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Paris Return Flying Virgin or Singapore: Perth $603, Melb $607, Bris $613, Darw $614, Syd $621, Adel $638, Hob $654 @ IWTF


These prices are outright ridiculous. IWTF link suggests pricing errors so get in quick and good luck! Valid for travel Feb-Apr. Payment is with a debit card. A small additional fee may apply if paying by CC (but at these prices who cares lol). Below are sample dates & fares…

Perth to Paris return
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $603
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $696
Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 06/Apr $956

Melbourne to Paris return
Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 23/Mar $607
Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 06/Apr $636
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $641
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $700

Brisbane to Paris return
Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 23/Mar $613
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $701
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $709
Dep. 21/Mar Ret. 20/Apr $880

Darwin to Paris return
Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 23/Mar $614
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $614
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $707

Sydney to Paris return
Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 23/Mar $621
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $621
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $714
Dep. 21/Mar Ret. 20/Apr $807

Adelaide to Paris return
Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 23/Mar $638
Dep. 07/Mar Ret. 06/Apr $638
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $638
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $712

Hobart to Paris return
Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 23/Mar $654
Dep. 28/Feb Ret. 30/Mar $755
Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $772

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    God this is insane! SQ too. I flew with them in July and it was $2200!

  • Awesome find TA! :)

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    do we need a visa to visit France?

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      No the French also accept MasterCard

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        Or amex

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        Stop. This is the grammar police. The word "visa" was written in lower case, therefore it is not a proper noun. And as such, it cannot refer to the financial services corporation. Jokes on you Stapleman.

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          So was amex

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        • @divineboop: I'm allowed to run a few red lights while I have the sirens on. I noticed but you don't get much time to edit.

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        Best comment in a long time! :D

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      @mrhorse, no visa required for stays under 3 months, I think.

      I came back a few weeks ago from a visit. No special visa requirements, just showed my passport to french customs, a brief look from them and that was it.

    • Ha ha good joke oz guys… If you hold Australian passport then no need Visa (90 days free) other passports check with France foreign affairs.

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    OMG! Cheaper than Brissie-Perth-Brissie

  • so if this is a glitch, do we get our money back?

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      Na. You lose your money forever.

      • I can't tell if you're joking….but I won't take the risk!

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          Yes, you get your money back mate. He was joking.

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          haha rightio. thanks!

    • Some of these are a little strange…

      Darwin to Paris return(iwantthatflight.com.au)
      Dep. 14/Mar Ret. 13/Apr $614

      Virgin/Singapore/Silkair do not fly Darwin to Singapore on the 14th of March.
      This particular leg is sold by eDreams and Fly Far… Any idea how they are able to offer this if the metal just isn't there?

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      • Most likely lay over in Perth

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          Lay over or even just get laid….The choice is all yours here in wonderful WA.

  • Virgin or Singapore Air for a little more? (We'll have luggage)…

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      Its all Singapore Airlines

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      wont matter virgin don't fly to singapore so either way it will be on Singapore metal.

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      Singapore Air, definitely!

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    Stopover in perth if booking from Melbourne, but hey, not complaining at that price! Just booked Mel-Perth-Singapore-Paris for two people in Feb inc. credit card fees of $17 (Wotif) - $1300. Thanks OP

    • yea thats a long flight home. Brisbane had the perth layover too. an extra 10+ hours

      • I was looking at Brisbane-> Singapore-> Paris… So maybe check out some other dates!

        • I saw that, but coming home, the cheap ones were paris>singapore>perth>bne

      • Fortunately for us, the layover was only 3 hours departing and an hr and 20 min on the way back. So 28 hours onwards flight all in and 24 hrs back. Dont mind personally tbh. Booked two tix at the price of one with an airline like Singapore- hopefully gets honored!

      • +4

        Am I the only one perfectly fine to give up 10 hours to save a thousand dollars?

        • I am, it's just more brutal getting on that last flight

    • I booked a similar one on wotif as well! Hope this deal will be honoured!

    • The Perth layover for Melbourne isn't even that bad. A few hours more which considering the price we can't really complain about. Let's see if the bookings stay…
      An awesome find in any case.

