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50% off Tontine, 20% off Russell Hobbs/Philips, Hover Blade Save $150, 20% off Select Toy Brands + MORE @Target Boxing Day Sales


50% off Sistema
30% off Decor
30% off Brita

Self care:
15% off all Electrical Grooming

30% off Monster High
40% off Sands Alive, Doh Vinci and Pom Pon Wow toys
50% off Finding Dory and Tsum Tsum
Hover Blade | Was $399 Now $ 249

20% off selected nursery sheets, blankets, wraps and bunny rugs

20% off all DVDs, Blu-ray and music CDs
20% off DVD box sets

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 16GB Wifi | Was $299 Now $229
20% OFF Moki, Philips and JBL headphones
25% off Belkin
25% off Gecko

Buy 2 get the 3rd free on all kids books

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2016

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Maybe just add that it's part of the Boxing Day sales in the title.

    • +2

      I can't. Literally have no room without removing some of the top savings…

  • +23

    Lol, just realised 400+ clicks, 4 upvotes and a report. That's the last time I'm putting in the effort to leak a catalogue haha

    • +6

      dont give up! )-:

    • +5

      Thank you, your effort is appreciated

    • +26

      Thanks, I really appreciate it :) I decided I'll keep going because I'm happy even if only 1 person benefits from my post.

    • +1

      A big plus and thanks as well.

    • +5

      Voted, even though there's nothing I like. Sometimes, we don't understand the amount of work people put into posting a deal.

    • +2

      166 upvotes and over 7,000 clicks now…
      we appreciate this - just that many of us aren't on here on a Sunday :)

  • Do you think online orders would also be at the price or is it only in store?

    • +6

      Online prices will be the same price as listed in the catalogue. Also take note that the online sale starts on the 25th.

      • any start time on 25th? just want to make sure i don't miss it 😀

        • 00:00:00 afaik.

        • Just tried it. Looks like you have to click via the catalogue to get the reduced price.

        • @vk2xxy: How did you get that to work? When I click on the deal pic, it just downloads a PDF file of the catalogue. Well, unless the deal has been updated (which it doesn't look like it has).

          Edit: Looks the link is clickable now without PDF file downloading.

        • @AussieDaddy: Went via the catalogue link on the Target home page. https://www.target.com.au/catalogues#page=catalogue&params=b...

          As a side note, ordered $121 of items (xbox controller and stereo headset) but the confirmation email is showing I was charged $137. My order details in my account is now also showing $137.

          Target customer service today said I ordered on the 25th but the catalogue finished on the 24th.

        • @vk2xxy: Nah, it's alright. The deal picture wasn't loading when I first made that comment, and somehow after 15 or so minutes it was OK, not sure if a mod fixed it or something.

        • @vk2xxy: Target have now refunded the difference. $16 looks so pitiful now.

  • +4

    thankyou - saw your post and upvoted.


  • +4

    50% Off Tontine is great! I wouldn't even bother mentioning 15% off iTunes cards since officeworks have them for 20% off everyday :)

    • +2

      Perfect, I'll remove that and add boxing day in the title!

      • +5

        Appreciate your work by the way :) Keep the Target deals coming early.

        • +1

          No problems and I sure will!

    • Does Tontine make good stuff ?

  • what price is the hoverblade ..
    currently $299 save $100 ..
    is it $249 save $150 from original price or
    $149 save $150 from current $299

    • $150 from the original price. I should've added that in the description, sorry!

    • are they still illegal?

  • Any specials for old Christmas stuff

    • +3

      Old Christmas stuff isn't in any future catalogues. I'm assuming they're going to be a silent discount where they slowly drop the price every week after Xmas until all the stock is cleared.

    • +1

      Christmas lights are showing 50% off online this morning so assume this is instore as well if you are interested.

  • +1

    Thanks nurries!

  • Thanks for the post OP.Your effort is apprecciated.

  • https://www.target.com.au/p/mother-s-choice-tempo-convertibl...

    is "Mother's Choice Tempo Convertible Booster" on Target Boxing Day Sales?

    • It is catalog for $150

  • Cheers OP. Just bought PS4 Lego Dimensions Starter Pack for $59 at Target's eBay store using free $10 eBay voucher from this deal:


    Worth checking Target catalogue offers on eBay for anyone who qualified for this deal too.

  • so what blu rays would this be ?

  • I got some Sands Alive but it's not right… It's just like sand, not sticky.

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