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Samsung Gear S3 $479.21 for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Owners @ Samsung


$599 for the Gear S3? Ridiculous!

Fortunately Samsung probably know it themselves and are offering a 20% discount for S7 and S7 Edge owners.

Just run the mySamsung app on your phone and once your phone is registered, tap the menu button and tap Rewards. You'll be sent to a screen where you can access the deal and generate a code that you can use on the website.

If you pre-order now (ships on the 17th), you can also get a red watch band for an extra $8.29.
UPDATE: I emailed Samsung and they said the bonus silicon band will be provided even if you did not add it to your order.

Pre-order here: http://www.samsung.com/au/gear-s3/

4% cashback via CR <— Probably won't work since a coupon code is being used.

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  • Nice find - now this or use 2 AMEX cards to get $200 off harvey norman purchase. I can even use the $350 universal gift card for the note 7 recall too.

    • +2

      That kinda makes me wish I bought a note 7. Hahaha.

    • Hi how do you use 2 amex cards for 1 transaction?

      • Need to place order in-store and use 2 cards when pre-ordering

    • How did you get a $350 universal gift card? I got nothing in return, just returned my phone back :(

  • +2

    Lol @ My Reward - 15% off the Galaxy S5

    I'm accessing the app from an S5 :/

  • Nice find

    ordered one thx

  • Anyone with a code they are not going to use, please PM me? No dice for me with MySamsung with an earlier Galaxy device.

    • +5

      Not going to use mine, I'll shot you a PM next week.

      • +1

        Thanks buddy much appreciated!

  • Can anyone point out what are the major difference between frontier and classic, specs wise?

    • Basically looks, slight weight difference (frontier is heavier) + what strap you get.

    • +1

      My understanding is that the frontier will have an LTE version available in some countries, classic won't. The rest seems exactly the same in terms of specs.

  • +4

    If anyone has a code they won't be using, would appreciate a code. I would love to get my husband this for Christmas.

    • +5

      i got one of these for my wife. Good trade I reckon.

    • +3

      Sure, give me 2mins and ill PM it, make sure ur PM's are on.

    • +9

      Done - Check PM's. Merry Xmas!

      • +8

        Thank you so much. I've sent you a private message. You will understand why I appreciate this so much!! (feel like crying with happiness, silly I know).

        • +1

          My pleasure, all the best!

        • +1

          @XeKToReX: good on you!! i bought one myself :)

  • Hmm, wonder if I load up an S7 ROM on my Note 3 if it will give me the code? Assuming it just detects the build.prop file…

    • +1

      In the MySamsung app, it says my Serial Number under my phone, so it may need more than a build.prop edit.

      • oh true… hmm, will give it a shot tonight anyway for shits n giggles…

    • No, it won't work. The serial number and imei is registered.

      Your Note 3 will not be able to support many of the features in the Gear S3 too

  • I would love a spare code if anyone has one! cheers ;)

    • +1

      Hey mate, i sent a code. Let me know if you got it.

      • Thank you!!!!!

  • Hi, can someone not using their code please pm me? would greatly appreciate it thanks :)

    • Hey mate, if you are still looking for one let me know, ill pm you

      • if the code isn't taken yet, can I be the lucky one to get it? :)

        • The person has not replied yet, if I dont get a reply by tomorrow morning ill pm you.

        • @praga: thanks :)

        • Hi praga, sorry for the late reply! I managed to source a code from a friend. Thanks for the offer though :)

        • +2

          @yamkwok: That is alright, gave it to @dasher22

  • If anyone has a code they won't be using, would appreciate a code. Thanks

  • +1

    Thanks for the tip. Was on the fence about it so bringing the price down helped push me over the edge and got one.

  • If anyone has a spare code they won't use would be greatly appreciated :)

  • If anyone has a free code, could you please PM me. it will be greatly appreciated. cheers =]

  • If anyone has a code they won't be using, please PM me would really appreciate. Thanks

  • One of the best deal/post so far. Very nice.

  • If anyone has a spare code please pm me please!
    Appreciate it!

  • just realised that 20% discount applies to multiple quantities

  • -1

    Not sure if I'll be able to afford it if Trump gets elected.

    I'll have to go to the US and make sure my company can still keep manufacturing our products in China and bringing them back to the US with minimal duties. This is so scary.

    I got the code.

    Do people think this is a good deal? I am reluctant to buy one. I've never owned a Smartwatch. I have an S7 Edge.

    • Depends, smartwatches currently are a niche product.

      I reckon the deal is reasonable (for pre-order price), that said, we might see decline in the price sooner or later (Gear S2 was like $350 when I bought one for my gf). If you are not in a hurry, waiting for a better sales might be better?

