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500GB Xbox One S BF1 Storm Grey Bundle + Name Your Game token $319 C&C @ JB HiFi


Website has been updated, now includes the download token instead of Tomb Raider.

Link to the catalogue - https://catalogue.jbhifi.com.au/2016/11/25-t9bs/index.html#3...

Catalogue shows you can choose from 1 of 4 games. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War or Rare Replay.

Credit also goes to swalloweda, originally posted about it in the Big W thread.

I think there is a post on OZB about this, but I can't find it. If you purchase an Xbox bundle in store you can get CoD Infinite Warfare for $39.

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  • How do they do these for so cheap….

  • Ahhh should I keep the Deep Blue Gears bundle with tomb raider $329 or get this one??? I would sell battlefield 1 tho which would make it cheaper too

  • Nice one! I pulled the trigger on this and got it :)

    Thanks OP I was doubtful it wasn't going to come to fruition!

    • Same! I was about to try sleep, figured I'd refresh JB one more time and bang!

      • Did you see it advertised? or just thought to add them into a cart and check the price?

        My daughter will be a little upset but I am sure I can get Minecraft game tomorrow.

        • I had a page open with the console itself which refreshed at $319. So I checked the bundles page which said $399, thought I'd add both to cart and see what happens.

        • @cala90: You sir, are a genius, I finish work at 8am and you saved me hammering the refresh button, this was the best deal for us hands down and the fiance wasn't a fan of the white either.

        • @Morty:

          Glad I could help! I was stressing about getting to my local JB before they sold out tomorrow. I can rest easy :)

        • @cala90:

          We moved down to Slowbart 2 years ago and the nearest Big W only had one Minecraft Console in stock.. So now my better half can relax in the morning. Ill pop into Target and try and get Minecraft, Titanfall 2 and an extra controller though, or maybe JB will price match it seeing as im getting the console from them later in the day.

  • Have pulled the trigger as well. Thanks, OP.

  • Jeez, just getting kinda ridiculous..I was all set just to buy titanfall2 for ps4 tomorrow. Now the deals keep coming.. argh

  • Bought the Storm Grey. Was hoping to add Forza 6 instead of ROTR, but the offer won't show for that game. Still an awesome deal.

  • Damn this is a good price but can bring myself to buy even though i want so very much to play Forza Horizon 3.

    Why can't they make a game properly for pc for once that actually works this sucks.

  • Only if harvey norman would price match it

  • Pretty sure this is some sort of glitch? Because the bundle is $500 lol.

  • +4 votes

    MS really going after the casual PS users and 4k consumers with this sort of pricing by the looks of it. Sony was foolish to not include a 4k blu-ray player. Xbox has a real leg up because of it now I think. Definitely sold me on it lol. Easily the cheapest 4k blu-ray player out now plus a decent HDR gaming console to go with it. Btw MS has also confirmed that DTS-X and Dolby Atmos will be supported via a firmware update early next year. So if you are after a solid 4k blu ray player this is a no brainer.


    • -2 votes

      I half agree with you that Sony was foolish with the Pro but Physical media is basically dead/dying People have taken 10 years to be convinced to buy Blu-ray let alone upgrade to 4K.

      • I seriously dont beleive physical media is dead or even dying. Plenty of people dont have the ability to stream reliably yet and still rely on physical discs. Not to mention those who strive for the best in audio and video quality. Streaming is not going to serve them well.

        • +2 votes

          But people can't even work out how to upgrade from DVDs. Nor do they care. The next natural step is not 4K discs but streaming. Australia's internet will improve as the people demand more.

        • @savebueller:
          The key is WILL improve. We are a far ways from that for the vast majority so the only option is physical media for now for those people. Not sure where you get the idea that people cant work out how to upgrade to Bluray. It takes a player and and a HDMI cable to a screen that a large % of the population now have. Sure 4K may not be for everyone, but Bluray is quite accessible now with plenty of sales and prices have tumbled. In the end its horses for courses. I use both streaming and physical media in tandem. I only watch movies on physical media but happy to watch anything else via streaming.


          @hazzad: mate, I'm the same. I use both too. Perhaps I should adjust my terms, but when I say can't I mean people won't. They just don't care about increased quality (seriously a huge chunk of people can't even tell), physical media sales are slipping bit by bit as people move to the internet. They need a physical difference in the medium to really consolidate the difference in their mind. Yes it's not perfect literally right now, but including a 4K player in your console is honestly pointless when most people won't have the required elements to run it for like 10 years. And in that time they'll probably just go from DVDS to streaming anyway.

