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Asus UX303UA-C4037T Intel i5 6200U/8G Ram/256G SSD/13.3" Touch Screen (Refurbished) $789 Shipped @ CF Online


Asus Refurbished

  1. Tax invoice provided

  2. Australia stock and Australian Seller

  3. Quick Dispatch, shipped form Melbourne.

  4. Full 1 Year warranty (Asus Provide pickup and return).

  5. Refurbished by Asus Australia.

  6. Near new, may have slight blemishes, in full working order.

The Laptops have been fully refurbished by Asus to the highest possible standards. They are NOT refurbished by a third party. They have been resealed with the manufacturers sticker.
The laptops are in full working order and carry a full 1 Year Asus warranty.
As they are refurbished stock, there may be very minor surface marks on them and we have inspected several units and they look like new. These refurbished Notebook are re-packaged into brand new packaging (with a serial number and factory seal) , but the contents inside are in the highest possible condition.

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    The question that never gets answered on these posts is, what condition are the batteries in? Heavily used, lightly used or replaced during refurbishment?


      Rep never bothers to respond to questions, I'd be cautious about purchasing one. Having bought a Toshiba refurb in the past, and having to replace the battery within a few months, I'd say be prepared and have one spare!

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      Warranty period of battery:
      12 months warranty from the Date of Purchase.

      The way OP talks, you have a full Asus 1 year warranty - the agreement above…

      Though further down it states:

      This Warranty applies only if the Product was newly manufactured on the
      Date of Purchase and not sold as used, refurbished or manufacturing seconds.
      Please keep the original purchase invoice and this warranty card for future

      Overall it's fishy. OP is saying Asus covers it, Asus states in their terms they don't cover refurbs. If OP has indeed got some kind of private agreement with Asus where they honor the warranty agreement above, then it will be covered…

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        So I did a bit of digging. It looks like Asus refurbished products have their own separate warranty policy. Specifically, 6 months on batteries.

        However the sales rep just replied to me stating a 12 month warranty, battery included. Either what I found was outdated information, or the reps are just clueless on warranty regarding batteries.


          Good researching, I couldn't find anything like this anywhere….

          I wouldn't say 6 months is anything to worry about, that has been the approximate standard on new products for a fair few years - seems decent.
          Either way, OP saying the batteries are high quality and Asus saying 6 months warranty is enough that you have consumer law on your side if it is a crappy battery.

          Edit: To clarify, I mean 6 months is standard for batteries - not on the whole unit.


      most of the battery are lightly use, some even is brand new battery.
      Asus provide 1 year warranty, free pick up and return it any problem of laptop.
      we will provide tax invoice, and warranty is start form the days we invoice.


    Hi Reps, can you pls. bring Asus Zenboook UX305UA-FB021T deal back. It was posted here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/278342

    But I missed out


      it's out of stock, we might have some after middle January 2017.


    Nice! Just ordered one for kid, cheers.


    Full HD and backlit keyboard sounds good for the price.


    What's the weight for this? 1.7kg or 1.2?
    I got one with M5 was 1.2kg.


    is this win10 Home or Pro? I can't find on the listing.


      it's windows 10 Home


        Hi Rep, what's the weight for this model? 1.2 or 1.4kg? thanks!


          it's 1.4kg.
          for all UX303 is about 1.4kg , UX305 is about 1.2Kg


    Just bought one for my daughter at school. A refurb from Dell was still $1100 for the same specs. I had a refurb Asus a few years back and never had an issue with it, also had a special 1 year warranty.


    Just received Asus UX303UA-C4037T, ordered yesterday around 4:30pm, arrived today before midday!
    Solid quality I'd say my wife wouldn't tell it's a refurbished unit after I give it a good wipe and remove the refurbished sticker.
    Best well spent almost half price on a high quality device.