      • Just called Virgin for getting FF numbers added & they told me that tickets have been issued and flights are confirmed. They didn't seem to know about any special promo fares though so not sure what to make of it.

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    Obscenely cheap. Do we dare to dream that it's not an error?

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      last two major fair errors have been honored

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        fare enough

        • +9

          I have brought great shame to my family :-(

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    this is insanely cheap. hate myself for not being able to make it

  • Thanks TA. Sites getting hammered

  • Good luck to everyone who is able to grab this amazing fare.

  • Has anyone received an e-ticket or only a confirmation? I have my confirmations but no eticket as of yet.

    • Received confirmation from wotif, which also doubles as the e-ticket

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        I actually worked for Wotif in the flights department up until Expedia moved it to India, do you have an actual e ticket number showing on your confirmation? we would send the confirmation but the eticket was not yet issued and could be cancelled. once the ticket was issued it was a lot harder

        • How do we get the ticket issued? (ie can we do it now?)

          I've got two emails from "eDreams", and "Confirmation numbers", and apparently "Your reservation is confirmed"… but no boarding pass etc… it's unclear what the next steps are and when?! (And I have to work at 4AM tomorrow and I want to go to bed!!) EDIT: each leg has a "VA/ETKT" number too, that sounds like an eTicket?

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          @nuchalis: I booked via Wotif and the confirmation email contains eticket numbers. Called Virgin to re-confirm and they ageed that tickets have been issued. Try calling them & see how you go.

        • @dealhunter999: Thanks! I now see I have "VA/ETKT" numbers on each leg too, hopefully that's OK as yeah, gotta sleep now!

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          @nuchalis: it's a little early for boarding pass?

        • @Redwood: yeah, wrong words! I was thinking of how the chap said…

          once the ticket was issued it was a lot harder

          …ie, if we could get tickets issued (ie Not in limbo with these 3rd parties)…

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    if I wasn't already going to vietnam ,and I didn't have to go to work, and didn't have 3 kids who sort of have to go to school….. tempting

    • buggar, booked tickets to India for the 4 of us in mid march for $1059 (that's for all 4 return)

  • There is another post however Sydney to Chennai via Perth and Singapore is $386.


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    Is eDreams legit? Terrible reviews online!

  • Found these flights directly with VA, fingers crossed they get ticketed! Awesome find op

  • These are working through Expedia.

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    Minimum 1 month though…

  • Bah, went up by $100 from Brisbane, now showing $745rtn for me

    • up $200 from Adelaide :(

  • Unreal prices but wish it wasn't via Perth from Syd :(

    • +4

      Look at the bright side. Better Perth than say Mogadishu :)

  • how do u get the page in the link? if i search other cities i can't get the price graph

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    Sydney - Singapore return is $386


  • Any chance of getting it the other way paris >perth return ?

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    There's good reason why many OTA's don't issue actual e-tickets for up to 48hrs after you receive your confirmation.
    Most often there is a human involved in the processing.

    • damn humans.

  • Thanks so much TA, caved in and booked.

    See you guys on the plane to France lol

  • Btw, how much is it usually to go to France? (Return flight)

    • +1

      Usually upwards of $1100 and typically via the Middle East.

      • +1

        Wow, so essentially we got this for half price, flying a premium airline (singapore) - bargain!!

        • +4

          I think you can take it a step further considering that SIA return to Europe is $1500+ normally.
          This is a Mega Bargain!

  • When i get redirected to edreams site, it shows virgin , when i have selected a singapore airlines flight??? anyone else got this happening? rather go singapore airlines anyday

    • +1

      Don't worry, even if it's a Virgin Australia flight number, all flights are operated by Singapore Airlines anyway (VA just share their code onto SQ's flight so VA passengers can earn velocity points and status credits)

    • +1

      It is a Virgin Australia ticket/ eticket. You will be flying with Singapore Airlines aircraft.

      • +2

        Thanks guys. Booked. got reservation confirmed. awaiting e ticket now… fingers crossed

        BTW TA you are an absolute legend. Haven't seen my mum for 3 years, and get to take the whole family over now. Cheers

  • +1

    I booked directly with Virgin Australia for September (needed more time to accrue leave) and got my e-ticket.

