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20% off 12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership (Now $55.96) - New Subscribers Only


Hi All,

Sony have reduced Playstation Plus 12 month subscriptions by 20% for the next 9 days. Could make a good Christmas Present for someone else, or even for yourself!

No Coupon code required


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    Must be for new subscriptions only. Mine expires in a few days and won't let me purchase it as a renewal because I "already own Playstation Plus"

    Edit: Point 1 in the terms and conditions points that out…

    • Just to let everyone know, this deal expired 1.5 hours ago.
      It's back to its usual rip-off price of $70.

      I was going to pull the trigger thinking I have until 11.59pm midnight today, but it was only 10am London time.

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    I just renewed it last week :(

    • Same :(

      • Same :(

    • I renewed mine on the 4th. According to their FAQ:

      "You can cancel your purchase of a subscription service and request a refund to your PSN Wallet within 14 days from the initial transaction date, even after you start using the subscription. The refund will be reduced pro-rata for the period during which you used it."

      I have just requested my refund today (13 days). Afterwards I should be able to resubscribe at the discounted price. I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work.


      • How do you request for a refund? I'm in the same shoes

        • It was in the link above, but here's the info:

          "To request a refund, simply fill out our contact form at https://www.playstation.com/get-help/contact-form/ and select “refund request” from the drop down list in the PlayStation Network & Account section."

        • @jonomatic: Thanks mate

        • @jonomatic:

          doesn't seem to let me cancel at the moment - did it work for you?

        • @G Wok: Yes, a PlayStation rep replied to my request yesterday arvo and confirmed the refund. I then went onto the PS Store later that night on my PS4 and found the 12 month Sub for 20% off.


        • @jonomatic:
          Hi, Just a question
          How long did it take for Playstation to respond? And when you received your refund, did u receive $70 to ur wallet?

        • @AVeryKindGuy: It would have been no more than 8 hours. They responded at 6pm on a Saturday which I was very surprised about. Even after I initially received an automated email saying they were experiencing high contact volume. Yes they refunded it to my PS Wallet. I sent a follow up email at that time before I found out how to resubscribe at the discount which they are yet to respond to so perhaps they do not operate on Sunday. You can keep using PS Plus until they cancel it and this discount lasts a while so there is no rush.

        • @jonomatic:

          That's great - anyone else getting an error from the form page? Says unable to fulfil request at the moment

          "Oops we're having some trouble at the moment. Please try again later or contact playstation support 0203 538 2665"

          Is there an Australian number to refund from?

        • @jonomatic:
          Ok, So in the meantime while i wait for a response, i can still play multiplayer online?

        • @G Wok: try
          Phone (Australia Support) : 1300 365 911

        • @jonomatic:

          I've tried all weekend - no luck same error message. I wonder if they are blocking refund requests?

      • If you cancel don't you lose access to the free games you have received through membership?

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          Yes but only temporarily, I understand that once you resubscribe you gain access to them again. I personally have not tested this though.

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          @jonomatic: yeah you will

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          Shame you don't get the back catalogue though.

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    Can't help but think that Clause 1 in the T&C - "This PlayStation®Plus offer (“Offer”) is open to Sony Entertainment Network (“SEN”) (previously known as PlayStation®Network (“PSN”)) account holders who do not currently have a PS Plus subscription (“Eligible Persons”)." just completely ignores existing plus subscribers who would add a year to their subscription.

    Possibly should mention existing subscribers are excluded in the description.

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    Sony showing their loyal customers the middle finger again.

    • +4

      Yeah, does seem a bit shit.

    • -3

      This is so unfair… :(

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    Would have purchased it twice if it was open to current subscribers and allowed as many renewals as wanted. :(

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    I also received the same email. I've let my PS+ account lapse so I guess its them trying to get us to come back!

    This PlayStation®Plus offer (“Offer”) is open to Sony Entertainment Network (“SEN”) (previously known as PlayStation®Network (“PSN”)) account holders who do not currently have a PS Plus subscription (“Eligible Persons”).


