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JB Hi-Fi 3 Day Sale: 50% off Sony 2.1 Ch Soundbar with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth $399, Logitech MX Anywhere 2 $59 + More Deals

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  • Any recommendations on the sound bar? Good price? Worth spending $400 on for my bedroom TV? Good value or don't need to spend that much?

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    I have an MX Anywhere Mouse. Love, love, love.

  • anyome own the Sony 790?
    I've been waiting for a decent Sale.

  • Insane price for the 790. Excellent sound bar.

    • Yes, apparently so, 3x HDMI input, 4k/HDR passthrough for less than $400 now…

    • Do I need to spend the that much on a good sound bar for the bedroom TV?

      • It depends on your technical requirements and threshold of what you perceive to be good, but I’ve been fairly content with a cheaper Aldi sound bar so far in my bedroom.

  • Speaking of timing, I have been eyeing the Sony 390…

    AND…STRDH770 for $400 - has anyone used/purchased this one before, can't be that bad for the price right?

  • Any feedback on the STRDH770 appreciated.

    In the market for a budget AV receiver, have been looking around at some Denon and Yamaha models but the price for this one seems like it may be the way to go.

  • Just walked walked away from HN, after checking out the soundbar there. Mentioned JB price and was basically told "go buy it there then, why are you here"……
    They were priced at $799, said their buying price was $600.

    • How did it sound in person?
      I'm waiting to bite the bullet but want confirmation if it's worth it.

      • I'm no audiophile/expert or even knowledgeable about those things…..I'm hesitant too…..I asked a couple questions above to get some more OzB recommendations…. I'm holding back like you, sorry.

    • Harvey Norman are a terrible store, and liars. And no chance their cost would be as high as $600. Many stores have been selling this for $599.

      Best sound bar you will find unless willing to spend $800-$1000 on a Sonos. Great sound quality and you can expand it with more speakers if you want to over time. Amazing value at $399 and I think Sony must be behind this.

    • Typical HN. I avoid them 99% of the time. Incredibly poorly managed and atrocious after-sales service if you order online.

  • I'll take a trip down to JB tonight/tomorrow and have a listen.
    It's hard not to get suckered into the marketing of 50% off. They make it look so appealing

  • I've been reading up on the 790 in the last few days

    There are many reviews out there, most of them favour the sound quality


    PLUS, it has what most budget soundbars lack, HDMI inputs, this one has 3, as well as 4k/HDR passthrough, ethernet, wifi, LDAC, etc etc…the 3 HDMI inputs are the winner for me personally.

    The only 2 downside that I can think of are - no Atmos/X, and only 2.1…

    • Dolby Atmos is a new audio format for creating and playing back multichannel movie soundtracks. It was developed to give movie sound a more three-dimensional effect. Traditional 5.1- and 7.1-channel surround setups deliver captivating sound using speakers placed all around your room.

      I didn't know this existed until today. Will let everyone know my thoughts once i've seen it in person.

  • Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse $59 (Save $50)(jbhifi.com.au)

    DAMN IT! I was just in store, why wasn't it labelled!

  • Thanks OP, my JB Hi Fi even knocked $20 off the Sony HTCT790 for me. Is this a discontinued item or something?

    • You haggled for a bit more discount?

      • Yeah I always do at JB, I don't think I've ever paid the ticketed price on anything there.

        • Good stuff. Unfortunately, with these types of specials, can only do C&C and pick up when next in the city…..
          Always worth the question and negotiation

    • Have you set it up yet?
      Feedback on sound quality?
      I'm trying to find a reason not to buy it… give me something :(

  • TGG has same price at $399 also.

  • Picked up from the Sony store. $399 with free delivery for first order.

  • Good Guys eBay have the HT-CT790 soundbar for $399 as well, looks to be the best deal at the moment with the eBay 10% discount taking it down to $359.10

  • Soundbar is set up and pumping noise!
    I've only played music from my phone so far and i'm very happy.

    I couldn't get the dam thing to update…. still trying to figure out what is causing it to fail

  • Got it updated.
    When you extract the files make sure you copy the whole folder "Update" and not the individual files.

    Spotify feature is amazing. Can finally listen to music whilst controlling it from my computer/mobile device.

    Fire any questions at me.

    • What's on the update? Mine will probably be dispatched on Monday. (Free delivery through Sony store)
      Update complicated or straight forward?

  • How clear is it for watching movie?

    • Currently watching west world and it sounds mint!
      I'm the shop I thought it sounded a little flat but now I'm home I couldn't be happier

      I live in a small apartment and haven't gone above 40% so far.

  • I'm not sure if it's the soundbar or my tv but the audio and video are out of sync.
    Anyone else having issues with this?

    • Did this just happen? What about the movie last night?

      • I fiddled with my audio settings on my TV and the lip-sync issue has virtually gone. I'm not audio expert but i'm more than happy with this purchase.
        Netflix, Spotify, Chromcast and digital TV have all been superb!

        Westworld was very impressive.

      • I don't have any sync issues at all. Anyone who gets this for $360 through eBay is getting an absolute steal for a soundbar of this calibre. Even $399 is a bargain, thought I got a bargain at $480!! Awesome sound. Play The Revenant on 4K UHD and you will be blown away, make sure you have the sound set to 7.2 channel.

  • Bought the HT-CT90 from JB,
    I do have an issue though.
    Is anyone facing an issue with pass through ??
    Mine's passthru works for 20 secs or so then BAM no input anymore.
    If I turn the soundbar back on, it works again.

  • Not as good atm, but for $480 (after 20% TGG discount) and before Cashrewards: