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FREE Wi-Fi Data in More than 15 Countries for Telstra Air Customers (Mobile & Broadband)


Telstra has announced the international expansion of Telstra Air. From today Telstra mobile customers can access free Wi-Fi data at millions of hotspots with Telstra Air. Through a partnership with Fon, Telstra Air customers can connect to more than 19 million Wi-Fi hotspots for free, when travelling to more than 15 countries around the world.

To access the overseas Wi-Fi hotspots for free you need to:

  • Be a Telstra Mobile or Air home broadband customer (check your eligibility here)
  • Download the Telstra Air app
  • Log in to the app and connect once before you leave Australia
  • Connect to any Fon hotspot overseas (they'll appear automatically when you're in range)

Sources here and here. Enjoy :)

Update: from 28 March 2017 until 27 March 2018 Telstra Air home broadband members will no longer be required to have data left on their home allowance in order to take advantage of the offer

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  • +15 votes

    Isn't it an announcement than a deal?

  • This has been active for a few months?? At least on my service which was connected in October.

    • Yeah worked for me in September. I'm a freebie user, not a Telstra customer (any more).

    • It's been around since the beginning of Telstra Air, hasn't it!?
      I certainly used it in Dec 2015/Jan 2016, on BT Fon Spots in the UK.

      I think less of an announcement and more of a reminder! :)

  • Post updated, Telstra Mobile customers are fine :)

  • Just checked a smallish town I was in France recently and the FON hotspots are everywhere. As in almost every street. Impressed …

    Thanks @tightarse.

    • If it works like here any modem belonging to the ISP's customers is a hotspot. I'm pretty sure that's what the new Telstra gateways do. They must only let 'spare' bandwidth be used if you're not using it. When you get a gateway modem you'll notice a Telstra Air and Fon wifi signal as well as your private 2.4 & 5 Ghz ones.

      • yep, that's what happenning with my gateway modem at the moment and there's no way to disable that feature unless using another party in bridge mode, or turn off your wifi altogether. Telstra firmware is pretty crap to.

        • There is actually a way to disable Air on all Telstra modems without disabling Wi-Fi.

          From memory (… and I could be wrong) you have to disable it in your account settings online.

        • @Diji1: well, that's kind of defeat the purpose. i think i read about that somewhere but couldn't be bothered

        • -1 vote

          I have the new Gateway, I logged in to my Telstra account online and disabled Telstra Air. My modem no longer broadcasts the "Telstra Air" or "Fon" wifi. My iPhone will still connect to "Telstra Air" when I'm out and about.

        • I think it's done on a 'if you want the benefit, you have to contribute' basis. Really if it is only using unused bandwidth while your connection is idle what's the harm? On the other hand if it's taking some of the bandwidth while you're using the connection - I don't want that. I already only get half the speed I paid for.

        • @rye: Why?

        • +1 vote

          @thejew: Why did I disable it? My phone and iPad keep connecting to "Telstra Air" at home instead of my own wifi network which has a NAS attached. I couldn't access my NAS…

  • its been like this since Telstra Air Started….

    • A little research goes a long way… "Overseas Wi-Fi connectivity has already been available to Telstra Air home broadband customers, but Air users will be able to get free data (without digging into their at-home cap) until March 27, 2017"

  • even in North Korea!

    • Yes! So you can watch the Supreme Leader on, and on
      You'll also be able to watch the Supreme Leader beat all of the other nation's athletes in the last Olympics. There's also the true stories of the Supreme Leader curing all diseases and cancers. The Supreme Leader also invented the Internet, cars, planes and even water you can watch on the Kim Channel. Oh, what a glorious time to be alive and in the realm of the Supreme Leader.

      What happens in Pyongyang stays in Pyongyang.

  • +2 votes

    Depends on your needs .. but you might find a local 4G SIM with unlimited data calls is comparatively cheap in the countries Fon operates.
    Also most international hotels / cafes offer free internet.

    • Also most international hotels / cafes offer free internet.

      What about the other spots ;)


        So I'm just looking at 'the other spots' … these appear to be people's houses in Sydney. … and this is where you find out why your telstra broadband has been so slow .. some international pokemon go collector has been leeching free data off your personal 'fon' connection.

  • So, what are the 15 countries? I can't find them in the links.

      • Awesome. Thanks jamm.

