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Moto G4+ 32GB $323, Nexus 6P 128GB $585, Nexus 5X 32GB $333, Galaxy S7 $619.2, S7 Edge $702, LG V20 $725 Posted (HK) @ DWI eBay


Motorola Moto G4 Plus Black 32GB/3GB or White Expired (price rise).
Edit See T-Dimension deal where they are available $323.90

Note this is the 32GB version that contains the 3GB of RAM (not the 16GB version sold locally with 2GB of RAM).

Other Picks:

Huawei Nexus 6P 128GB Silver $585 Delivered (thanks dan086)

LG Nexus 5X 32GB 4G Black $333 Delivered Back in stock 26/11

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Dual Sim Gold $619.20 Delivered
Pink Dual Sim $623.70 Delivered
Silver Dual Sim $629.10 Delivered Out of stock
Black $634.50 Delivered

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 32GB Dual Sim Gold $702 Delivered
Silver Dual Sim $712.80 Delivered Out of stock
Black $715.50 Delivered Out of stock

LG V20 64GB Silver $725.40 Delivered

Original eBay 10% off Sitewide (Min Spend $75) Deal Post

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  • +2

    Hot diggity damn… want the V20 but can't justify buying it since my phone is still usable…

    • same, I keep getting excited seeing deals come up on here, $725 is a great price, but my trusty note 4 is still working just fine, can't bring myself to do it!

      • Just had a Note 4 die on me last week. It went into a boot loop in the middle of the night while charging. It seems to have overheated and fried itself. Now it restarts itself after 10-30 seconds of turning on, even in safe mode. There is not even enough time to do a factory reset to send it back to warranty.

  • Any comments on DWI?

    • +3

      No problems with them. The only issue is that if you have warranty issues then you'll probably have to send the item back to HK.

  • +2

    DWI is fine, I have brought atleast 5 or 6 phones through them and have had zero issue with them. Prompt and usually delivered very quickly.

    • Ever warranty claimed?

      • +1

        That I cant tell you as none of the Phones have had issues to do warranty. (Plus its rare if I have one more than 6months before I on sell them)

        • I brought a phone with them, has an issue. Sent to HK for repairs, issue still present after repair. Raised Paypal dispute and got my monies back!

      • I had to send a pair of headphones back to eglobal a couple of years back. I was without them for about two months all up. The replacement pair developed the same fault about a month after I got them. Couldn't be bothered doing it again - so I just deal with it.

      • DWI warranties are useless. Bought an Samsung S4 that died, and they replaced the motherboard, but reception was crap and I found out m/board was 2nd hand with a fake IMEI! Posted it back again (another $30 at my expense, they refused to pay for their shoddy repairs) and all they did was flash new firmware, and it was still crap. Definitely worth paying $100+ more for a real warranty from a reliable source.

    • +1

      Where did you bring them to? ;)

    • Wow I have a 100% failure rate from DWI (n=1) and a long drawn out process getting money back. Yawn
      In general I have a 70% failure/DOA/shipping fail rate on comms tech from China (n=6). I might return to bricks and mortar.

      That said have had same issues purchasing locally with ipods, PCs etc. Easier warranty claims.
      Lucky everything else in my life is awesome!

  • G4 plus camera opinions? Any deals on an LG G5…?

    • +1

      Pretty good camera from past comments/reviews, upgraded camera from the regular Moto G4. Depends what you are comparing it to.

      LG G5 Pink $450
      LG G5 Gold $483.30
      LG G5 Black $506.70

      Not that good prices. We've seen better prices previously

      • Hey hamza23, have you seen any decent camera comparison reviews for G4 Plus vs Nexus 5X?

        I bought a 5X for my mother in law about 3 months ago and can confirm that the camera is pretty damn good!

        But based on everything I've seen so far (youtube, reviews, gsmarena) - the 5X camera seems to be slightly better, especially with indoor shots. This is the only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger on the G4 Plus. (Outdoors there doesn't seem to be much difference with both producing really nice pictures.)

        • +1

          Sorry just edited comment as noticed the comment I read about better camera was Nexus 5 not 5X.

