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Affinity Photo (Photoshop Alternative) - Beta Version for Windows - Free


I am not a fan of Photoshop cloud subscription being the only option, so was very excited to see this well received Mac software coming to Windows - as a free beta. Enjoy!

Affinity Photo, Finally a True Alternative to Photoshop for Windows
from Fstoppers review

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  • But I don't have Windows Beta. Only windows 10

  • Biggest mistake Adobe ever made IMO

    • Why's that? It's much more affordable now.

      • I would rather pay one off than a subscription

        • You'd rather pay $1200 for a piece of software than $120 a year, with continuous upgrades and improvements?

          The new model is heaps more affordable. And you're not stuck with old software.

        • If only I was a NSW student it would be FREE

        • @cnut: Students could pay $600 for CS6. With CC it's $200 for the first year, then usual rates of $700 a year after that. Plus the pricing is going up %10 in Australia soon with the addition of GST on the subscription pricing.

          "And you're not stuck with old software." - Go to the Adobe or After Effects Facebook page and read the comments about constant crashing and bugs. New isn't everything it's cranked up to be. I'd prefer old and stable over new and experimental any day.

  • will it be free forever

    • Download it today and it will be.

      • As expected, on their blog they say "during the beta period it’s completely free"

        Sure doesn't sound like it'll be free forever.

        So yeah, not a bargain.

        • How is it not a bargain? It's 100% off until it's released. That's like a sale that is 100% off ending in 3 days. Absolute bargain.

        • It's the standard software beta period, you get to use it for free in exchange for (hopefully) helping them iron out some bugs. It's not a sale. The beta almost certainly will stop working once they release v1.0 and start selling that.

          Maybe YMMV but I don't consider being able to use beta software for free for a couple of months an absolute bargain. We'll have to agree to disagree.

          Don't get me wrong, Affinity Photo is great and I own it on the Mac (bought it when it was on sale, I think it was 50% off). I just don't think a free beta release of a piece of software is noteworthy/bargainworthy.

        • @44sunsets: You have been voted up - because you are right. JLYK

        • @bset: Yeah but it's like having to return the shoes or tshirt you got for free, three days later.

        • @44sunsets: ahhh, sneaky wording. Misunderstood it as "its free" during the beta not "its free to use during the duration of the beta"

  • Oh how I hate subscription software.

    I'm holding onto my Office 2013 discs forever.

    Thanks for this link.

  • All Affinity needs is an alternative to After Effects. No plans on the horizon they say…

  • So after beta it will be paid version?

  • Gday
    If you want a FREE Alternative to Photoshop for Windows 7/8/10 + MacOSX + Linux
    you can download for free GIMP https://www.gimp.org/
    or INKSCAPE https://sourceforge.net/projects/inkscape/

    • +4 votes

      I find Gimp, a very poor alternative. But thanks for the other one, I'll have a look.

    • While I like the idea i have never found Gimp to be very user friendly - even if you know what you are doing. For example it doesn't even download with filters. I was around a friends house and was trying to show them how simple it is to make a transparent image figured I would download GIMP as it was free - crop out a shape, add a text layer, add a drop shadow. Took a while to figure how to do those steps especially filters having to search to figure what pack to download and explain 64bit or 32bit plugins, where to extract. folder to put them in etc. They still have a lot of work to do.

    • GIMP isn't nearly as intuitive as Photoshop though. It has a difficult interface.

    • Also consider Paint.NET - http://www.getpaint.net/index.html
      Free, powerful and much more easy to use than GIMP.


      pixlr.com is a free online alternative if you just need to turn your boss into a fifth teletubbie

  • If anyone is looking for a new office suite check out

    LibreOffice , similar to MS office but FREE (opensource)
    works on WIn7/8/10/MacOSX/Linux and no yearly/monthly sub fee


    • Nowhere near feature rich as office but ok if you just want to do basic stuff

      • I disagree.

        I consider myself an advanced user and have been using Libre Office for a year now. The only missing feature in LO I have come across so far which MS office has is sparklines. Most users will not use 95% of LO features. Except for Outlook, the difference between LO and MS Office is minimal. PS I stopped using outlook years ago and it was the best IT decision I have ever made. Eg Faster computer, less spam and lower risk of viruses.

        • Can you record complicated macro? No vba programming possible. Compare feature doesn't work. Track changes can't be done. Can't compare presentations. I can keep going on and on but to me, these are things that we do on regular basis and can't be done on libre.

          Here is comparison in wiki


    • I personally think if using libreoffice, you might as well just use Google docs… And you don't even need to worry about saving etc.

    • Compatibility rate is way too low on any of the OpenOffice/LibreOffice apps to be useful when exchanging documents with MS Office users. Realistically I do not mind paying $60 per year for 5 PC's for Office 365 - especially during the Financial year sales. Basically you are paying $1 per month, per person this way with tons of benefits.

  • +1 vote

    So only free during the beta, then you need to pay.

  • I had a play with this today. For software that isn't even at v1 it is very impressive. It seems to cover most of the core functionality of photoshop, and adds some new things photoshop doeasn't do to boot. It lacks photoshops bell's and whistles but IMHO photoshop does not implement these very well anyway. (like the content aware move tool and fill, and such). It would do 90% of the things i need photoshop to do, but at this rate in a year or so will compete on features and price. This will still be a bargain even when you have to pay for it.

  • whats the dif between photo and designer versions?

    • one for vector images and drawing (like aadobe illutrator) one for photos and pixel based images. The vector version is less featured than the photo one.

  • Bought the OSX version after trying this Beta on Windows. Unforturnately, the Beta version has expired and I can't use it on Windows any more.

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