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JBL Flip III Portable Speakers $79.20 @ The Good Guys eBay

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  • Damn thats cheap. Are they replacing the flip? 2 was on sale only a couple of weeks ago

  • Wow good find, totally forgot about TGG especially with the 20% discount. They weren't selling JBL speakers until since last month

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  • Good quality product. We use it to pump music in our small to medium sized back yard. Works great.

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    Bought one, thanks OP

  • How do these compare to the UE Boom 2s? TGG are selling those for $179 ($143.20 after 20% discount)

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      I returned the Boom2. Sound was underwhelming. Very minimal bass. Just head into a store to hear them all side by side.

      I'd rather get a JBL Xtreme lol

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        Disagree. Depends on your house and what you are after - not underwhelming depending on what you are after. I heard this and the boom in store and much preferred the boom. Agree about the bass part though.

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        Here is a decent comparison of the UE Boom 2 vs the Flip 3.

        Soundguys.com Review

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          That was a pretty shitekamushroom comparison.

          I was hardcore into the UE Boom party.
          I bought those cheap speakers while everyone was getting eneloops.
          Then I realised two things:

          1) I don't need waterproofing, a splash-proof is more than enough
          2) They're terrible speakers (either the volume is too low, or it is muffled).

          This guy is a professional enthusiast.

          He threw his UE speaker in the bin. On camera.
          And he recommends the JBL Flip 3, because it is a great all-rounder.
          Great sound, great portability, great loudness, great features, great price.

          After the JBL Flip 3, is sort of the compromises:
          higher costs, heavier, larger, less battery life, not as featured, and perhaps a sound profile that is very loud but not very clear (ie/ not well rounded or distorted music).

          He recommends the Vifa Helinski as the best all-rounder.
          It has more loudness and clarity than the JBL Flip 3, whilst not too big, but only has about equal battery life.

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          @Kangal: Vifa Helinski is so expensive. You can buy 10 Flips for its price.

        • @Kangal: Yeah I've seen his comparisons also…..but what you've highlighted isn't exactly an apples to apples type comparison. Also, he made a comparison of the Flip 3 vs the first UE Boom.
          Ultimately, I think that most reviewers out there state that the SOUND from the Flip 3 is better than the UE Boom 2, though it can't get as loud. Other things that they compare; stated battery life, water proofing, bluetooth range are all consistent with what is summarised in the Soundguys review. They all say that the UE Boom 2 provides more……but also that the UE costs more. If you want good sound from a little speaker, that costs less than the Boom, get the Flip 3….unless you really want water proofing etc.
          You yourself said "I don't need waterproofing, a splash-proof is more than enough." That again is a statement of preference.

        • @bluedez_man:
          Yes, but the thing is if I've compared my Flip 3 to the original and the new UE Boom.
          The Flip 3 is louder where it counts; mid-range.
          It's more dynamic and crisper, and quite-well rounded.

          The UE Boom can get louder… but in a very distorted sound.
          It makes you think, I paid all that $$$ for this quality ???
          The UE is better if you're outdoors, and there's a lot of ambient noises coming from traffic etc etc.
          It will sound bad, but at least you'll get enough loudness to enjoy it.
          The Flip 3 will be more prone to drowning out, so its quality won't be noticed.

          It's just a throwback to the age old concept; Loudness =/= Quality.

          You can get generic/chinese speakers that are Louder than some expensive Yamaha system.
          However, the Yamaha would be much better at every other metric, where it really counts.
          So everyone would know which is the better product.
          This is the same deal with the UE speakers…. except in this case, they are NOT cheaper but more expensive than their better quality competitors.

          Case in point:
          $29 vs $149

        • @Kangal: Dude…I'm honestly not arguing the merits of the UE Boom…..I'm stating that your analysis of the comparison I posted (as something to help the person who asked which one is better) was biased. I bought the Flip 3 after doing my own research and came to the same conclusions as you about the sound quality and it's value proposition.
          Also I don't believe that loudness means sound quality. I believe that quality is quality. I only stated above what most reviewers concluded on….that the UEs can get louder….I did not say it was better.

        • @bluedez_man:
          Well, you are wrong that it isn't an Apples to Apples comparison.
          They are direct competitors.

          Overall, your post wasn't quite clear.
          Especially with marketing out there which uses "Loudness = Quality" to sell products.
          I just wanted to clarify my stance.
          There's hundreds of articles saying the UE Boom is the best speaker bar none.
          Very few about the Flip 3, or any of the other alternatives that are better AND cheaper.

          Sorry if I came across as condescending, I just wanted to put my point across as best as possible.

          PS I got rid of the Flip 3. I rarely used it. My bro's car doesn't have a stereo so this was the perfect solution.
          I listen to music in the car, and have a Yamaha setup at home.

        • @Kangal: Mate…please read things before making comments about clarity. Also, why make the assumption that I believe that loudness is quality? I stated one gets louder than the other.

          As for the apples to apples…if you must argue, the reviewer you brought up in his post was not comparing the Flip 3 to the UE Boom 2. He compared it to the previous generation version.

          I am done with this….funny we are going on about this even though we BOTH believe the Flip 3 is the better if the two.

