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Sony 12 Days of Christmas Day 7: ZR7 Wireless Speakers $199, HG1 Wireless Speakers $159 Delivered @ Sony Store


Day 7 of Sony's 12 days of Christmas sale. The ZR7 is selling for $382 at JB Hi-Fi. Please note you need to be logged into your account to see the discount. Free delivery is included. Enjoy :)

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  • +1

    This speaker…is this the same thing as a sound bar?

    • +3

      But with more functionality

    • +2

      I suppose you could think of it as a mini/cut down sound bar.

    • It's like a soundbar and Sonos speaker having a baby….
      wireless but with connectivity….

      • Sounds like the sound is better than Sonos? Hope someone can comment!

    • Has HDMI ARC so I assume it works as a sound bar.
      Also has the latest Bluetooth version BT4.2
      Has ethernet connection..
      Looks like a fairly decent and very functional thingy
      I'd buy it if I didn't already have plenty of BT speakers
      but apparently no battery so no portability.

      • True. It will sound nice, crisp and punchy which you miss with TV or hearing songs in living. But it wont sound comparable to the Sony soundbars with dedicated sub. You get what you pay for.

    • You can set up two of these as a stereo pair

  • Does anyone reckon we wil see anothrr tv deal this Christmas?

    • +1

      possibly for day 12 but quite unlikely for the other days

      • +3

        Buying a TV has been the worst bargain project yet.. I am looking forward to catching some whopper.. I can feel the line jiggling ;)

      • If they can do the X8000D deal again they'll get my $999

    • +2

      TVs are on sale as of today… I'm eyeing the 43"X8000D (which is currently not on sale)

      Model RRP -> Sale Price
      49" X7000D 4K HDR TV $1,599 -> $1,199
      55" X7000D 4K HDR TV $1,899 -> $1,399
      ——————- ——————- ——————-
      65" X7500D 4K HDR TV $3,199 -> $2,499
      ——————- ——————- ——————-
      43" X8000D 4K HDR TV (Silver) $1,799-> same
      49" X8000D 4K HDR TV $$2,099-> same
      ——————- ——————- ——————-
      55" X8500D 4K HDR TV $2,499 -> $1,999
      65" X8500D 4K HDR TV $3,699 -> $2,999
      75" X8500D 4K HDR TV $6,499 -> $4,999
      85" X8500D 4K HDR TV $10,999-> $9,999
      ——————- ——————- ——————-
      55" X9300D 4K HDR TV $3,299 -> $2,499
      65" X9300D 4K HDR TV $4,999 -> $3,999
      ——————- ——————- ——————-
      75" X9400D 4K HDR TV $8,499-> $7,499
      ——————- ——————- ——————-
      Z9D 4K HDR with Android TV -> $6,499 $4,999
      • +1

        2k more for 10 extra inches… some guys will pay for that .. but not in terms of TV's!

        • +1

          10" diagonally is heaps more TV panel in terms of area.

  • Anyone used these as rears for a Sony sound bar? (Especially the HG1s as there is no way I can run wires to the back of the couch so would use them when needed for movies, etc.)

    • Why will you do that? That would sound weird unless you have a 5.1 setup and have only surrounds at rear. Either get a decent 5.1 Sony soundbar which obviously costs more or leave it in front of the TV for better experience.

      • +5

        That makes no sense.

        • I read Gaggy's response about 8 times, and also could not make sense of it. I hope someone gives an actual answer to your question because I'm in the same boat.

        • I think you're good with the ZR7s McFly:

          Just make sure your soundbar is one of the compatible ones. I think its a no for the HG1s

        • @carlscott1982: I read it again and I could understand. Why will you do that => Dont do it. or simpl answer = No.

          It wont sound great. You only place surround sounds at the back or sides to create surround effect. Standard speakers are designed to be placed in front.
          Unless you have Sonos or other speakers where you can create similar scenario, answer is no.
          Hope that helps.

        • @carlscott1982:

          I think you're good with the ZR7s McFly:

          Yes, you got it right now. As you can see it is done when you are setting them as surround speaker, not putting them alone.

