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Sony AS600BT Sport Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones (Blue) for $51 from RRP $169 @ Sony Store Free Delivery


Hi all,
Got an email saying MySony website is on sale at the moment.

Browsing around I see this great bluetooth deal (blue only). Posted last year as well so the price is holding well. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/223275

I think people have mentioned before it's a good alternative to plantronics Backbeat Go 2. I'll give it a go and compare.

I'm sure there are other good deals in Sony store.

Thanks Mashimus :
Don't forget cashrewards.
Also, you should be able to use Amex ClickFrenzy (Spend $60 get $30 statement credit)

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  • What do people think from the previous purchased? These worth $50?

    • Yeah it's good.

    • I was very interested in this product, however looking at the reviews, it outlined the poor/cheap construct of the hardware for the "original price", but for $51 it looks like a good bargain. Personally, I'd rather pay a little more and see if there's a deal for Jaybirds

      • i dont like jaybirds because they are sticking out too much. feel like have stick on my ear, just like Dr Frankenstein?

        • I personally own a pair of Jaybird X2, yeah it does stick out but it's not bothersome for me.

          The Jaybird Freedom however have a very small profile but sacrifice battery life and a proprietary charger. Haven't come across any good deals for the freedom so far.

        • @shresthaabhu: can try pantronic backbeat Fit, most people give me compliment how cool it is

      • +1 vote

        Same here. Waiting for the jaybirdx3. I've bought two pairs of x2s and they've crapped out on me (albeit after my positive on their last deal). Thank goodness for Amazon's CS.

    • I'm not a huge fan of them, Bluetooth range is crap (the audio stutters if my phone and the receiver side of the headphones aren't on the same side of my body while running) and audio quality isn't that great.

      • Not particularly loud either. My old plantronics go2 crap all over them for straight up noise making ability which is pretty important when i'm on the stationary bike

  • Don't forget cashrewards.
    Also, pick up something worth $9 (ie. http://store.sony.com.au/MDRE9LPWI.html) as well and you should be able to use Amex ClickFrenzy (Spend $60 get $30 statement credit) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/273135

  • Thanks OP. got one

  • These are great. I have been using them for over a year for cycling without issues. Memorising the button gestures is worthwhile if you own these.

  • hmm tempted to upgrade my plantronic backbeat Fit.

  • Thanks for the post. I wanted some wireless headphones on the Click Frenzy deal. So $31 for a set of wireless headphones is awesome. ($51 + $10 for the cheap headphones - $30 Click Frenzy Amex deal) = $31

  • Thanks op bought one

  • Seems like it's out of stock…damnit…

  • Bugger, went out of stock while I was trying to buy them.

    • Hmm, when I tried to buy it was saying "in stock" but said there were technical difficulties, try again when trying to purchase. I tried 3 more times and kept getting an error message. Turns out I may have bought 4 pairs after all! Doh.

  • Sold out :-(

  • out of stock guys

  • damn missed out AGAIN!

    • History repeats itself
      Make sure you buy it first thing next year :)

      • cant believe. oh well, i still have backbeat Fit. (i didnt remember this is part of amex deal thats why thought twice otherwise will think once)

  • (profanity).. out of stock.. trying to reset password .. (profanity) …

  • All gone folks.

  • Still shows in stock on the page? Does it say out of stock when checking out?

  • Take care with Sony

    I bought speakers from them a fortnight ago and have heard nothing; phone calls (to an overseas call centre) offer no insight or assistance.

    The only thing Sony has done is charge my credit card; yet my status - 2 weeks later - is "not shipped"

    • yeah i had bad experience with them to, and made complaint to ACCC.
      customer service is in Philliipine

    • couldn't agree more, after my last purchase with their online store i would not try them again. if you check out their facebook page, there are a lot good reasons not to buy from them…

      • To confirm - I've just had a message from Sony - 2 weeks later - telling me the product isn't available any more and they've processed a refund. We'll see. Nothing in my account so far.

        So scoring a confirmation that you have purchased something can mean nothing at Sony!

        I would have expected that Sony would have had real time stock levels against which their online store was processing sales - but - clearly that's not correct.

        Again - take care transacting with Sony's online store.

  • Showing in stock again

    [update] never mind, says unavailable after adding to the cart..

  • Got Ozbargained… :(

  • How does this compares to jabra sport coach wireless?

  • can still be ordered

      • add to cart and checkout. i am signed in, not sure if that makes a difference?

        • After you've added all details and click to pay it says sorry item not available

        • Your order cannot currently be placed due to one or more of the products in your cart having an invalid price or you have exceeded the maximum quantity available. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

        • @dragonindespair: I followed the link, added to cart (which initially shows green 'in stock'), click 'checkout now', will have written in small red 'no longer available' although after filling in details lets me complete the sale. Have in invoice in my email.

        • @wog_ta: Assuming you are telling the truth, if the item is no longer available, do you think they will send you one later? It sounds to me that $51 was its clearance price and they won't be getting any more in.

        • @lostn: I could probably order it again, for some reason it still lets me checkout. It does say in stock on the main page although 'no longer available' when in cart.

          oh well if it arrives im a happy chap, otherwise i have saved money so im still a happy chap. win, win?

        • @wog_ta: will try!
          wait, did you add $10 earphone to make it over $60 and pay with amex?
          if i try and they cancel the bluetooth but send me that $10 one then i will not happy. i only want the bluetooth.
          risky game

        • @dragonindespair:
          Wait …
          $20 profit

        • @Peanut money: nah, amex will know if sony refunded some $ so i wont get the cash back

        • @dragonindespair:

          ^This. Hence I wouldn't risk it

          But ive never tried returning an item from a AMEX cashback so wouldn't know if cashback ends up being cancelled after being credited

        • @mrshorty: if this is for one item $61 I will try but I don't want to end up paying for that $10 earphone

        • @dragonindespair: I would be happy just getting them for $51, didn't use cash reward or do the Amex thing.

          Yeah I should probably hang my head in shame

        • @wog_ta: haha it's fine. As I have Amex already and backbeat fit, this is just an impulse buying. $30 or no.

  • the quality of the headphones in my opinion is rubbish….low volume when paired with iphones 3 4 5…

    • you can use the one-button controls to increase the internal device volume. read the online instructions

  • Sony cancelled my sister's order and refunded the $…stated that they didn't have stock. Notification came on 7/12/16

    • I can't believe it. Mine was also cancelled and I posted the silly thing here.

      I bought mine thru kiosk and they are offering alternatives which I'll check out tomorrow.

      They may hinted I'll pay alittle extra because they are newer models.. sigh