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seagate freeagent go 880gb z$126 officeworks


pretty good deal. the seagate go range also has 5 year warranty. in stores but not on the website yet.

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  • Morley OW has a few there.

  • First of all wrong link
    Second of all there isn't a 880GB freeagent go listed on seagate's site…

  • 5 year warranty is decent, from now on settle for nothing less than 5 years

  • is it really 880 GB in capacity?

    if someone can confirm ill give it a +, tis is cheaper than 750GB $129 WD deal posted a while back !!!

  • According to Seagate official website, only black colour is available for 880GB.

  • which store did the OP buy it from

  • btw, these are 12mm 2.5 inch drive as opposed to 9mm 2.5 inch ones, so can't simply pull the drive out of the case and stick it in your laptop.

    • how did you find out this?

      I could not see if in the spec.

      Also can you stick into a PS3?

      • google is your friend, and if you go into a shop and look at one and feel its weight, its pretty obvious. The 880gb and 1tb are both 12mm thick (at least the current generations ones are because they just added another platter in there rather than a higher storage density). They still uses the same sata connectors at the same places, the only difference is the thickness. Therefore if the PS3 has the space, it will work.

        • The PS3 shouldn't have space, I do believe the slot for the HDD is designed to fit snuggly with a standard drive which is 9mm thick.

          Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Any thoughts on the "pre installed software"?

    as intrusive as the WD stuff?

  • i just bought one today

    it's 880GB for $126. they didn't seem to know too much about it but they found it eventually. it's a gift but i've used freeagent go before, it's not as bad as WD

    so - it's a way better deal than the 750gb WD for 129 :)

  • I bought one. It is 880Gb with pre-existing software ready for install but i choose not to. I registered using the pre-existing link and format it. Btw it is thicker and heavier then other Freeagent go. It has no partition as well. good for backup.

  • Probably a dumb question but if they are thicker I take it they don't fit in the original Freeagent Go docking station?

  • I tried to grab this at OfficeWorks East Perth yesterday and was told it was $300.

  • I bought one today and opened it up. It has the standard SATA connectors on the HDD inside. It's quite a bit thicker than a standard 2.5" HDD at about 14mm. But it runs pretty cool and quiet.

  • More details can be found for the Freeagent Go range including the dimensions, etc here http://www.seagate.com/docs/pdf/datasheet/disc/ds_fa_go.pdf

  • I just picked up 2 of these from office works Artarmon :) awesome price they were listed as $126 and right next to them a 640 was going for $149 so umm BARGAIN price drive YEY!

  • I just got my one from Office Works: 880GB, $130 including delivery. Ordered it at late afternoon yesterday and got it today. Very quick delivery.

    Some quick reviews:
    - It comes with some backup software. Haven't tried yet. Cant be bothered much with it actually.
    - Very impressed at how quiet it runs, even when I write data onto it.
    - In case you wonder, it's thicker than normal 2.5" but still considered 2.5", ie. it is powered by the USB port

    I think it's quite a bargain.