        • @Gaggy: That's what I'm talking about, which is why no one understood your post…

        • @carlscott1982: Yeah, I know it will work (actually both models do) but I'm after subjective experience with this setup.

        • @Gaggy: it doesn't help. Most surround speakers are actually no different from the front speakers in terms of their design.

          Where do you get your information from?

        • @elektron: Surroung speakers need not be very poweful as they only fill the room or sound when required.But bear in mind that you just don't place any speakers behind your couch to make them surround. If they are connected directly from your TV or Blu ray player, it will not give great experience. That's what I said initially and not sure why it was so difficult to understand for few.
          So surround speakers behind or parallel to your couch needs to either be connected from a AV receiver or with your soundbar (if it supports surround sound).

        • @Gaggy: You can't connect surround speakers to a TV or Blu-Ray player because most such devices only have a stereo out for direct connection to speakers. So any speakers you connect this way would act as L+R mains.

          Many surround packages (both cheap and expensive) include surround speakers that have exactly the same drivers as the stereo mains. What makes them surround is the signal sent from the receiver and, of course, their placement.

    • Hey McFly,
      I had a look at some reviews before getting the h.ear go speakers.
      Sound quality pretty good. Got a pair, but haven't found many places to put to good use just yet.
      They usually retail for $350 mark.
      Lot of fancy features.

  • +1

    any chance for vr deal?

    • would love that! or a vita deal :)

  • +1

    Better than the Bose Mini 2?
    I currently have the Bose (as TV speakers) but would like a bit more oomph.

    • I would say it will have decent sound, but if you want oomph like a proper soundbar, don't choose this.

      • Ok. Thanks.

  • Is there subwoofers to match the zr7?

    • No, but it has 2 mid's and 2 sub's inside already (although obviously limited due to size/power.)

  • The only audio output my tv has is the headphone jacks. Is it worth my coin buying the ZR7 as a soundbar to replace the tinny inbuilt tv speakers?

    • +4

      You just want someone to say "yes", don't you?

      • +1

        Haha yup. Like many other ozbargain deals, I did the old "buy now, think later".

        • +1

          Friend, I enjoy laid-back listening and exceptional quality High-Resolution Audio with the ZR7 wireless speaker.

          You shall too.

    • +1

      Better buy Logitech 2.1 posted here earlier if your TV does not even have HDMI.

    • -1

      Having just one is going to sound mono'ish. Two would be OK but now we're at $400…

  • Does anyone think they'll have a sale on monitors during this 12 day sale?

  • This (ZR7) better pair with HT-XT3

    • They can be paired? How? I am interested since I have HT-XT3.

    • +1

      I have both, does not pair as they can't be grouped. Hope an update on the XT3 will enable this, but since that model is discontinued I don't think that'll happen..

      The ZR7 actually packs a lot of oomph for it's size, just bought a second one to pair in stereo. I reckon it'll have similar bass levels as the XT3 with a slightly clearer sound.

      • Thanks, was contemplating of getting one if they can be paired. I am going to give it a miss then.

  • +1

    Sorry for noob question, are sony wireless speakers better sonos? Thanks

  • +1

    Got these for much more $$$ earlier this year; so for this price, they are excellent value (in this category and price range). If you buy 2 there is an extra 20% off the second speaker. Decent is sound bar speakers for TVs - with separate R and L channels - plug one in with HDMI ARC, and connect wirelessly (Sony SongPal app) to second speaker for stereo sound.

    • So essentially two ZR7 is for $360? How is audio quality of a pair of ZR7 compared to a single Sonos Play 3 to use it as soundbar and multiroom speaker?

    • Good to know. When adding 2 to cart it still shows the full discounted price x2 ($398). The reason I've considered this Sony speaker before (to enhance the sound of my 32" TV) is because it has HDMI and is really compact (most soundbars are 90cm which is fine under a 40" TV but looks odd under a 32"). Also, I considered bluetooth speakers before but since trying a few different BT headsets I must say the lag doesn't work for me when watching TV (I hate it when the sound is even a fraction out of sync). So HDMI for one and then wifi for a 2nd one, wouldn't that wireless step create a delay in sound? I assume the 2nd speaker needs to decode the wifi signal where it would cause a small delay?

