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JBL Flip 3 $99 (was $149), Charge 3 $179 (was $229) @ JB HiFi


Reviews for both speakers are good and worth buying at this price.

JBL Flip 3

Blue, Red, Teal, Grey

Some reviews: PC Mag AU, What Hi-Fi?, Tom's Guide, Jim's Review Room (YouTube)

JBL Charge 3

Black, Blue, Red, Teal, Grey

Some reviews: PC Mag, CNET, What Hi-Fi?, Tom's Guide, Jim's Review Room w/ Boom 2 & Bose comparison (YouTube)

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  • Can somebody who has it provide some reviews. Sorry dont know too much abt these.

    • I was going after the Flip 3 but ended up getting Charge 3. The reviews for Flip 3 have been pretty good. Provides vibrant sound with good bass, and other than being just slashproof, it is better than UE Roll 1 & 2.

      I'll link some reviews in the description above

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      Firend of mine has flip3. It is absolutely awesome, loud enough, very pure and juicy sound. Small and plays decent couple of hours. I am getting one!

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      I bought the Flip 3 when DSE was in liquidation. I'd argue that it sounds better than the UE Boom 1 (and way better than the UE Roll) though I can't say on the Boom 2 though as I haven't heard one. It sounds a lot bigger than its size would suggest. It is quite strong too as I accidentally dropped it onto tiles from head height ~1.7m the first day I had it without it sustaining ANY damage (my towel hook in the bathroom turned out to be too weak haha).

      I suppose my only con is that the battery life is a little on the low side for a BT speaker and the exposed passive drivers for the bass could get damaged if you don't have a case for it (I bought a $10 case which fits it and a few short cables from Amazon).

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        Wow, didn't even know there would be cases for the Flip 3, and good to hear that yours survived that fall!

        The Roll 1 & 2 are the direct competitors of Flip 3 (funny that the Rolls take as long as their battery life to charge) and seeing that the Flip 3 can even compete with Boom 1 is pretty cool. I have only seen comparison between Charge 3 and Boom 2 as linked in the description above and the Charge 3 does come out better in pretty much every aspect.

      • The specs says the battery life is up to 10 hours, what is a realistic timeframe?

        • Mine lasts around 5-6 hours on low-medium volume so it's a little short for me. Not a big issue though.

    • If you're looking for something cheap and easy to use, go for the flip. Light to carry around and just chuck it around with friends. However I got the Charge 2+ and the music is superb, fills up large rooms and doesn't leave any area hanging on low sound or quality.

    • I had a listen in store to the UE Roll and Boom speakers and to be honest wasn't impressed.

      The Flip 3 sounds much better to me, even better when you run a pair in stereo. Have also used it for phone calls when people have interrupted my music :) Clear sound both ways (at a reasonable distance from the mic).

      While I got mine for less during the DSE demise, having had them for a while still say worth it at $99.


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    Superb speakers (Flip 3) - get two so that you can have louder volume, have it play in stereo, or have them in different areas when you entertain. Worth it!
    PS, when setting two speakers, only connect ONE to your iPhone app, then connect the second speaker to the first and NOT to your iPhone as well.

    • The JBL Connect feature is pretty awesome and works between Flip 3 and Charge 3 too to provide louder sound, just not stereo separation.

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    DO IT!!! I bought my second one today.

    I've had the first one for more than a year working about 10+ hrs a week. Never missed a beat… Literally. Great sound for it's size.

    Pro tip: Stand it on it's end and park it in a corner to get a fuller sound.

  • I have one of these its great for music the volume can get quite loud for it's size. However by only issue (and it may not be just the device) is i use it as a a speaker for my tablet when I play movies on it sometimes and there is an audio delay enough that it's annoying for film but bearable with Anime where lip sync is not such an issue. Not sure if this is an issue with the Tablet, Bluetooth or the audio processor in the device but worth noting if you were buying one for that express purpose to try and test it against your device first.

    • Is your Charge 3 on the latest firmware? I saw Jim's Review Room also pointed it out in his Charge 3 review video which made me a bit hesitant before purchase but I saw comments saying theirs do not have the latency and true enough mine does not when watching YouTube videos on my Redmi Note 3. By the time I got my Charge 3 there was already a firmware update which I updated to before using for the first time.

      • OOMG ARE YOU ME? I use my JBL Charge 3 with a Redmi Note 3 too, mines mint in colour :)

  • Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the cheapest price for the Charge 3 has been so far?

    • Other than that one time where Domayne wrongly listed their Charge 3 as $118 but still honoured orders made during that duration (including mine), lowest locally was $198 from Harvey Norman. Meanwhile for grey imports, lowest ever was $129 delivered from DWI. DWI currently has it at $165 with free standard shipping.

  • I started off with a Flip 3 from the DIck Smith liquidation sales which worked great with a nifty rope so it could hang effortlessly from hooks and an alternative 'put facing up' "360°" sound mode.
    I've since sold that and bought a Charge 3 from eGlobal which has only gotten better in battery life and sound (IMO, with IRL comparisons, better than a friend's UE Boom 2 and Megaboom).
    I would say the only flaw is directional sound (which also provides it with better sound than the 360° UE duo) but that can be solved with JBL Connect/a second Charge 3. I would certainly buy another one if I needed to cover a larger area.

    I heard a Flip 3+Xtreme combo is also great, for highs and lows ;)

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    • Not anymore… that deal is EXPIRED