expired Return Flights from Sydney to Colombo $364, Bangkok $414, Tokyo $582 and More from IWTF


Saw TA's deal and looked at some other destinations that I love to travel. The dates I checked are 02/02/2017-28/02/2017 but there are other available dates as well (February fares are still available for Colombo but the current link points to September fares at $364 which is just ridiculously cheap). These are my top destinations. I based my search from Sydney but other major cities are equally cheap at the time of checking.

Colombo, Sri Lanka - $364

Bangkok, Thailand - $414

Yangon, Myanmar - $419

Hong Kong - $525

Tokyo, Japan - $582

Osaka, Japan - $591

Flights are from Singapore/Virgin. Various dates are available as well.

Enjoy your travels.

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    This is too much thinking for after midnight!

    Already grabbed some Paris flights, near Yangshuo will probably be cheap too and was about to buy anyway… I wonder about Patagonia?!

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    awesome post.

    it just seems like a crazy time to book cheap tickets.

    not wanting to hijack this post but I just posted a deal fro bris-beijing return in sept from $225.

    it's crazy. i've booked trips to India and China for 2017 in the last hour. and if wasnt for the trips to vietnam and japan that I have already booked then I'd be going back to paris with TAs deal.

    totally nuts.

    insert <mind-blown gif>

    • +2 votes

      Wow, don't you have to work next year?

      • +6 votes

        yes, um….LOL,

        serious face - "I'm giving my children the opportunity to travel and understand different cultures. They will develop a greater understanding of their own culture and country and thus will gain a greater appreciation for this great land of australia"


      talk about it, I was blown away too


    when I search for flights from Brisbane, the results all come in at adult $950+.

    • edit - I'd be happy to book a flight for 2 adults, 2 kids in the next 15mins before I go to bed… Brisbane to Colombo. If I can actually find one as per this deal?

    Just booked Perth to Colombo for $320 return! this is just insane! Directly on the Virgin website too.


    Any idea if we can book the flexible (date change allowed) ticket? I know we will have to pay the difference and seat availability must be there for the new dates. I'm thinking to book the vacation now but may have to change dates later

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    Just booked SYD-Osaka for $591 1-Feb to 15-Feb !
    16h and 18h back ! Thanks!

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    The prices are cheap and the airline (Singapore) is great.

    Sydney to Bangkok is via Singapore.

    I'd rather pay $200 more to fly direct to Bangkok rather than have to change planes and wait around for hours and hours.

    If you don't mind indirect flights there sure are some good deals within limited dates here.

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    This is insane!!! Thanks a lot OP.
    Booked two tickets to Colombo on Virgin (Operated by SQ). Hope these prices include the standard 30kg check-in baggage allowance?
    (I booked via Expedia, and they didn't mention anything at the booking about baggage)


    Excellent prices for Colombo! I paid twice as much in September with AirAsia.

    Beautiful country indeed.

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