          Haven't seen any comparisons, just going by past OzBargainer comments and review that the camera is pretty good. Eg Eg Eg. Review
          "The Moto G4 Plus camera is rather good. Using a hybrid auto-focus with phase-detection and laser focus means that it gets it right almost all the time, whether it’s bright, dark, or anywhere in between. The inclusion of a pro-mode is also rather cool, allowing users to tweak everything from ISO to white balance with ease."

          Someone more knowledgable than I might have more insight, maybe someone who has used both.

        • +1

          Thanks for taking the time to respond.
          I got itchy fingers and bought a G4 Plus for the wife. :)

    • Local stock has been the same price.

  • -1

    good prices but a question - specs for BRAND NEW LG GOOGLE NEXUS 5X H791 32GB 4G LTE UNLOCKED SMARTPHONE BLACK say 2GB ram, not 3GB as per posting

    • +2

      Where did I write 3GB? The Nexus 5X only has 2GB of RAM. You might be looking at the Moto G4 Plus? That has 3GB.

      • +3

        apologies - my bad… got confused.

  • DWI is cool, been a frequent customer with them, so far no issue for me. the G4 plus sounds like a good deal to me.

  • +1

    There are more black G4s in stock now and I grabbed one! Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Yeah good news, updated the main link to black as they seem much more popular.

  • +1

    Also have the Mi5 in white for $295 which I picked up. Black is $334.

  • They just raised the price of the S7 Edge by $50
    Actually they didn't
    Ignore this message

    • They have increased the price of the Silver S7 edge!

  • Are you able to access local Motorola warranty when buying from DWI?

    Have bad experiences trying to get things repaired under warranty with these Chinese sellers…

  • I dont know why I brought one, cause I have a Sammy S7, but I brought the Moto G4, can always palm one off to a family member.

  • +3

    question is, are there going to be better s7 deals

  • Noooo Blackberry Priv is STV100-1, I am hanging out for the STV100-3 :( Does anyone know if there is much difference in Australia?

    • +1

      Band 28. Otherwise they're identical.
      I'd probably try and find a non-AT&T model Priv also - all sorts of reports of slow updates, to 'no service' bugs after updating.

      • Thanks Jackary, if I could get a non AT&T model stv100-1 do you think it would be ok for Australia? I am on the Vodafone network :)

        • +1

          Thanks for heads up didn't realise was stv100-1. Here's a stv100-3 for a little more not sure about the seller though. Def want something unlocked to get the marshmallow update and the monthly security updates. I got my stv100-3 from t-dimension who are pretty good but they are out of stock.

        • @hamza23: How much did you pay for the t-dimension one if you don't mind me asking? Tempted to get the one on your link but I am scared to give up my blackberry classic :(

        • +1


          $775 but that was not long after release 29/12/15 during the 15 percent ebay sale.

        • +1

          Very welcome! Both the AT&T and Non-AT&T SVT100-1 will work totally fine on Vodafone - as another commented the SVT100-3 is ideally the one you want, but most people don't miss Band 28 LTE… I wouldn't pay a huge price premium for it personally.

          Worth noting if you're familiar with US Shipping forwarders, the SVT100-1 can be had from Blackberry themselves for USD$299. Gotta be honest… I have an eye twitch not adding to cart too.

        • +1

          @hamza23: The AT&T SVT100-1 is the only one you need to be wary of updates for - though I believe this has now been fixed as OTAs are now pushed by Blackberry themselves rather than AT&T, like every other variant. Source

  • +1

    Can someone give me the real difference between Samsung S7 edge dual sim and S7 Edge Australian model? Any Cons with the dual sim? is it just the 4g bands, so less coverage? need one for uber :)

    • They're both the international model, virtually no difference except the dual SIM. However, I got the UAE version with apps in Arabic but I just flashed the Australian ROM (super easy)!

      • okay thanks.

  • Need some help with specs - Does the 5X dual sim have 3G/4G standby on both slots? Does it have LTE B28?