    Paid $845 return including taxes for Perth - Paris Return.

    Sorry I didnt book with IWTF but I will soon. Just wanted the instant e-ticket.

  • +3
    • bloody excellent dandandan

      just booked Expedia: Confirmation Your Trip Bris to Beijing
      Thu., 7 Sep. - Thu., 14 Sep. | Total price: AU$893.76 (for 4 people)

  • Cheers TA!

    Just booked my first REAL international flight (sorry NZ, but you really are just a swim away! <3) as a round trip from Sydney via Singapore, with 14 hour layover on the return. I don't mind as it'll be ideal to check out the city for a few hours.

    Hoping these are honoured but I have the feeling Singapore Airlines may just cancel em all; many thousands in lost tickets if they'd otherwise sell all seats.

    • +2

      I'm now of the belief that I don't think they will cancel. I read someone above bought directly via Virgin website and received an instant e-ticket. That ticket won't be cancelled.
      Have a great trip. What an awesome experience it will be for you leaving the country for the first time.

      • Thanks! Just received my eTicket so all looks rosy! :)

    • +1

      In my experience it won't be cancelled. I scored a return ticket years ago to Amsterdam from NZ for under $20 due to a pricing error.

  • That Perth layover good god…

    • I've never been to Perth anyway, let's see how it feels to be isolated from the rest of Australia :P

  • And now mid $800's

  • +1

    Just bought a return Sydney-Paris ticket with budgetair.com via IWTF and got a booking reference with Virgin Australia less than fifteen minutes after hitting the confirm button.

    • My landed price (ha!) was $748 with BudgetAir after ticket numbers started to dwindle (and the other flight mob raised prices by $200 on checkout) from 22nd Feb to 23rd March. Was yours fairly close?

      • Mine was $844 but that's flying late March to early May. Still a pretty big bargain I think!

  • This is a ripper of a deal.
    Unfortunately I can't take advantage of it, but thumbs up TA :)

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  • -3

    Too bad the price doesn't include a wallet and its contents that will inevitably go to the pickpocketters there.

    • Hopefully the neg is from someone who actually has come back from Paris WITH their wallet recently.
      Seriously, Paris is not a good tourist destination at the moment.
      Pickpocketting is a very big problem right now. Also, if you haven't seen it on youtube, there are so many homeless immigrants putting their mattresses down in streets frequented by tourists this year, really scary.
      Know before you go, that's all.

      edit: youtube paris migrants 2016

      • +2

        Just got back last week. Spent only two days in Paris and did all the tourist crap.Had no problems and saw no real immigrant problems.

        • It's there. The stories a mate has told me who spend 3 weeks in France (mostly in south but a week around Paris too), they have massive problems. But odds are in your favour certainly to avoid any issues.

        • +1

          Guys, I am French and I've been going back to France each year.
          France has not changed it has always been like that.
          South of France has a lot of Italian, Spanish and North African influence and background. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of immigrants there.

          My only advice: when visiting France (same as other countries) do not pay attention to the people that are surrounding you. Enjoy the visits, museums, architectures and if you wish you can try to learn a bit more about the French culture.
          I can still remember the saying of an old wise man when I was in Marseilles: "Marseilles is still beautiful, you only need to raise your head above everyone and enjoy the scenery and culture."

          I have been to Thailand for example and even if some thai are friendly, a lot of them only see you as a big wallet. They won't try to steal your wallet, but they will try to get you to spend your money, a lot of money. And that feeling is really not enjoyable while in holidays.

          BTW- It will be winter, just a get a jacket with inside pockets and ensure you keep your wallet inside ;)

        • @akastyl13:

          France has not changed it has always been like that.

          You sound like the proverbial frog in the saucepan, pun intended.

          I was there in the '90's, and while street crime was bad in Rome, Barcelona etc (mainly Gypsies), France was not nearly as bad.
          OK, I didn't stop in Marseilles (then or since :) .
          There were North Africans selling stolen goods in the cities, but I remember them being more friendly than menacing. The mood has changed.

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