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    I got the email - my Playstation Plus lapsed 2 months ago but, when I click on it, I also get the message that I "already own Playstation Plus" - but I do not!

    • +4

      Same happened to me when on my computer, but worked fine when I tried on my ps4.

      • yep - thanks for that :)

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    i thought i was special :p
    it turns out everyone receives the same email :D

  • Create a new account, trial for 14 days, make it you primary account then login with your own account, repeat when it expires. Free PSN. That's if you only want to play online. As for the rest of the benefits, you really have to buy a sub.

  • -2

    I've realised paying Sony or Microsoft a sub is a waste of money, especially after the recent price hike and piss poor PS+ games. I now only use my PS4 for single player games and beefed up my PC for online gaming

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      There wasn't a price hike in Aus. It's been $70 for a while, atleast theast 2 years I've been subbed.

    • +1

      I unsubbed about a year ago and haven't looked back. The crap games don't make it worth it, it also put the pressure on me to keep playing all the new games so my backlog kept growing.

      • +3

        The games aren't what you're paying for. That's bonus value. You're paying for online play and cloud save backups (which are extremely useful).

        • Everyone's different, the games are what I'm paying for. Never been a fan of multiplayer gaming, and I almost never buy games at launch so I find the sub useful. And I own a Vita. Paying around $6 a month for decent games I don't have is a good deal for me. But if they lose the free games, they lose me.

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    I let my subscription expire last month. How do I redeem this? I'm on holiday so can't log in via PS4. I tried just now through the web and it says the 12 month subscription is unavailable (at any price) because I don't have PS Plus… Wtf?

    • +3

      Try signing out of the store before using this link.

      Another thing to try is using the mobile store on your phone. Sometimes the store works differently and different page seem to show up on mobile.

  • Damn, my sub expires this weekend so I was super excited to see this but I'm now disappointed :(

    I wonder if I let it expire, I can still get on this? Seems unlikely though going by the other comments.

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    Perfect, my PS+ expired a week ago.

    I was able to re-subscribe at the discounted price.

  • Didnt work clicking through the email from sony. Got the error that I already have a subscription even though it had expired. Had to log onto the store through my ps4 and worked fine.

  • +1

    Awesome. My sub ended Wednesday, and I was looking for one of these. Luckily I waited.

    This surely comes with the 3 months Stan though right?

  • +1

    Sweet as bro

    • Houso houso houso!

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    Another company that doesn't value their existing customers…

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    Time and time again Sony just seem to do more damage than good when they run promotions. Why couldn't they allow existing members to at least buy one sub before the current one expires. Maybe good intentions but they come across very poorly to their loyal users.

  • Thanks for sharing ! Christmas comes early for me as mine is just coming up for renewal soon.

  • +2

    So bullshit, I only resubbed last week and now I can't stack this? Yep, way to give us the middle finger Sony.

  • +1

    When I followed the link on my mobile, I couldnt renew my lapsed sub, because I already owned the product.
    Then I logged into my PS4, opened the PS+ tab and I was presented with a renew option at the discounted price (in my case NZD 71.95 instead of the usual NZD 89.95)

    Thank you OP!

  • I'm new to PS4 and I took out the 14 day PS Plus free trial. I don't even qualify for this. So tell your mates who just got a PS4 to get this instead.

  • Thanks OP!

    My PS+ sub expired yesterday, received an email saying that payment for auto renewal failed (because I planned to wait to the new year before I renewed), but then this deal came along, and worked fine for me.

  • Wow was looking for this? Any deals to stack on top of this? Waiting to play Uncharted 4 Multiplayer.

  • Just renewed it 2 weeks ago, damn it!

  • But I moved from the states and my PSN is a US account. I think Ill have to create a new PSN account right? I can use both I suppose.

  • wow. mine expires on the 24th. that sucks.

