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Big W Endeavour Hills VIC 20% off Everything


Big W Endeavour Hills VIC is sadly closing down on January 15. Currently everything is 20% off including sale items. Gift cards not included.

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  • Sad to hear. Anyone know which other stores are in the firing line by Big W?

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      "stores are in the firing line by Big W?"
      Endeavour Hills is one

      I once tried to get a job at the Big W, thankfully I didn't as their fortunes seem to be diminished since the internet came along.

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    Wow, that Big W has been there since forever.

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      I spoke to a staff member there yesterday who was devastated. Really sad.

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        Fortunately if it is one-off store then it may be easier for staff to be absorbed into other divisions unlike where lots of Masters staff were fighting for few jobs.

  • Sad for all the staff, went there last week and I'm from Perth. Sign outside looked old.

  • so if everything is 20% off what would be some of the best stuff to get with that kind of discount ??

  • Not really much in ways of electronics. I overheard one of the staff saying that they shipped off Ipads and Fitsbits to other stores already.

  • I've never heard of a Big W closing.

    Sign of things to come?

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      I guess there might be a few more here and there, but I always preferred big w over Kmart and target

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        Can't find any brand names at Kmart. Very low budget.

        Big W seems to be heading that way.

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      Yes, this was a flagship brand/store few years ago. The multi million paid executive has a simple strategy….shut down any thing that is not making profit..WOW has gone from being a stock to be had to a stock to dump. The group has lost Dicksmith, Masters, now looking at BigW. Not much left after this..may be time for WES to takeover….. Instead of looking at way to get back to profit the easy way is to sell, show strong bottom line…golden hand shake… over…

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        Management are all focussed on short term financial success to get their bonuses so they cut costs and sell off stores/businesses rather than be retailers in it for the long term. Something like Aldi would never work under their model while they are a slave to the share price and analysts (who are overrated - they can never predict, only try and explain what happened after the fact).

  • Just picked up Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 for just $39.20.

    Anyone find any gems there?

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