I had my oldies on the telstra 12mth plan (back when it was $180/10gb/12mth and theyd use $20/yr) then I moved them over to the $50/5gb/yr telstra plan, now on the $50/7gb/12mth optus plan as the grandkids like to play games (.

      The only pain for them is coverage & if they have a bigpond address.

      • I truly have no idea. I'll ask, but I'm not sure if he would know either!

  • Great deal - might have to test Optus speeds out again. I've been using half price 4G Woolworths Mobile SIMs (Telstra Network) to supplement my crappy ADSL connection so I can get high speed uploads for work (I work in video and frequently have to send TV commercials to the networks… not easy when all you can get is ADSL2+). The 2 year expiry is a winner on this though.

    Hopefully I'll one day get connected to the NBN (and hopefully it will be faster than what I've got now). Not holding my breath though. Not with this bunch of luddites running the show.

  • +1

    This seems like the cheapest long term prepaid data. So 90 days until this deal expires? Sounds too good to be true?

  • +1

    Between $3.50-$3 per gig. Seems a little on the higher side. Isn't $2 a gig a good aim?

    • +5

      What are the other alternatives at $2/2gb?

      • -1

        saw one on gumtree today selling 250gb for $600

  • Would this sim work in a Vodafone 4g pocket modem?

  • Reading Optus website, it gives example of buying a $30 SIM kit and recharging to get the double offer so my questions: would $2 SIM kit work? or does it have to be $30 kit? Thank

    • Yes I believe a $2 sim should work

  • can i use this on an iphone?

  • Nice one. Thanks for posting.

  • thanks OP

  • I think I'll cancel/freeze my Virgin $90pm/25GB plan until this expires!

  • Does it work in an IPad that has a SIM tray?
    Thinking of then using iPad as hotspot?

    • Yes it does.

    • Make sure it works as a hotspot.

      I used to have an iiNet SIM in my iPad, but it would not allow setting up the hotspot, and iiNet claimed they could not change that.

      Now I have the Telstra $50 for 5 Gb (total) and 12 month expiry, and this allows tethering.

  • Thanks, i'll put this in my 2nd sim slot (I have one for calls and one for data)

  • Can anyone confirm that streaming Google play music does NOT count towards your download? I have a $30 Optus prepaid starter pack and GP music is free to stream. Does the same go for this data pack?

    • +1

      Going to ,
      Clicking "I'm an existing Optus customer"
      And entering my prepaid number to check eligibility…

      Computer says no 🙁

      • Thanks. I am assuming you are on a Mobile Broadband plan. Anyway, using your link they have a FAQ that says "No. Data free music streaming is currently not offered on Prepaid Mobile Broadband."

        • I'm on a prepaid mobile broadband, but yes 😀

          On a mobile broadband plan I should be eligible.

  • +1

    I am currently on the Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband $130 for 22GB (2 years expiry) joined in August 2016 as 2nd SIM on my phone. So far it has been working fine.

    I just had a chat with Optus online, about this promo and my existing plan and they said I will get another 20GB over the next few days. Wow.

    I asked them if I can use my existing 22+20GB as International roaming, and they said yes and I do not need to purchase a separate International roaming add on.

    Does anyone know if this is true, so I can use my existing 42GB overseas? Thanks.

    • +3

      Wow would be interesting to know if you end up getting a bonus 22GB applied to your already existing credit. I would have thought they'd say too bad and to recharge to get the bonus.

      I highly doubt you can use the data overseas.

      Edit: From the CIS document.

      Using your service overseas

      Your included value does not include usage if you are overseas. If you’d
      like to use your service overseas you’ll need to purchase our Optus
      Prepaid Travel PacksTM. For more information visit

      Sounds like the chat rep you got is talking a bit of boloney. Hope they're telling you the truth about applying the bonus data to your account.

  • Like always, this happened right after I bought $50 for 7G …

    • Same boat.

  • -1

    Would have to be free for me to go to Optus for data.

