This was posted 4 years 10 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Voss Sparkling Water 800ml $3.70 @ Woolworths


OZB's favorite drink bottle is back on sale at Woolworth. Just Sparkling water 800ml on sale.

Not sure about the expiry of this deal.

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    I'll tap that!

  • Mouth watering deal!

  • Safe to leave in the car?

    • No

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        Why not?

        Cos the bottles so cool someone will steal the car just to get the bottle?

  • Not sure about the expiry

    water does not have an expiry date

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      not sure about the expiry of this deal

    • Yes, it does [or should]. The glass bottled water should be fine,but plastic bottles allow slow contamination as they are slightly porous.
      Whether it needs one is a different question.

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  • Should I clean my old one, or just chuck it and buy a new one?

    • You know what the right thing to do is

  • Cheaper at Dan Murphy's

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      Then why don't you post the deal? Hmm

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        Because it is expensive water. I don't see the value in buying it for the bottle.

        • Saw a glass water bottle being sold at woolies yesterday for $4.70. So it's a bargain for the bottle itself

        • @tdw: And what do I want with a glass bottle?

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          @sween64: would you like the r-rated response or the pg-13 one? ;)

  • This is my favourite bottled water for 70c

  • I use the smaller bottles as a drink bottle, but am not sure of what use the 800ml bottle has?

    I want it because it's a bargain - but what do people do with a glass bottle that large?

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      I might use it as a vase…

  • Dan Murphy is cheaper. Someone has posted a cheaper price ( although still not really a bargain)
    People keep saying a glass bottle, there are also plastic ones too, look the same shape.

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    I find it hysterical that people are negging a deal because you can get it a few cents cheaper from Dan Murphy; Woolworths might be more convenient but, hell, who wouldn't go miles out of your way to save a pittance. I generally avoid bottled water for myself, but if we have people coming over then having a few bottles of mineral water is better than serving them tap water cause nothing says "you are special" to your guests like serving them flat tap water. Personally I might get one of these for the bottle. I think having it on the desk might make me drink more water, which has the added benefit of hydrating me more and giving me more breaks whilst I go to the toilet. I had a glass water bottle but someone broke the bottom on it and put it back in the cupboard. I didn't notice the break until I tried to fill up the bottle and wondered why it wasn't filling.

    • geez - live up to your name much?

      (PS - great, helpful post) :)

  • bought one.

    New achievement unlocked.

  • It's on sale online, but at both Woolworths Arkaba and Woolworths Marion it is the regular price of $5 something.

    • you sure you were getting the sparkling. the non sparkling is $5

      • Probably not, that would explain it. I'll go again in the morning and pick one up, cheers :)

      • Went to go get the bottle this morning but they have discounted the still water to $4 for the 800ml version. I'd rather pay an extra 30c for still water as I don't like sparkling.

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          but we just buying it for the bottle. so dont matter to me if it has sparkling in it first up. subsequent top ups will be tap water. but since the difference is only 30cents for you. dont matter much I guess.