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Free Upgrade to Ultra-Thin Lenses @ Sneaking Duck - Save up to $155


Hey Guys - summer's here so we're keen to help you lighten up your eyewear. Purchase any single vision optical glasses (including photochromic lenses) and if you need thin lenses we'll give you a free upgrade to ultra-thin lenses. That’s a saving of up to $155 per pair! Upgrade is applied automatically at checkout.

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    Hmmm…. would be a better deal if you said "If you want thin lenses we'll give you a free upgrade" as there isn't really much guide lines in regards to "needing" as its pretty subjective….

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      Hey Iplau - appreciate the feedback.

      In most instances it's not about want. If you have a smaller prescription then standard lenses are better for a variety of reasons. As your prescription increases in size thin lenses become more necessary to avoid the coke-bottle look and to make sure your lenses actually fit in your frames.

      Our experience is that most glasses-wearers know what they need based on their prescription and buying history. If you're unsure, our opticians use the general rule that if your sphere is >+/-2 you're best suited to thin or ultra-thin lenses rather than standard.


        Thanks for the post.

        Curious about the comment about standard lenses being better for smaller prescription - can you elaborate please?

        Also a question - what's the refractive index of your ultra thin lenses, and where are they made?


          Hey Shake

          Higher index lenses can sometimes create peripheral distortion and at lower sphere's give no real aesthetic improvement. Once you factor in the typical additional pricing, there's no real reason why you would go higher index if it wasn't necessary. To be clear, we custom make every pair of glasses so will take instruction on preferred lens type, but where recommending lenses the above guides our thinking.

          Our lab is in Sydney.


    Excellent. I happen to be looking for a replacement pair. My focal strength is around -7 so thinning is necessary.

    Do I need to purchase the optional upgrade from standard to Thin (and automatically qualify for the Thin to Ultra Thin upgrade) or is this all included in the offer price?



      Hey dwinarto

      It's all included in the offer price - so the ultra-thin will be the same price as standard.


    Would this be covered by the health insurance?


    OP, to save confusion and terminology issues, what is the refractive index of each of your lens types?

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      Hey Wolfy

      Our default indexes are as follows:

      Standard 1.5
      Thin 1.56-1.59
      Ultra-thin 1.6-1.67

      Though being a full optical provider we can go significantly higher if needed.

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