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19x Gaming Deals: Diablo 3 PC $19/PS4/XB1 $29, Recore XB1 $29, Elder Scrolls Gold Editon $29, XB1 S 500GB Bundle $379 @JB Hi-Fi

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  • Shovel Knight is amazing game if you want a Megaman Like platformer and only $4 more than when it was at target ages ago.

    Are they clearing out the Uncharted collections so it's easier to sell the Uncharted 1/2/3 separately for more money?

  • LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is much cheaper through Bundle Stars. It + season pass + another LEGO game for US$10

  • Cool.. I can complete my Starcraft II collection now. Been waiting for the physical copy to drop below $20. Thanks OP

    • Same, will also pick up a copy at that price.

    • You might be disappointed if you are after a physical copy, from what I've read the physical disc is simply the battle.net installer. Both SC2 WOL and HOS are digital downloads which you activate with the installation keys.

      • I'm after the box I suppose since I've got the boxes for the other two already. (More garbage, I know).

        Blizzard has a crappy record of making everyone download everything including all the mission packs that you do not own the rights to as part of any updates they give. The Serial key is most important here to unlock it and if you are up-to-date with the patches, it should be instant access to the game directly anyway.

    • Thanks for pointing that out… i kind of missed SC…

  • If you don't mind the colour, EB Games have the ink blue 500GB One S with Skyrim (physical), GoW4 (download) and choice of Mad Max, Lego or Batman v Superman on UHD Blu-ray for $368

  • Whats the normal price on Killer Instinct Definitive Edition?

    This is the version that has everything ever released for the game yeah?

    Silly me paid for season 1 ultimate edition ;(

    • digital download was $26-27 during black friday specials

      • FML thats over now isn't it?

        • Yeah just checked. Otherwise jb had it for $49 why i went digital

        • @krnage: thanks for the info! think I'll hold off for boxing day sales and buy digital hopefully, there are no extra advantages to hardcopy are there?

          Think it will be messy to have season 1 ultimate digital then install the deluxe off disc :/

        • @krnage:

          I wish I could get these exclusive Xbox titles:

          • Cuphead (No PS4 Alternative)
          • Forza (Gran Turismo too far ahead)
          • Quantum Break (No PS4 Alternative)
          • Crackdown 3 (maybe Just Cause 3)
          • Dead Rising 3 (maybe Dying Light)
          • ReCore (maybe Horizon Zero Dawn is better)
          • Killer Instinct (I guess there's King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat X)
          • Sunset Overdrive (Infamous SecondSon is supposedly better)
          • Sea of Thieves (guess there's Assasin's Creed Black Flag)
          • Ashen (?)
          • Below (?)
          • Inside (?)
          • Gigantic (?)
          • Gears of War (The Division)
          • Halo (CoD Infinite Warfare)
        • @Kangal: inside was $14ish on the ps4 store recently. If you have a decent graphics card there are many xb1 titles with the "play anywhere" feature to also play on windows.. so you could make an xbox account and buy the xbox games and just play the windows version of gears of war, recore, even forza i think (although there's also project cars which i think is cross platform)

        • @bohdud:

          Oh F me, thought I had more time!

        • @Kangal:

          Add Elite Dangerous if you are doing console comparison titles.

      • was wondering. i bought the physical standard edition. If i buy this would i have to delete the standard so it can install the deluxe edition?

        Also would the save data be carried over??

  • Sigh, I haven't even finished most of my game catalogue now I'm tempted to buy more games…

    • same here

    • Most of us OzBargain addicts have never touched 95% of our hundreds of PC steam/humble bundle/etc games…

      We call it our "pile of shame"…

      • I call it repeating a mistake so I stopped doing it.

        • Wish I had your self-control, best I can do so far is not buying any game unless it's

          • complete (all DLC etc) AND
          • less than $5 AND
          • I really really want it AND
          • I'm really really sure I will play it (yeah right…)

          That limits it pretty well, though…

  • Can anyone confirm on the R6S Gold edition/season pass being useless now that Year 1 is over?

  • +1 vote

    Shovel Knight is great, old school but feels like its own thing. The Wii U version has the inventory stuff with the gamepad.

    Should note it also comes with a free expansion game and another one is being released next year….

    So it will end up being 3 games in one eventually, regardless of which version you get. Not bad at all.

    Nice price for Killer Instinct Definitive Edition also!

  • JB Hi-Fi Doncaster, VIC accepts Westfield Gift Cards for those wanting to combine it with the AmEx statement credit deal.

  • I've always hated how JB front-loads the list of games with pre-orders.

  • Website still says $54 for Uncharted Collection OP. was this in a particular store or across the board?

  • Half of the games are still showing old prices on website???

  • do we know if these price changes are permanent or is this is a sale?

  • Elder scrolls gold xb1 is $25 from Big W

  • Diablo 3 ps4 is $28 @ebgames

    Save ur $1!!!!! Haha

  • Do they do pickup?

    Any indication of how long the sales will go for?

    Good price for legacy of the void…but if not a physical copy may as well buy it from cd keys website? http://www.comparegames.com.au/PC/Starcraft-II-Legacy-Of-The...
    It's been as low as $9 in June this year.

    Diablo 2 reaper is a decent deal, is it worth getting? I played the original 4yrs back

  • Ratchet and Clank back to $49 :(

  • Grabbed Legacy of the void, cheapest its been I think.

  • It's worth noting that Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition also comes with the first two Killer Instincts re-released for the Xbox One.

  • If anyone is after a Battlefield 1 code for Xbox One I have one to sell

  • They have Star Wars Battlefront (PC) for $19 too

  • I'm sure The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition is still $25 at Big W.

  • Another one - got Titanfall 2 for $49 at JB today

  • @TRENT86 Fix your post, Ratchet & Clank is not $34 it's $49. Check the catalogue, thanks.


  • Does this have an expiry or will it be ongoing?
    Wanting to pick up SC2's battlechest next weekend that's all.