  • on the PS4 mine comes up with $69.95 for 12 months and on the website it doesnt let me choose 12 months. it says "you are not able to purchase this product for the following reason: you do not own playstaion plus"

    i guess its only for expired users

    • ok i managed to get the 20% off by using the website. had to log out and search for playstation plus then click on the "PlayStation Plus: 1 Year Subscription - 20% Off" not the 12month membership one. logged back into my account when i was on the page and added it to cart

  • +3

    Existing members screwed. I wish I bought xbone instead of ps4. Much better deals. Sony are the stingiest kunce around.

  • Does this work using the prepaid top up cards?

  • Never had this membership before. Own a PS3 and hope to get a PS4 early next year.

    Is it normally $70?

    Is it worth the subscription?

    • Yes, it is worth it.
      Subscribe now and start collecting the PS4 games for when you buy one.

    • No it's not, only let's you keep the games if you have a current subscription. Stop paying and lose access to games. Start paying to access games again. This is only worth it if you need online gaming in your life

  • What does this do? What does PlayStation plus do for you if you don't have it?

    • +1

      If you have a PS4, it lets you play games online.

      For PS3/Vita, it lets you use cloud-backups of your game saves.

      For all, it gives you a few games each month.

      • +1

        So wait without it you cannot play multiplayer games at all? No online? No couch co op? Etc?

        • Offline multiplayer works (split-screen, same-screen, couch, etc) but nothing online.

          Effectively for Xbox One and PS4, Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are the same thing.

        • +1


          You're kidding me?? You have to pay Sony for the priviledge of playing BF1 etc online with a PS4??? Whereas I can play online for free with the PS3?

        • @Storm:

          Interesting. Sony saw MS was charging for online MP and followed suit.


          I've got a PS4 coming soon, so I'd better get this deal.

        • @Storm: ikr this is kind of bs but I can see why though maybe a bit overcharge considering the amount of players (server maintenance)

        • -1

          Yes it's a major ripoff

        • @Storm: I get any online games for pc and save my ps4 for offline~ it is bs

        • @mnermner:

          Only problem is, I'd have to build a new PC to handle BF1.

        • @Storm: ah right. I do most of my gaming on my laptop which only has integrated graphics but can handle most of what I throw at it

  • I can't seem to purchase it as it says "Not available for purchase" in the PSN store (online on my PC) even though I don't have an active PS+.

  • So guys what games have been offered for PS4 via Subscription has been worth the cost?

    • +1

      Rocket League and um.. that's it for me I think. I hate ps+, wish my friends were on pc

  • +3

    Having trouble getting this deal even with a lapsed account?

    On your computer
    Sign out of PSN
    Google 'Playstation plus 20% off Australia'
    find the official link similar to https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/reward_game/playstation-plus-1-year-subscription-20-off/#######
    Click 'Subscribe'
    Sign in

    Hope that helps.

    • Thanks for the tip. I tried it on my tablet and it worked.

    • Didn't need to sign out of PSN but it worked with this method!

  • How would you buy this as a gift?

  • Does Sony offer this 20% discount very often? Spent a bit too much lately, so hoping this deal comes up again sometime.

    • First time I've seen it. Keep in mind that the discounts on PSN cards occur occasionally and the PSN plus free games haven't been spectacularly or consistently good.

      • Yeah so the PS4 free games list for subscription has been pretty poor right? Compare to PS3.

        I was wondering if I have both systems then one PSN account should have subscription to both right?

        • yeah that's right but you don't need psn plus to play online for the ps3 but you get good games.
          You need it for ps4 to play online but you get shitty games.

  • +1

    Bloody sony! looks like the deal is over already. It says "not available for purchase"

    EDIT: had to sign out…..

  • I just saw on my Citibank AU credit card statement I got charged an international transaction fee when topping up my PSN wallet to pay for this!! I'm surprised given the transaction amount was in AUD? (usually I pay via PayPal but this time I thought I'd just debit my CC directly). Is this normal?

  • Deal ends today but turns out my current subscription lapses tomorrow :(

  • I'm considering buying PS4 Pro but not sure if I should subscribe for the coming year. Any advice?

    Pretty much only interested in the free games not the online bit.

    Deal expires tonight lol

  • What???! expired early? by 1 day?

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