          Source: thousands of customers at a DVD store I used to work at.

      • My TPG internet can't even do 1080p champ lol. Even 720p is a real struggle most of the time. So 4k streaming is only a dream atm. Besides 4k TVs already have the ability to stream 4k content itself anyways. Sony defo lost me would have bought the Pro if it had a 4k bluray player. Pretty sure I'm not the only one. One S plus a couple of games for around the $350 mark is an awesome deal. So minus the games you are looking at like $150 for the HDR gaming console and $100 for the 4k bluray player. No brainer for mine.


          Sure, I'd totally agree. Unfortunately the masses just don't care about 4K. It'll be the least adopted physical media format by a long way. Blu-ray is barely adopted by many.

        • @savebueller: Blu-ray is definitely adopted widely (since a few years back btw). Though I agree, 4K disc won't be at the same lv as current Blu-ray, they'd still have market. Many of us, don't even have NBN yet (unless you believe what goverment tells you), and even the one who got it, have limited bandwidth to stream 4K. I easily use 100-200GB streaming NBA in full HD per month, don't think I'd stream 4K regularly in the next 5 years or so (and if you're talking about 10 years away or beyond, well, you buy a player now to enjoy, even in 5 years, we'd change to whatever will be in the market at that time)

  • Isnt this just a dupe of my post - happy for it to remain

    • It seems you've just updated your post, less than two hours ago. Are you sure you haven't changed the details? Cuz I didn't see another deal mentioning this JBhifi deal on the front page lately.

      • All good mate - my post initially just had the PS4 deal - and then I updated with the Xbox deal with the ROTR.
        Probably just a timing thing as the updates and comments were at about the same time.

        Anyways - seems the catalogue is out now - so happy for you to update your post with the Choice of 4 games option

    • Sorry mate, honestly didn't see your post at all. I double checked the duplicate list when I posted to make sure but nothing came up.

  • https://catalogue.jbhifi.com.au/2016/11/25-t9bs/index.html#

    The new catalog is out. It shows that you could have picked a game other than ROTR though..

    • How did you find out you could pick a game other than ROTR? Does it mention that somewhere on the catalogue? Have just checked it and couldn't see that.

      • On page 3 it's the same 4 choices that Big W bundle has

        • I see. It's the downloadable game that you have a one pick out of four. I thought you were talking about a physical game. ROTR was the only game available with the console as an added free game when I've made the purchase, and it's a physical game, not just downloadable (unless I've misunderstood the whole thing. I'm a certified noob).

        • @AussieDaddy:

          I would have picked ROTR anyway and prefer a disk. But how can you order that pictured bundle in the catalogue if you wanted to order it online?

        • @Morty: It's simple. Just follow the deal link in the post, or here I would link it: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/features/games/console-bundles/

          And from there, you have two columns of consoles: the left one is PS4, and the right one is Xbox One S. On the Xbox One S column, it's the third console (the only one that has "JB HI-FI Exclusive" printed on it). Click on it and it will take you to the bundle. When you first visit the bundle page the game price still shows as $49. Don't worry about that, as it'll go to 0 once you add both the console and game to your cart. Enjoy.

        • @AussieDaddy:

          Yeah I've done all that, but say you wanted one of the downloaded games as in the catalogue..I wanted ROTR anyway but suppose someone wanted to get Forza with it?

        • @Morty: The way I understood the bundle is, the console comes with a full download of Battlefield 1 and a ROTR disc, plus one month EA access. Maybe someone else who's familiar with the deal can shed light on the matter. Sorry.

        • Yeah but in the catalogue it shows the 4 downloads you can pick from, which is different to the BF1 + ROTR bundle.. nevermind :)

    • Yeah I'm not sure how that works. Seems like it's not updated on the website yet. I probably would've picked Tomb Raider anyway luckily. Also sick of missing out on the Xbox deals from Microsoft so for this price I was going with whatever game they had lol.

  • I felt a disturbance in the force.. woke up and found it's real!

    JB page wont let me update my email… come on man!!!!!!!!!!

    Cant create a new account either - Just says website is down. Also now I cant log in with the old email address……………Not liking you JB!!!!!!!

    • Careful, when OzBargainers wake up in the morning, I have a feeling this deal will be exhausted to oblivion. You better visit your local store ASAP in the morning.

    • And we can top it off with - Spin this wheel to win a prize - Do you really want to leave this page - (profanity) useless website. I think it's safer to go instore.

      UPADTE: And sorted. One storm grey console ready for pick up.

  • why is the ps4 slim 500 GB still showing price tag of 399?

