Who Has The Best Fast Food Chips?

Who has the best?,I'll cast my vote first, Hungry Jacks

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    Hungry Jacks
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    Red Rooster
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    Did I miss any? (name them below and vote here)


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      They're fine in moderation; at any rate, no one asked which is good for you…

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    Grill'dmales consistently great chips, Schnitz comes in at a close second place.
    Clearly a lot of people buy into the KFC spin about their soggy fries being #1, but I rate them only slightly above bottom along with McD's transfat sticks.

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    Grill'd, Lord of the Fries (love their shoestrings), Kebab Joint on Springvale Rd.

    • Grill'd chips are awful

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    I guess homemade is probably the best and the cheapest, but I do like the Nando's peri peri chips, its 100 times better than KFC :)

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    Add schnitz to the poll already! LOL its pure evil how its so addictive and awesome tasting!

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    KFC chips always seem super soggy. I think people are upvoting them mostly for the chicken salt.. If they actually made them nice and crunchy they would actually be decent.

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      I know!, the soggiest piece of shit I've ever had!, maybe it depends on which kfc you go to

      • depends if its fresh or not, or if its take away, and it sits in the box for 15 minutes while you drive home..

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          I ate mine straight when I got the order and it's still soggy af

        • Yeah they switched plastic/cardboard… what a failwhale. Best chips are always in butchers paper, those suckers need to breathe and do not for gods sake then put them in a plastic bag!

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    Wow, i'm surprised kfc chips are the highest voted here?? Must be because they were recently cheap I would imagine. For me, they either come cold, way too much or too little salt, and tbh most of the time soggy. I would say it's the definition of hit and miss with chips.

    I would give it to Oporto or Redlea.

    • I usually ask them to make fresh, and I just sit in my car to wait

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    I must have the worst kfcs around me

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    Please add Schnitz to the pool!

  • Oporto!!!!

  • +4

    Schnitz without a doubt

  • Chicken shop at Jannalli or the fish shop at Kareela.

  • +1

    Which ones of those don't contain trans fats?

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    Charlies chargrill! Trust me on this.

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    Another vote for Grill'd! With Herb Mayo!

  • Out of the listed options, it's clearly Nandos. It confuses me how they are not in the lead. Even hungry jacks are in front, and they are awful.

    Edit: but smaller burger joints are usually much better, with "homemade" style fries. Out of the big chains, grilld is also good and similar to Nandos.

  • Nandos sweet potato chips.. If you haven't tried them yet, you can thank me later, highly recommended!

  • Bondi Pizza chips pick from grilld

  • Chumley Warners- SE QLD…

    The best by far!

  • +1

    Schnitz almost in a league of their own, consistent too.

    But HJ have dramatically improved their chips.

  • +1

    Nothing worse than getting drive-thru KFC and after driving off, realising you forgot to ask for salt for the chips.

    A close second, going back into store to get salt to find it's obviously too valuable to left on the counter and an attendant must get it.

  • +1

    Schnitz or Grilled.

  • +1

    Ogalo @ Crows Nest and Ribs and Burgers at Rhodes - just love their chips!

    • Agree…
      Ogalo beat R&B by a hair mainly due to their chicken salt..

  • Schnitz by a mile.

  • +1

    real fish n chip shop chips, not frozen ones

    maccas chips haven't tasted good since they got rid of the oil that was full of trans fats

    kfc chips can be ok, but 9 times out of 10 they've been sitting around too long, aren't cooked properly, or haven't been seasoned right.

    hungry jacks new chips are just shit

    honorouble mention for anywhere that does a good chilli cheese fries.

  • Schnitz

  • Does local fish and chips $5 minimum chips count?
    If not, then KFC. I'll usually walk in and ask if I could get them fresh with double seasoning :)

    • only if they use fresh chips not that frozen shit

  • +1 for Ribs & Burgers
    I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned more often

  • If you're in Canberra, I'd recommend BurgerHero! The waffle fries there are amazing!
    For health freaks, they also do Sweet potato chips!

  • It's a plus 1 for KFC from me!

  • +1

    Schnitz - they are probably the most expensive but they are the best tasting I've had.

  • I think Burger Edge chips are consistently underrated, possibly due to lack of marketing, but they will blown your mind!

  • I just had some red lea chips at cabramatta today. still good after all these years.

  • Oporto

  • Has to be KFC then nandos. But at nandos you get as much sauce as you want so it's close. KFC chips are good enough that even if they are not perfect they are still good. Love that margin of error.

  • +1

    KFC when they're cooked right, they're 10/10

  • Me….

  • KFC and Red Rooster but the new thick Hungry Jack's chips are starting to win me over. The worst would be McDonalds but I don't really like french fries and they always seem to be cold.

  • Chumley Warners

  • Maccas Mexican Shaker fries were always a favourite.

    Also. Am I the only one who snacks on frozen chips occasionally?

    • yes, you are. weirdo.

  • Toss up between KFC and the new HJ chips. Both can be crap though, depending. I picked KFC on the poll because they're tried and tested, while HJ's are new.

  • Schnitz

  • Mexican Salsa Crinkle (seasoned) chips.