      • I don't believe in a decline in the price any time soon. The gear s2 is still being sold for $500. If you have paid 350 it was a pretty good deal.

        • The price was at decline for a bit, for awhile you could've gotten one at $350.
          https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/samsung-gear-s2 (look at the deals, HN, TGG and Bing Lee all had the watch at $300~$400)

          I think it might be because Samsung decided to sell Gear S2 alongside S3 (since S3 is massive for girls).
          So price went down because retailers thought Samsung would discontinue S2, went up because Samsung didn't. Though I am speculating at best with that idea.

  • Hi fellow OzBargainers - I will appreciate an extra code as well please. Many thanks in advance !

  • also would appreciate a code,

    • Still would appreciate a code.

      • Looking for code still, ready to buy.. :(

  • Hi all, it will be really appreciated if anyone with a spare code can PM me one. Thanks in advance.

  • +2

    I just got this deal although it is ever so slightly different to how the original posted price of $479.20. It in fact ends up $487.50 if you get the 'free' strap as well.

    This is the weird way Samsung do it. This does not take into the '4% cashback via CR'.
    Add Watch to cart = $599.01
    Then Add bonus Watch Strap = -$41.46
    Watch - Strap = $557.55
    $557.55 - %20 = $446.04
    Then the Strap $41.46 is added back = +41.46

    Bit of a strange way to process an online discount, but oh well, a couple of bucks!

    • … so really, think of it as getting the $41.46 watch band for $8.29… but really the watch band is probably worth about 50cents. :-/

      • +1

        It's silicone too! lol

        I make silicone moulds for less than $1.

    • +1

      yeah i noticed the same when my order was processed, going to complain to Samsung about not getting my full 20% off for the watch

      • +1

        Looks like Samsung listened because I just got a refund from them for $8.30 AUD.
        "Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd has just sent you a partial refund of $8.30 AUD for your purchase. "

        • +1

          Cool, support told me earlier in the week "upper management are looking into this"… So assume they're going to refund everyone.

        • +2

          @Tgb: I emailed them a few days ago and they said every pre-order will get the band, regardless of whether or not it was added to the cart during purchase.

  • +1

    Hey Guys does anyone know if the LTE version will come to AU ?

    • Short answer, No.

      These use eSIM (embedded sim) the backend applications for configuring the esim are not production ready with our carriers in Aus. There are plenty of rumours we might be ready within the next two years as device manufacturers make the switch and force the hand of carriers to get on board. By then, the Gear S4 is likely on its way, or more competition is in the market.

  • Just installed MySamsung app on my S7. The model number is missing under devices and I only see the 15% off of a S5 …

    If someone could spare their code, it's much appreciated.

    • You don't need a spare code. Activate the phone probably. You have to enter in all your details and confirm your serial number.

      Call samsung if you are having trouble. You have 20 days to get this watch.

      • No, all was even pre-filled, serial number and IMEI are showing - but no model code or reward

  • Do they have it in-store for demonstration ? I would like to try it on my wrist before committing buying it. I have medium/small wrist so bigger face watch looks ridiculously on my arm. Thanks

    • +1

      I have a medium wrist. Watch looks good.
      It's a bit bigger than the Gear S2.

      Go to Samsung store in Sydney CBD.

      • You sure? I checked Sydney Experience store, the ones that they had were S2 Classic Premium.
        I've even specifically asked for one, but they said it's not available until 18th.

  • +1

    How did you get $479 after 20% discount ? I'm getting $487.48 ???

  • If Anyone Has A Spare CoDe Please Send Through. It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

  • Please, anybody with good sould can you PM me a code too.

  • im gonna be like everyone else and ask for a code if someones not going to use theirs. Thanks :)

  • Greatly appreciative if anyone is willing to give me their code.


  • +2

    I have a code to give away, first to PM me will get it. May have access to another code as family member also has an S7 but wont' be able to get to their phone until weekend to get second.

  • I've had two note 7s and I don't get a look in on this offer. That annoys me. Especially since I'm still with Samsung and note 5.

  • Aghhhh… I need a new watch (ok, I just need a new battery for my watch)… soooo tempted…

  • +2


  • Anyone know how to order one with a code? Would it be direct through Samsung site?

    • Yes through samsung site, on checkout enter the code in promo code field.

  • Anyone able to PM a code? Thx

  • please PM me a code

  • Damn it Oz bargain did it again! Did plan on getting one for a bit but this is a great discount

  • Anyone able to PM me a code, if they are not using?

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