    • Wut? 5x is single sim only. Friday night started early? ;)

      • If only it was so. I think it was a combination of wishful thinking and seeing the 5x nestled in amongst other dual sim phones…

  • -1

    any deal on the iphone 7, or series 2 apple watch?

    • search is broken?

      • already search, not a deal. so i asked anyone seen it anywhere else

  • +1
    • +1

      Thanks, great price, added it in. I was looking earlier for those but stopped looking when I saw the 64GB for only $22 less.

  • Hmmm 5X or G4 Plus for mum…

    5X seems to outspec but G4 plus is much newer….

    • +1

      G4 Plus for me, cheaper, newer and extra GB of RAM. Unless you need NFC then 5x or something else.

  • Grabbed the LG G5 for my wife - it's been fluctuating around $500 for a while now, but $450 is a good price.

  • The link for the 5x says This item is out of stock?

    • Thanks updated, it might come back into stock.

  • Damn, G4+ is out of stock and gone up in price to $359 :( just as I transferred money for payment!

    • Seems to be in stock still/again.

      • Black S7 edge out of stock

      • Thanks mate, I have ordered one. Wooo! Upgrading from Moto G 2nd gen 8gb.

  • Price has just been upped again at 14:30 AEDT to $379 for the G4 Plus.

    • Thanks I'll expire it, going by past deals I'd say they are out of stock so just price rise and probably get more stock in for those who still purchase it.

      • As mentioned further down it's back in stock now but at $379.

        • +1

          Yes so have expired it due to price rise. They are likely out of stock (on hand), so raise the price and just order more items in if users still purchase it.

  • Thanks. I purchased the s7 edge gold. I can't believe JB are selling them for $1249!

  • I have a note 4 atm.. older but note 4 still seems a higher spec?

    Most annoying thing about my note 4 is night time camera, nothing will probably match my DSLR but my mates S7 is pretty good at night. How is G4 plus? Will it struggle?

    I have plenty of examples/reviews of day time photos for the G4 plus

  • Thanks, bought g4+ black version.

  • Are the cameras in S7 G930F - single sim and G930FD - Dual sim, the same?

  • Nice one Hamza23! Shame there isn't a good Dtek60 Deal

  • +1

    if anyone intersted, Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro with 3gb ram $208 shipped from DWI http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322306772090?_trksid=p2054502.m57…

    • Thanks mate. Ive never had an Xiaomi branded phone before, but since the Samsung Note 7 is dead and my note 4 just died, it seems like a good choice

      • i ordered one yesterday and its already shipped. me also never owned xiaomi phone before, using galaxy s6 now and want to give xiaomi a go.

  • +1

    Nexus and Moto back in stock

  • Grabbed the Oneplus 3 A3003. 10% is 10%

  • +1

    If anyone was looking for a Motorola Moto G4 Plus 32GB and missed the deal before the price rise, you can get it via the eGlobal Black Friday Sale for $334 delivered, use code BFXCM:

    Not as good as $314.10/$323 as it was initially on eBay, but better than the current $341.10

    EDIT: See below

    • Posted a T-Dimension deal for $323.90 for the Moto G4 Plus if you missed out grab that one.

  • Has anyone had their order shipped yet? I'm still waiting on a shipping notification.

    • Shipped and If I was home yesterday I would have had it. Waiting til after 2pm today to pick it up.

      • They are ignoring my messages, I wonder if my PayPal payment method has defaulted to using the slow direct debit method instead of using my CC

    • Ordered my S7 edge o Friday 25th and it arrived Monday 28th. I'm very impressed.

  • I ordered a Nexus 6P on 26 Nov. It arrived on 2 Dec with a faulty touch screen, so I can't swipe and scroll with it. I contacted them via ebay and got an auto-reply stating they are "out of office" until 9 Dec which just happens to be 14 days from invoice date. So I'm worried they're not going to honour their 14 day DOA warranty and give me the run around.

    Fingers crossed DWI will do the right thing, but I'm worried this is going to be a saga.

    • I'm in the same boat as you, received a faulty s7 edge from them last week and need to get it returned. Drop them a private message through the DWI facebook page and they can pass along your details to the eBay team. They told me they have a separate support team for the eBay store.

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