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Rafferty's Garden Baby Food 10 for $10 @ Woolworths


get 10 pouches of puree , smooth , custard or ready to eat porridge from the Rafferty's Gardens range at woolworths ! Thats $1 per pouch ! normally $2 - $2.50 each in most stores ! Stock up while you Can . Has to be purchased in groups of 10 otherwise they are $1.65 each which is still a saving !

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    Nice one, Thanks.

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    That's my work lunch sorted for the next 2 weeks.

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    Woot woot ! Does anyone know if Woolies Express in Melb CBD store these ?

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    i watched this video last night about baby food - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZjwAhq0v_s

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    Wasnt this the brand that recently got caught out trying to sell the puree within the non see through packaging that was off? Like really disgusting, wouldnt give it to your dog, off?

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      Cannot find anything about it online. Can you?

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      I used to smash these things non-stop a few months ago when I had my wisdom teeth out, they were always delicious and never off.

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    Thanks OP, this is great!

  • Daaaamn, that's cheap. I just stocked up recently when Coles had 3 for $5. This is ridiculous.

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    The tags mention it is only for 4-6 month products. At the store I visited they had a whole different range which were under the 10x for $10 shelf. I stocked up on the 8 month Happy Tummies and Calci-fruit range and they honored all 30x for their mistake!

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    Just bought 130 packs. My 4 month old twins are sorted. Thanks OP :)

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