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LG 27UD58-B 27" UHD 3840x2160 IPS Monitor $399 + Shipping @ Shopping Express (Starts 26/12 2pm)

  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS monitor
  • Freesync
  • On-Screen control with screen Split 2.0
  • Game mode & Black stabilizer
  • HDMI 2.0 (x2) and DisplayPort

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    Thought that meant UNTIL 26/12 - Should stay "STARTS" in the title

    • Done, thanks.

    • Should stay "STARTS" in the title


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        Thanks for the contribution.

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    This monitor has audio pass through? Thinking to get it for ps4 pro but unsure how to set up for a monitor without audio jack.

    • +2

      What do u mean about audio jack? All the sound will support via HDMI. And it has 3.5 audio output as well

      • Good to know will look into this monitor

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          I have the same monitor with 34" 21:9 scale and 1440p on my PS4. It work pretty well with black balance

        • @ZombieLover:

          How much did you pay to get the LG 34"?

        • @arctan: $929
          Im using it as the monitor for macbook as well. With ps4 u can setup with 2 blank space at 2 sides or wider the image

    • HDMI transmits video and sound with the same cable

  • So this will work with new MacBook Pro?
    Will DP carry audio?

    • -2

      Every monitor will work with macbook. The only problem is display quality, but Apple is using LG panel as their main monitor so it is the best option if u r looking for a monitor with same display as your macbook.
      And display port doesn't support sound.

      • It's thunderbolt 3 that carries audio?

        • +2

          Yes thunderbold 3 support audio but that model doesn't have thunderbold 3.

      • +5

        Displayport definitely carries sound. I've been using audio through DP for 3 years now.

        • Mine doesn't:( maybe i got a bad quality cable

        • Oops, just realised this monitor doesn't have speakers - don't want to pay the $1400 price though from Apple for the LG monitor

        • +1

          @ZombieLover: All cables are the same (ish); people need to realise that just like HDMI cables there is literally no difference between a cheap cable and a Monster $50 one. Data is digital and perceived cable quality will not make a difference. If your monitor supports DP and has speakers then I'd look into audio settings on your computer.

          @yoyomablue: DP as a protocol definitely supports sound, even multi-channel audio. Of course its dependent on the monitor. All this info is on the official Displayport page here. If you were serious about audio anyways, you wouldn't use built in speakers. Although there are speakers on my monitor, I am using standalone studio monitors.

        • +1

          Either use the speakers on your laptop or dedicated ones. No point specifically getting a monitor with speakers as the built in speakers are all terrible. Case in point, any TV you buy regardless of price will sound like a tin can.

        • @epicttiimm:

          While I agree with your assessment of HDMI cables, my own personal experience with Display Port cables has been different.. Bought a 4K monitor earlier in the year, the included cable was a bit short so I purchased a longer (3mt cable) from MSY.

          Plugged it in, monitor ran at 30Hz, refused to go to 60Hz at 4K …

          Ended up buying a certified HBR support (High Bit Rate) at ~ 4X the price of the MSY one and voila, monitor ran at 60Hz.

          I do not believe HDMI has HBR type standards like DP, but a cheap HDMI cable with thin (or no) shielding may cause drop outs in certain circumstances where a slightly more expensive cable will not suffer the same issues (speaking from experience here as well).

          What is probably applicable for HDMI in terms of quality cabling is the length of the cable run. If you want to run a HDMI cable a long distance (>3mt) a higher quality cable is probably a safer bet.

        • @digitalaxon: Yes. You are absolutely right. Versioning on both HDMI and DP cables do not matter but a cable does need to be slightly different to support HBR (for DP) or Ethernet (for HDMI).

          While I do agree about longer length signal degradation for HDMI, it all depends on the quality you are expecting. High resolutions and high refresh rates with high colour bitrates do require good quality cables. For the average joe which just expects 1080p through the cable, even a cheapo 5m is fine (I've used a 7m cheapo HDMI with my PS4 for about 2 years now). It's only when you want 10m or longer cables is when you need an active cable or one with a booster.

        • -1

          @derfel.cadarn: the laptop is slid under desk, so speakers wouldn't be loud enough. I hate desk clutter, hence want inbuilt speakers.