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          @bluedez_man: yeah I am really surprised by all these comparisons between the Flip 3 and Boom 1/2 because even in the US, they're priced differently and are not direct competitors.

          Flip 3 is to fill a small room, and competes with Roll 2; while the Charge 3 is the one competing with Boom 2 for large room speakers, hence the pricing.

          And JBL's product has been come out top in those two competitions.

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        I've the Xtreme. It's bulky and weighs ~ 2.5-3kgs or so, but has quite decent sound and bass and the battery lasts a very long time.
        It's perfect for the pools, the beach or a BBQ.

        • Exactly the reason why I'd want it :)

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      Check out this sound test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN2SvdeXXkA

      It's all subjective and better listened to in person but my prefernce is the JBL Flip III. So thanks OP, just bought one.

      Tell you what though OB and TGG sale denting my wallet, bought Lenovo A4 7" tablet yesterday for my son too.

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    Thanks TRENT was looking to buy one of these last week.

  • Damn more TRS stuff, my carry on luggage going get heavy :(

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    Great speaker! Ive had mine for almost a year, love it. Haven't seen them this cheap for a long while.

  • Thank god I sat on the fence with the jb deal earlier today! Kudos to OP, absolute blast of a find! ((:

  • The Clip 2 is cheap as well comes down to $47

    • Whats the sound like on that for a small speaker, good enough o hear in a 10m pool space?

      does sault degrade it over time?

  • My cousin had one of these at a party, really liked the quality. Just bought one, thanks OP!

  • Just got one, thanks

  • can you go to the store and mention the 20% off on ebay?
    i wanna get one this morning before i go on our weekend trip this arvo

    • Click and collect.

      • yeah, does it normally get ready for pick up same day? thanks

        • I just placed an order and it said it'll be ready at 3pm

        • Yep ordered a couple of hours ago, and it's now ready for pickup :).

        • I got an email within 10 minutes of buying to say its ready for pickup. Might just depend on your store and how busy they are.

  • Charge 3 is the way to go. Has a 20hr battery life and that 6000MAH battery can be used to charge a smartphone too. So juice up while you get down. The Charge 3 will give you the same battery life as the flip plus charge your smart phone and it has better bass than the flip 3.

    Charge 3 is $229 at JB with them only giving $10 off (Pitt Steet).

    • Charge 3 is actually $179 at JB for almost the whole month of Dec and until the 4th, cheaper at around $156 from The Good Guys after 20% discount.

  • Great speaker! Bought 2 a year ago for 99eah. Buy a pair and setup as stereo and blow any BT portable speaker away at this price point

  • Can anyone please tell me the pros and cons of the UE Boom 2 vs JBL Charge 3? They are similar price here but judging by comments above the Charge 3 has better sound? If so is there any advantage to the Boom other than full waterproof vs splashproof? Splashproof is good enough for me but I want good sound.

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      The Charge 3 has the same water resistance as the Boom 2.
      Charge 3 has better sound quality (based on research, not from my experience) and longer battery life. However, it appears to be larger than the boom, also doesn't have 360 degree sound, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing (good directional sound vs mediocre 360 deg sound).
      If the portability isn't an issue for you, I'd get the Charge 3.

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      charge 3 is not splash proof its water proof, i bought the flip 3 and im wishing i bought the charge 3 because it just seems to be lacking the lower freq. bass that the charge 3 has. charge 3 is best in price range just get it.

  • Cheers OP Got me 3 chrissy presents.

  • Does anyone know if when connecting a pair of these speakers there is a true stereo effect (different channels being sent to each speaker) or whether it is a replication of the same signal to each unit? thanks

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      Yes there is true stereo separation. However default setting for me was Party Mode which is just replication for louder sound. Once you connected two of the same models (two Flip 3 or two Charge 3) using the JBL Connect button, then use the JBL Connect app installed on your phone to connect to one of the speakers and change the connection mode between the two speakers to Stereo.

      • Thank you very much. I'm going to get a pair of these and Bluetooth connect to my amazon echo dot, 2 room audio streaming :) shame you can't connect more than 2 together!

  • When trying to apply the code on ebay, i'm getting the below error: We removed any vouchers you already applied. You can try using them on a future purchase.

    Can anyone please assist?

    • Are you paying with paypal? Not credit card

  • Hey guys, thoughts on the JBL Charge 3 vs the UE Megaboom for outdoor play? Just how good is the 360 sound?

  • damn it… sat on it too long… no local stock.. $8 shipping… still cheap though!

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      Damn,, I sat on it a day longer, and the deal's gone! Rookie error. I sure hope there's another TGG deal coming up…

  • Grabbed a Charge 3. Hope it's good.

    • u like it?

      • Absolutely love it. Bass is quite punchy and the overall sound is quite good. Very happy with the purchase. Don't know how the Flip 3 compares, but if the bass was any less than this Charge 3, I'd skip it. Oh yeah, they can get loud and fill a room quite well.

        Just thought I'd put this out there: Depending on the type of songs you listen to, sometimes the bass can drown out vocals and sound a bit muddy. I found this with a few songs where there was just a lot of bass - those rarely sound good through speakers though (unless you had a really good hifi setup).

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