    • +2

      If they offered for free, you would neg it, right?.

    • Looking forward to seeing your better finds posted!

  • Does this work with their unlimited spotify data offers?

  • OK so I have an E5186 4G router that I use for wired LAN and WiFi. Definitely looking at the 44GB/$130 option after buying a vanilla $2 SIM.

    My question is regarding the maximum data rollover of 50GB - is this before or after the top-up?

    I'm thinking 44GB should be good for a year, and would like to get 2 recharges while they are on special if I can stack them, to see me through 2 years of usage…

    • You won't actually need the rollover because the expiry is 2 years - in which time you intend to use x2 recharges ;-)

    • It says you can have a maximum of 50GB data, any amount over 50GB will be forfeited. So I guess you need to recharge when you're down to 6GB remaining to make the most of it.

      From the CIS

      The maximum Data Allowance at any time is 50GB. You will forfeit any data you recharge over this 50GB limit.

  • My first Ozbargain Optus offer cost me about $100 with dishonoured discounts and premier league plans on the $40 12 month plan: poor data monitoring and billing and no free Premier League. However this Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband offer has saved me in Canberra as iiNet implodes:

    • Why not go with an Optus month to month post paid? $70 for 50gb /month.

  • Buy a 2 SIM phone, put $2 prepaid optus SIM + $130 credit data = profit ?

  • I have a prepaid SIM for my son's mobile, can I recharge with this and give him all that data?

    Or do I need to buy a data SIM? (assuming that a data sim would work in a phone?)

    • +1

      Need a data SIM, it will work in the phone but he will have no voice calls/texts.

      • ok thanks for that. Can I call him on his data number? Alternatively I can use viber or what's app right?

        • +1

          No you wouldn't be able to call him, I think he might receive texts.
          Yes you would be able to call via any VOIP such as Viber, Whats App, Google Voice (Hangouts), Skype, Facebook etc.

        • @AncientWisdom: Thanks mate

  • HI I need help!
    I have some Optus $10 prepaid starter kits which I bought from seven 11, but it only allows me to choose mobile phone plan, such as Daily plus or long expiry but does not allow me to choose data plan. I have talked to live chat, I was told to go to Optus Shop to buy another data sim card.

    However I don't want to play another $10 to buy data sim, as I still another unused $10 Sim (for your phone).

    Is there anyway to change it to data sim? I want to get $130, 44G, and 2 year plan for my ipad and modem.


    • +1

      Don't go into Optus shop, they won't change it for a recharge voucher as chat suggests. You'll have to call Optus and they should be able to help. I'm yet to do that after going in store to just be put on the phone.

      • I finally called optus by phone. They said they cannot do anything. They advise to go to a Optus shop, pay $2 get a data sim, then top it with $130. I got one yesterday when I visited a shopping centre, but have not recharge it.

        What is the best way to charge the data sim with $130? Any way to get some discount?


        • Ah, I had purchased a $30 SIM pack for $10 and wanted to move the available data to the SIM that comes with the Modem.
          To do that, I had to activate the modem SIM first and use the data within 7 days. To then call Optus and have them move the $30 credit to the original SIM.

          Not sure how to get better value from the $130 recharge.

  • Thanks for posting this OP. I ported my previous number over from Vodafone prepaid broadband, and was able to "hack" the Optus system into letting me receive phone calls - very handy for a backup number.

    • how?

      • I ported the number by gettting the Optus Twitter support team to do it for me. They were very helpful.

        I linked the phone number to my previous Optus online account. I then enabled call diversions to my landline phone. After that, I disabled it. Now I can receive calls (and SMS) perfectly fine.

        The only issue is that incoming caller ID is disabled, presumably because that would need to be manually enabled from the backend. But it doesn't bother me because I don't use the number too often.

        • Cool. Thanks.

  • Just notice cash rewards has 5.25% off for woolworths egiftcard today, can use the gift card to buy the $130 recharge voucher at the store.