  • And i thought my $344 with Fifa purchase was a really good deal. I think I really should stop visiting this site for a few weeks after a purchase so i can feel good about my purchase for a little bit.

  • This deal is ridiculous.

  • What do you recommend for someone who has been a Playstation gamer since day 1 - worth giving the Xbox a go at this price?

    • If you can afford to, why not? :)

      Do any of your friends have Xbox?

      • Nah don't know anyone with an Xbox, always just happened to know Playstation gamers. I'm just curious to get one to see how different they are I guess!

        • +3 votes

          if you were to buy an xb1 to accompany your PS4, you'd find most value out of it if you were into racing games. Forza horizon and the regular forza series are above and beyond anything on playstation. besides that gears and halo are good shooting fun, also EA access is incredible value if you're into sports games, a real shame that PS4 doesn't offer that service.

        • For me i find the controller the biggest difference. I've liked Microsoft's interfaces for Xbox. Games…well it depends what you like. But i usually tell people to stick with what your mates have.

        • @DiGiTaL MoNkEY:

          Yeah the controller just feels so natural. Way better than the PS one.

    • I had PS, PS2 and PS3 from new. I ran out of time for gaming and let it go. I bought this deal at 4am, just for Forza Horizon 3.

    • If you have a 4k HDR telly then definitely. I was on the same boat and couldn't be happier. Great unit and an absolute bargain at this price. Bye Sony.

  • So glad I was able to off load my Xbox s with forza 3 for just under $400, these price drops are getting unreal.

  • Thankyou. Upgrading ftom PS3 to this.

  • Bloody hell, I brought a bundle with BF1 and forza 6 and play charge for $399 last weekend. damnit this wouldn't been cheaper cause they normally allow you to mix and match games.

  • Anyone upgraded from the original XB1 to the XB1 S? Considering this for 319 or the original for 229 from MS store.. Is it worth the extra $90 for the S?

    • Same! But bf1 is so good!

      • Haha! I already own the original XB1 and play BF1 every night.
        If I was purchasing for myself this would be the clear winner! But i'm looking to buy as an Xmas gift for younger girls who don't want BF1.
        (I would instead pick up the $329 minecraft/tomb raider deal @ MS store)
        So just looking to see if the S version is really worth it. I'm thinking as theyre not heavy gamers the only benefit would be potential resale value, but for $100 less right now I think the original might be the way to go for me.

    • If you have a 4K TV it would be.

  • I would have gotten this deal if it was a white S. I don't like the grey :(

  • Thanks :)

    I will pick up titanfall 2 and GOW4 separately. How cheap is GOW4 game these days?

  • im gonna flog off the games. Which of the added games would fetch the best resale price at the moment. Appears either Tombraider or Forza. Do download game tokens have an effect on resale value? Also is the download token just a token for that game of is it a card which gives you a selection of games to choose from?

  • +2 votes

    I've had PS1/2/3/4 and never been an XBox fan. But at $295 (after my 7.5% off gift cards), this was too hard to resist. BF1 plus a 4K Bluray player.

    • Where can you/did you get discounted gift cards for JB?

      • Might be talking about price matching at Big W or something. There was a 10% off JB GCs offer a couple of weeks back. Would take this down to $290!

  • Got one! Thanks OP.

  • walked in and bought one. it comes with BF1 in the box + 1 download token that's redeamable for 1 of the 4 games. you dont have to make up your mind now, you can decide when you redeem

    • I should have done this!

      I ordered online last night.

      I'm about 35 minutes from closest JB. Was going past this morning thought I would check just in case - they can't find it.
      Picked up Doom & Watchdogs 2 at Target. They had plenty of stock of everything except for fifa.

    • What about Rise of the Tomb Raider? Didn't that include in your purchase?

      • rise of the tomb raider is the one of the 4 games you can choose from. H owever, if you take that download token, it has to be digital copy. or you can buy the bundle + hard copy(ROTR only)

  • incredbile deal, i got the xbox one s on special for $379 just 2 months ago to play forza horizon 3, now i regret! If you havent gotten this go for it!

    worst case you can use it as a 4K Bluray player, MS also announced dolby atmos support soon with softwar update.

  • Am i missing something here??? I'm adding both to cart and checkout is $319 + $49 for the game?!?

  • They just changed something, had a $319 xbox and tombraider $0 in my cart, then I reloaded the cart page and tombraider suddenly changed to $49.

    • I think they just "fixed" it, ie. ROTR will be a download token, not a physical copy.

      • Yeah, but there is still no description on the site that any download code for one of the 4 games will be supplied, apart from in the catalog.