  • been keeping an eye out for monitors for xboxoneS/scorpio. does this thing support hdr?

    • +2

      Basically no monitors do at the moment, you'll need a TV if you really want HDR in the near future.

  • +1

    I highly doubt that the price will include delivery as it is not mentioned either way. The heading should be amended until those details are clarified.

    • Done, thanks.

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    Does this really qualify as an Ozbargain deal tho? Previous ShoppingExpress deals have had very small quantities and can see it being more of the same..

    Even the posting guidelines say "As a guideline, less than 10 quantity of items is not enough for a deal unless the item has a high price."

    • +3

      Do you know if they have less than 10 available?

      • Would be good to know up front how many they have, to save wasting time on the day.

    • How do you know the quantity? If you have proof that it will be less than 10, then yes. It does not qualify to be posted and you can report.

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    Just a warning to NVIDIA gpu owners, this monitor is freesync so the feature only works with AMD graphic cards.

    Edit: Does OP know if there will be deal for gsync IPS monitors?

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    60Hz.. more more more

    • It's a 4K IPS monitor, even at 60Hz if it's well designed it's going to look better than most 144hz monitors. I paid a lot for my 144hz monitor and even though I can see the difference with that alien web page test I wish I got an expensive 60hz IPS panel instead.

      • It really depends what you use it for - 144hz monitors are really only if you want the best possible motion reproduction for a game (probably FPS will benefit the most). Even for typical games, an IPS panel may give a better experience simply because of higher contrast and better color reproduction.

        This is probably why freesync/gsync is popular - you can have a nice in-between of smooth apparent motion while having low framerates / IPS panels and high resolution panels due to not having to put out as many frames per second.

        My brother got a 144hz panel and to me the most annoying thing is the pixel response times aren't quite there (looks like after-images). Some monitors attempt to rectify this by strobing the backlight, but I haven't tried those yet. If I ever upgrade my monitor, I'd probably be looking at a 2k monitor with backlight strobe and a good freesync range, but I don't think I would prioritize getting 144hz as the top freesync range that much anymore, which opens up many more possible monitors.

        • Honestly you should plan to get both, if you do any work on a computer then you need another monitor anyway.

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    Heres the link to the email showing the voting results

  • Is this going to be AUD$399 or USD$399 ?

    • +5

      What do you think?

      • +1

        He has not got over the shock from underwhelming Black Friday Sales.

  • Considering it will be boxibg day sale, might some others doing great deals on monitors ….though this for $400 has me sold if they have the qty.

  • Ok

  • +1

    Awesome price!

  • +1

    I just bought the LG 27MU67 series monitor which has a DisplayPort, MiniDP and two HDMI ports to upgrade from a Dell IPS 2560x1440 monitor and I can vouch for the quality! The controls to change input are frustrating but otherwise the display is awesome. I got mine on clearance for around $120 more than this model from MSY. (They have very little stock left)

  • Does it support HDR?

    I'm considering getting one for PS4 Pro.

    It have 3.5mm audio out?

  • I want one but don't have room on my desk. I already have 2 monitors on my desk, a 24" and 25". I could put it on the right side but there would be no place to put my desktop.

    • +1

      Wall mount?

      • Not a fan of wall mounting for many reasons.

    • +4

      50 were made available, judging by your neg, you missed out?

      • +1

        omg apologies :| I clicked the wrong one

        And yeah I did get it actually sorry :(

      • I'd say there was more than 50 sold. I logged on at 2:35 purchased 2 without issue.

  • For those who are not aware..Was looking at GPU - came across this benchmark, didn't realise you'll you need a pretty good GPU to make the most of the high res - need a gtx 1080 which will will set you back $1k … I was planning to get the gtx 1060 which costs 300 but wont be playable on the ultra high res.

    But will be playing on wide quad HD 2560x1440 @ 50fps

    • +1

      i have a 1070 at 1440p and it goes fine easily gets 60fps in first person shooters and racing games

      • The problem is you need to render twice as many pixels for 4K than 1440p. Basically, it'll be roughly half the framerate (though of course you'll be able to save on AA)

  • Very keen on this monitor. Am thinking to buy an Intel Nuc i5 skylake to build a new PC. Anyone know if the i5 nuc can drive this UHD display? No gaming required.

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