        For everyone else, it's these countries :

        • Australia – English
        • Belgium – Français
        • Belgium – Flemish
        • Brazil – Português
        • Croatia – Hrvatski
        • France – Français
        • Germany – Deutsch
        • Greece – ελληνικά
        • Hungary – Magyarország
        • Italy – Italiano
        • Japan – 日本
        • Netherlands – Nederlandse
        • Poland – Polski
        • Portugal – Português
        • Romania – Român
        • South Africa – English
        • Spain – Español
        • UK – English
        • Is Japan really included!? Usually nothing can penetrate their BS archaic monopolized telecommunications system..

          Are you sure they're included??

        • @ninjataki:

          Japan has been a part of the Fon network for years, I used it this year but I think there were more hotspots in the past.

        • @nismo: i wonder if this would be a good value work around as opposed to wi2 or getting an Aeon mobile plan..

        • @ninjataki: I can testify that Fon is absolutely everywhere in Japan… Even rural train stops etc. Have been frustrated many times, at my inability to connect. Their service seems great, but I've never been able to gain a login. This is a great deal!

        • This isn't a list of the countries included - it's for you to choose your location and language for the website (there are 16 countries on your list).

        • @Flying Ace:

          Belgium comes up twice there, so that explains why it's 16. They are the countries associated with the Fon network, which Telstra is partnered with.

        • @ninjataki:

          I still used a B-mobile sim this year since I couldn't access Fon for a few locations around Kansai (rural and suburban) particularly where I was staying for 3 weeks (there was a hotspot there in past years though).

        • Tried Spain and the UK last month, plenty of Fon hotspots but couldn't get a proper connection once (had the Telstra Air app installed & logged in).

        • @Zaenille: There are countries that are not listed there that have Fon hotspots. That list is just so it knows which country you are accessing the website from. Belgium is there twice because you can view the website in French or Flemish.

  • Pity our NZ neighbours aren't on the list.

  • +7 votes

    It doesn't even work for me in Australia. Tried a few times but gave up. Number of 1 star ratings in Google Play is massive.

    • Works fine on my iphone. It has actually made a difference to how close I get to my download limit. Even works in the local park, where there isn't a booth in sight, so must be someone nearby with a telstra air router.

    • It connects fine on my iPhone but can be annoying when it connects with weak to no signal.

      Android is a complete other story, I find it works less than 20% of the time on Android - seems like it autoconnects to the hotspot but doesn't enter your credentials unless you reopen the Telstra Air app and log in again. I find it faster to just disable Wi-Fi and continue to use mobile data.

    • Actually, i couldnt even register! Kept saying technical problems and try later.

  • yes, interested in usability reports…

  • Telstra prepaid is eligible?

  • Any intelligent person figured out the cheapest plan that would allow you to gain access if you were living overseas? I'm thinking the mobile broadband plans perhaps

  • Cool, thanks! I'm heading to four European countries over Christmas and all are on the list. Looking forward to free wi-fi around the place, should be useful for using google maps to find my way around.

  • Last time I went to Japan, FON network was literrally eveywhere. Every 7-Eleven shops got a FON hotspot. I used to uploaded all my pics and videos, it was faster than the Telstra Air in here.

    • Where about did you go? I tried my guts out to connect to The so rare to find Fon wifi and every single time it just tells me it reached the maximum number of connections. It was near Ikebokuro in Tokyo. I then gave up and bought a data sim.

      • I usually stand near 7-Eleven shops, they alswys have FON hotspot there. I stayed in Shinjuku, Tokyo, but also went to many other places in Tokyo

        • So if you guys have the $2 sim prepaid here in Aus then whats needed to get FON access in Japan? Does telstra give you a login name or something?

        • @ninjataki:

          I have no idea about that as I am Telstra broadband user and I got a username and password to use FON network.

  • Is it going to be secure/safe if you need to do banking?

  • I don't think this is new. About a year old

  • How many devices can you login/register with the air app?

    • On my laptop, I just have to sign in to Telstra Air using my Telstra Air username / password. I don't know if there is a limit to simultaneous connections, but it seems that you can use multiple devices without a problem, even devices not using the app (because the app is only for mobile devices).

    • Each device should login using the app or the web page. There is no limit by user account, but a hotspot may limit the number of clients. My neighbour's will only accept one, so I can have only one device on Air at a time.

  • (Mobile & Broadband)

    Does it work for mobile broadband customers, using a Wifi modem ?

  • It would be awesome if prepaid does work to use the service. Just bought myself a cheap sim card. Will activate and get a travel id before traveling

    • I use a prepaid $50 5Gb long expiry (12 month) SIM in my iPad and I get Telstra Air.

      (I also have much more expensive Telstra Cable broadband, but my modem is not the right model to participate, so it was definitely the prepaid that did it.)