    • Hey mate, I can't see the extra 20% off the 2nd speaker? In the cart it still says $398 when adding 2. Am I missing something?

    • Sorry correction, because they're extra special now, there isn't the 20% extra second speaker.

  • +1

    This or Bose Soundbar Mini II ?

  • Probably a stupid question, but is it possible to use this with your TV stereo speakers at the same time? i.e use the ZR7 for dialogue etc in movies

    Also is this needed for a Samsung 55" KU6300? Will be getting one of these for Xmas

  • Do they support AirPlay directly from iPhone (without having to go through the dedicated Sony App) ??

    • -1

      No airplay, just Bluetooth.

      • And WiFi

        • WiFi streaming directly from your iPhone? How would that work?

        • I believe you can connect the speaker to your wifi then use Songpal, google or spotify apps on your iphone to cast music

        • @bozbargain:

          uses their app - which connects to your local network, to all other speakers that are from the Sony ecosystem. much like how Sonos, Yamaha's Music Cast, etc

        • @Leonidas: Cheers, the only options I have with Spotify on iOS is to cast via Airplay or BT. The same for Apple Music. Am I missing something?

        • Not an iphone user so not 100% on this but I think it will only show spotify connect or google cast options if it detects a compatible device on your network

        • @Leonidas: I did some further reading, you can indeed add Spotify and other apps to your Songpal app so you're absolutely right that you can use wifi streaming on iPhones!

  • I have a Soniq TV used mainly for Google Cast and PS4 gaming. Should say the TV is pretty decent but the sound could do better.

    Should I get the ZR7? Will it help me with better sound or should I get a sound bar?

    • A traditional soundbar with subwoofer will probably give you a bit more bass. I still have the HTCT80 unpacked from last year since a) it's too wide for a 32" TV and b) the subwoofer would take up too much space (with a wire running to the soundbar as well). The ZR7 could sit on top of my wall-mounted TV or I might get a wall bracket (I noticed it has VESA holes on the back).

      • Thanks. Thought as much..Miss my Yamaha soundbar from the States. Oh well I will wait for a soundbar deal.

  • Is it possible to set this up to stream music from your pc to it via ethernet.

  • +1

    The fact that it now supports Chromecast Audio Multiroom sold it for me. Was actually tempted to buy one of each type, but I restrained.

  • If the primary use would be for the TV, should I bother with this (ZR7) or go for a proper soundbar? Wonder if they will go on the 12 day deal

    e.g http://store.sony.com.au/HTXT100.html#start=1

    • There won't be a "soundbar" on sale - says my crystal ball.

  • WOO HOOO!!!!

    Been hoping for an HG1 price drop in this series of deals.

    Picked one up cheap at Cashies a few weeks back and am dying to hear how things sound when I do a stereo setup in the main room.

    Thanks TA

  • dont forget 2.4% cash rewards!

    • +1

      2.4% of the full rrp too!

      • Pretty sure the rebate will be reduced to match the actual price paid before final processing.

  • Found a review of ZR5/7 in standalone, paired, and rear modes: http://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.php?subaction=showfull&id...

    Strange fact: Sony don't seem to want to publish the power output of the ZR7 (HG1 is 12+12W) - the only thing I could find is power consumption is 30W. Anyone who finds it is a better detective than me!

  • Can the ZR7 be paired to the HT-NT5 soundbar?

    • Yes, that's what's in my review link.

  • Can you still get the deal?

    Not showing as the cheaper price….

    • +1

      That big red EXPIRED at the top is a bit of a subtle giveaway…

  • +1

    i got the ZR7 delivered today. i bought it to replace a Sonos Play 1 which I bought a week ago. The Sonos 1 is very underwhelming by itself (might be better when paired with another one). The ZR7 definitely sounds superior - maybe because its stereo. The software is a bit clunky, not as polished as the Sonos.

  • +1

    Hooked mine up last night. Great as a soundbar but switching between Spotify over wifi and TV via ARC isn't exactly smooth (Spotify preferred connecting over BT). The Songpal app is a UI nightmare and quite buggy as well (although I was pleasantly surprised there's an EQ setting as well).

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