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½ Price Skype Gift Cards @ Coles 9/11


½ Price All Skype Gift Cards @ coles starting 9th November

No rainchecks, while stocks last.

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  • Just to point out. You might not be able to find any stock of the Skype Gift Cards.
    I think Coles has been trying to clear off all their existing stock of these gift cards since last year.
    (FYI, skype gift cards have been replaced by Windows Gift Cards.)
    Also, during the last promotion in December it said "no rainchecks".

    • Umm, isn't that called bait advertising…?

      Bait advertising is the practice of offering items for sale at low prices to attract consumers to a business.

      Bait advertising can be a legitimate form of advertising. However, it is illegal to engage in this conduct where goods or services are advertised for sale at a discounted price, and they are not available in reasonable quantities and for a reasonable period at that price.


    • All I would say is, pop into your local Coles and see if they indeed do have stock.
      In December, I drove to 6 different Coles, and none of them had any stock.
      As I mentioned, Skype gift cards are no longer made. They have been replaced by "Windows Gift Cards".

      Even the OP for this post states: "No raincheck. While stocks last". Kind of gives you a clue as to how likely you are going to find them.

      • No raincheck is kinda standard T&C nowadays, isn't it? I don't think Coles or Woolies ever take backorders for anything they sell anyway.

        In last Skype sales, the local Coles store had heaps of the Skype cards in stock. If I remembered correct, it was Microsoft suddenly excluded Australian mobile out of the unlimited plan.

      • For transparency sake I negged you.

        Because the "No raincheck. While stocks last" as pointed out by alwynpan is indeed standard T&Cs for any gift cards of this nature (starter kits, mobile recharges, gift cards).

        However I dunno whether the other part of your comment is correct about Skype Gift Cards being replaced. Good to know though, if true. I would assume it works the same in practice.

  • I had trouble activating my Coles Skype cards last time. When I rang Microsoft they told me there were no authorised sellers of Skype cards in Australia and that I should buy them from the Microsoft store. Turned out that when I logged on "igcognito" the cards activated no worries. I told the microsoft help desk that I would use something else if I couldn't get the Skype cards at a discount.

    • You should look at the back of the giftcard. It instructed how to redeem it online.

      • I have been doing it for years. However on this occasion it kept saying voucher not found. Microsoft help desk told me to take them back to the store after they couldn't find them. Coles IT dept said they did have some "issues" but it should be right now. Still didn't work until I opened an Icognito web page. Just putting it out there in case anyone else has the same problem Cheers

  • What's the purpose of these? Calling mobile numbers when not near wifi?

  • Can you buy these with a gift card?

  • Im really exited for the 9/11 slusshees


    Would OfficeWorks price match on this ?

  • Plenty of stock at opening time this morning at Belmont Forum, WA.