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Free 30 Day Trial to UFC Fightpass


Saw this deal on r/mma. Thanks to original poster r/HungryliketheFonz as well as to Conor McGregor for inventing the sport of mixed martial arts in the first place.

Normally only get 7 days free trial with fightpass but this code will get you 30. They do ask for credit card details but apparently you can just scroll past it and enter the code without doing so and still get the 30 days. Enjoy!


Edit: Apparently some people have had issues with billing so probably best not to provide credit card details.

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  • thanks

  • Thanks Firefly.

    I find I had to choose the 9.99 pass for the code to work - the 6 monthly and 12 month subscriptions rejected the code.

  • Please be aware that the people who run UFC.tv already have a bad rep for excessive billing, billing without consent and it being like pulling teeth to sort billing related issues out with them. Then there's also the major issue of having much of the content geo-blocked for Australians and those outside the US, which pretty much renders the online service completely pointless anyway.

    • Lol, which is why it is a good idea not to provide credit card details as clearly outlined in the deal. Not sure how not having a few events Geo-blocked for a week constitutes "much of the content" or renders the service "completely pointless" though …

    • Your not wrong infinite, I tried the 7 day free fightpass a year or so ago, they billed me on 6 days, so threatened a credit card charge back & they quickly refunded it

      • Thanks for the heads up - I have edited the post to remind people not to submit their credit card details.

  • Can confirm no payment details were needed - just follow the steps in the http://imgur.com/zH4dxF2 link. +1 OP - thanks!

  • Conor Mcgregor inventing MMA XD

  • Don't watch UFC, still got one. Thanks!

  • We use this to watch or to fight?

  • Thanks OP, I'll sign up on December 1st, just so I can watch Ronda Rousey get knocked out a second time on December 30th. Cheers!

    • That's if the code still works by then!

    • It will be Pay Per View … so you wont be able to see it for a while I suspect on fightpass.

      • Yeah, I think takes a week to watch Fight Nights and a month for PPV's on Fightpass so might be better to wait a couple of weeks after the event.

  • Don't bother.

    I signed up to UFC Fight Pass a while ago, and every Fight Night is now geo-blocked for Australia because of Foxtel. They get exclusive rights to it and it's not able to be shown on FightPass. All you get special is replays of older events and FightPass Prelims which is usually just two fights with (most of the time) terrible fighters.

    Absolute joke of a system.

    • Ah, that sucks to hear. I am happy to have it for free anyway as I want to watch the PRIDE fights and the latest Ultimate Fighter episodes but yeah, pretty crap of them to delay showing the Fight Nights.

    • Nothing a VPN, can't fix. I just watched todays 2 fight night events through Netherlands VPN

      • I used to use VPN but they've started blocking it in other countries to, depending where it's being held etc. It's much more effort than it's worth IMO. I'd rather pay for a private stream that just works all the time.

  • Unlocator will allow you to bypass the geoblock - https://unlocator.com/channel/ufc/
    Japan and Sth Korea get full UFC via Fight Pass, so wait until your next important PPV, use this 30 code for Fight pass, then get a 7 day free pass on Unlocator and Bob may or may not be your uncle.

  • All I'll say is Jailbreak an iPad. Get flex ;)

  • Does this cover when say a UFC 206 happens or is that seperate?

  • issues with fightpass:

    poor video player

    very slow to update with new content

    some restrictions due to fox sports agreement

    but it is only $10 a month so I'm subscribed

    • Get a chromecast or ATV and you can cast it your telly. Id say about 5-10% less quality than a proper Foxtel PPV

      • issue is with skipping ahead of a video, not really interested in watching walkouts, takes quite a while to load if you skip ahead

        • If you're net is really slow than sure. For me personally it is very quick and smooth. I was more so referring to watching live events though.

        • @snagseb: my connection is fine, 20mbps, the video player in comparison to watching a video on youtube I've found from my experience that it is slow to load if you skip ahead

          there's so many easy steps they can take to improve it, like update ultimate fighter, stream it when it airs theyre a few years behind with that :/

        • @donkeydoc:

          I got cable at almost 120mbps so maybe I have a slight advantage :P.

          Yeah, not as a good as YouTube for sure but that's understandable. What method do you actually use to watch UFC.TV? The Android/iOS app + Chromecast/AppleTV is a really sweet combo.

          Update Ultimate Fighter as in the show? I stopped watching after about season 16, it is just too much of the same shit, they have drained that field dry.

          Yeah it is a bit funny with the geo blocking, but that is out of their control for now because Foxtel has certain rights in Australia to air a lot of MMA stuff first, I believe that is changing though once Foxtels rights run out for UFC in a year or so.

        • @snagseb: on my monitor from time to time, usually watch events at a bar somewhere.

          this season of ultimate fighter is quality, the fights are amazing, pretty much all super fights, champions from different organisations. flyweight tournament with the winner fighting for the title against DJ, both teams coached by benavidez and cejudo haha.

          might look into chromecast, thanks :)

  • Yeah I'll give it a go, probably some pretty cool features & docos to check out during the 30 days

  • This does not include live PPV main events but it covers the early prelim live fights before the UFC even would go live on fox in America….. It's got tonnes of TV show episodes, old fights etc.

  • was about to download mousasi vs hall 2 through other means, then saw this post! thanks OP!

  • Has the geo-block been removed, or do events become available a day or two later?

    Just checked out the website and the UFC app on Telstra TV, and Mousasi vs. Hall 2, Bader vs. Nogueira 2, and Invicta 20 are all available to stream (they were all blocked on Sunday, and I'm not using any VPN's etc)?