      • just tried it using my wifi modem and I can't activate it.

        it says 'please switch off your Wi-Fi so we can confirm your eligibility…'

        • Hmm, that's a bummer.

          I assumed (incorrectly obviously) that a data SIM is a data SIM.

          So I guess that for the initial registration / eligibility check the app needs to run on the device containing the SIM.

          Sorry I misled you…

    • I bought a $2 sim last night and was able to set up the Telstra Air app without recharging it.

  • +3 votes

    Just another over voted community service announcement. Should be in the forums and possibly in the archives. Nothing to see here. Move on.

  • Telstra has been advertising the availability of Telstra Air overseas for a while now. Am just back from a 5 weeks trip in Europe (France, Switzerland,Belgium) with a bunch of friends, all on Telstra. No one could connect.There was no service, even in major city like Paris. Even called customer service from over there, they had no clue what i was talking about. My Telstra Air works just fine here in AU. Tried to connect with Telstra app or FON app, no success! So if you are planning your comms around Telstra Air while overseas, better have a plan B!

    Links to complaints:

    • Same experience here while i was in UK.BT hotspots are everywhere.But hard to connect to public BT hotspots with Fon.Though able to connect to some private home routers.

      Virgin media wifi works perfect at train stations and u'll find lot of O2 hotspots outside.

      Telstra FON wifi hardly worked.

  • Hmm, do I sign up for an internet 24m contract with optus for $60 a month, or do I try and build a cantenna and aim it at the payphone 100m down the road for free? Decisions decisions..

  • I am a Telstra Broadband Bundle customer - I hardly successful connected to Telstra Air , even in Australia - Such a bad service , why bother with their 'ambitious ' world-wide plan . They need to fix their own backyard first !!!

  • Looks like your a business customer so not available to you, so everyone with a testra mobile isnt included

  • Heading to China in 3 weeks. No fon wifi there :(

  • ohh no….no singapore

  • Have Telstra fixed the issue where if you sign up for Air, it breaks your ability to pay for Google Play apps with your recharge balance?

  • This came in handy when I was in the UK a couple of months ago - but I had to use the FON app rather than Air, and my <user> credentials.

    The FON app tells me this password is wrong, but it connects and works?

    • Where did you find it? It says in "my account" but I just couldn't spot it

      • It is hiding a bit - I think you can only see it logging in through a desktop browser:

        Go to -> Log in
        Click 'Internet'
        Under "Telstra Air" just after "You can also use over 17 million international Wi-Fi hotspots" click "More Information"
        Then it'll show you an username and allow you to set a password


    because of this problem, some telstra modem are broadcasting TELSTRA AIR / FON hotspot, but they actually cannot connect to the internet.
    And they are NOT fixing this issue.

  • Boost customers?

  • This sounds like a fake press release by Telstra to garner attention to their Fon partnership. There doesn't seem to be anything new with this announcement, they've had Fon partnership since Telstra Air went live. I also don't see any new countries added to the Fon network with this announcement.

    EDIT: In fact, the number of countries seems to have been reduced from 18 when this partnership was first announced in June last year:

    South Korea is one of the places where the partner telco withdrew from the Fon network since that time.

    EDIT2: Reading from the source, it seems what's actually new is Telstra mobile customers now have access to the Fon network for free whereas previously, this was only available to fixed broadband customers who agreed to participate in Telstra Air.

  • I wasn't a Telstra customer but I am planning on going to Europe in two weeks and there are a lot of FON hotspots in some of the locations I will be visiting. Picked up a $2 sim last night from Woolies, activated it (took 6+ hrs to activate but at least it was night time and didn't need to answer calls on my regular phone). This morning I set up the Telstra Air app and made a new Telstra account (email and password). Now I can use the same email and password on upto 2 more Telstra Air apps according to the terms and conditions. I haven't loaded any money on the $2 sim, I was gonna throw it out but it's actually a very easy to remember number haha.

    Tldr; unlimited Telstra Air wifi and FON internet for only $2 if you're not currently a Telstra user.

  • I recently went to japan osaka and this was my experience (or lack of). Even the telstra air website said there are multiple Fon hotspot in Osaka. I couldnt find one at all and I was walking upwards of 5/6 hours per day during my time I was travelling. Luckly I have a travel sim and my hotel have high speed internet.

    • This has been my experience as well. I travelled to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto 2 weeks ago. I did sign up for the Telstra air service before I went. I did see it connect to Fon hotspots maybe 3 or 4 times during my 2 weeks stay. I was walking about 8 hrs a day. Travel Sim is definitely the way to go, and they have lots of free wifi hotspots to use as well.