    Nandos with peri peri salt.

    If not counting seasoned chips, then McDonalds. It's much better when they have shaker fries (HJ have had this too).

    I don't like the new HJ chips. Even the old ones weren't as good as Maccas.

  • The independent Red Rooster that used to be open in eastwood

  • I think Oz has the worst fast-food chips. Scnitz and small fast food stores have good chips compared to McDonalds, HJs, KFC etc…

  • Whoever voted other than Nandos, just hasn't had Nandos chips yet!

  • I prefer Trump ChipsĀ®

  • +1

    Salsa's have the best seasoning by far. However their chips are very average. I wish I could have Salsa's seasoning on KFC or Nando's chips.

  • +1

    New HJ's chips are like crack. It's like McDonalds and KFC chips had a baby…best of both worlds.

  • jimmyz boronia

  • Op, schnitz have the best chips hands down.

  • Chompers. Beer battered

  • Schnitz family size chips for me

  • It is interesting to note that in a lot of other countries, KFC chips are the same as McDonalds chips. The best thing about KFC is their chips!

  • Schnitz. Deeeeelish.

  • Grill'd & Cabina Cocina

  • +2

    Kingsleys - Awesome chips

    • +2

      I miss Kingsley's (don't live in Canberra anymore) their chips and gravy were so, so amazingly good. I'd almost move back for them.

      • +1

        They changed them a year or 2 ago.. they made them a fraction smaller. BUT! it didnt make them any less delicious, if anything it made them even better than they were before!

  • Schnitz. Cut in a way that makes the most surface area for crispiness

  • +1 SCHNITZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My taste buds say.. Grill'd, Shnitz, Maccas (when made fresh), KFC.. in that order.

  • Definately Salsas.

  • Grill'd have amazing chips. Perfect seasoning and herbs.

    I don't know if it's my local HJ, but they always overload with salt. Makes it impossible to have many without needing a bucket of water.

  • i like the sweet potatos at Grilled

    • +1

      nandos have nice sweet potato chips. maybe even better.

      • With peri peri salt?

  • grill'd with spicy mayo!

  • Chicken treat but since I can't get it here. I'd say red rooster. Years ago, I use to think KFC but they've been really inconsistent.

    Worst? Maccas.

  • +2

    KFC? Really? 200+ votes? Mine are always weak and soggy. I mean their salt is nice, but I haven't had crispy chips from them in yonks. Nandos are way better in my opinion, thick cut but still crispy. They are almost always really good.

    For thin cut, McDonalds, because I don't like the new HJs chips. They're just… odd. I mean, they're still nice but they seem to lack something I can't pinpoint. I miss the old ones.

    I still can't believe 200+ people think KFC chips are the best. Even at the store they are just like … mashed potato sticks.

    • As an aside, if you have a toaster oven and get takeaway KFC, you can 'save' your soggy chips by putting them on a tray in the toaster oven for a few mins and they'll crisp up. It's not as good as fresh, but it'll save a god-awful soggy batch.

    • I still can't believe 200+ people think KFC chips are the best

      Are you saying that the poll is rigged and you are not going to accept the result?

    • My vote for KFC was based on the fact they they ARE 'soggy'. Undercooked chips are way better than overly crispy chips.

  • You bite the fry, the fry bites back!

  • -1

    definitely goes to Grill'd. The best chip I ever had.

    • +1


    • you need to try more chips

  • Great question, one I've thought about a lot.
    Nando's: are pretty top notch in terms of texture and crunch. peri-peri is great but there is better. Always comment on how consistently good these are.
    HJs: original are terrible, the new thick king fries are great though.
    Red Rooster: are the tastiest, best seasoning, usually good texture.
    KFC: usually soggy and underseasoned, and so are the chips!
    McDonalds: usually soggy and bland, oily tasting.
    Pizza Hut: tastes like a microwaved frozen chip, extremely poor.

    Tried a McDs Angus Clubhouse burger, the ads look great the burger was dry and slapped together. There doesn't seem to be much holding the components together. Comparatively the new whopper grill master range is unexpectedly decent. Doesn't seem like HJs at all.

    • The new HJs chips are real sickening though prefer the old ones

  • -1


    best for what? (price, crunchy-ness, softness, size, taste, etc?)
    best for whom?

  • +1

    10 years in Australia, yet to find a great chipper. Nominated places are awful IMO!

  • Grill'd

  • -1

    Hungry Jacks new chips are now the best.

  • Schnitz for sure!!

    There is a Japanese joint in South Yarra that does the same chips as well - so damn good!

  • Another choice that hasn't been mentioned is Domino's.

    They're oven-cooked and great, especially with lots of seasoning.

  • Out of the Big 3:

    Hungry Jacks - thick cut chips are great, originals were meh
    McDonalds - safe choice, great when fresh
    KFC - seasoning is great, gets soggy too fast imo

    Best chips I've ever had were from North Burger in Wynyard, they're made to order so 100% fresh and sauce/chicken salt/chilli aioli is free.

    The chips that stood out also were from Schnitz and Belle's Chicken.

    • where in wynyard is this place? I might need to take a trip at lunchtime

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