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The Grand Tour Episode 1 Watch Now for Free via Amazon UK


Free to watch until Boxing Day. Let's see if it's any good.

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  • +12 votes

    The show is okay but it feels very forced compared to the old top gear and I can't see the results of the massive budget they've been given. When I heard the show was them just travelling to different countries each episode I thought it'd be like the specials they did on the old Top Gear where you get to see a lot of the country they are in and they do unique challenges to each location but the show is just 2 segments per episode and they don't really showcase the country at all. They also put in some very boring sequence where a celebrity "dies" each episode and James always has to ask "does that mean they aren't coming on?", ha ha ha….

    I really hope they can get the formula right in later episodes, this latest episode was quite good because they had some funny stuff in the studio and did a feature on classic Le Mans which was entertaining & informative but the last few episodes before it have been pretty much rubbish. The first episode free is pretty good though as the first episode was not too bad :)

    • +14 votes

      The American test driver sucks :|

    • My review from Amazon - (writing after ep. 2) Oh boy, will this never end? This stuff in Jordan is tedious, like a year 10 school video. Watching this you realise all the skills the BBC added to Top Gear. Foremost of those - producers/directors that can reign in the worst of the acting, scripting, plot lines (if you could call them that), or at least edit out the dud bits. I realise that part of the whole shtick is that it's supposedly three (of our) mates clowning around almost home video, back yard-like, so as to make it seem like any of us could be doing it, but I think they've gone a bit too 'Jackass' with it. Too much of the inane Hollywood style hitting, shooting, blowing things up, not enough British wit. We can see enough of the former in any low budget Hollywood action film.

      It's about like watching one of the alternate countries versions of Top Gear. The US one was watchable, the Australian mostly pitiful. Back to The Grand Tour - what's with the grouchy US test driver? The sourpuss act just does not work. Give us a Sabine Schmitt or the like. The stuff in the studio/tent is a shambles. Is Clarkson directing that as well as being the talent? If so, that doesn't work, they need a director and the three lads need to submit to the directors authority. The killing off of celebrity guests - ok, mildly funny the first one or two, now move on from that joke fellas. The standard of writing and directing needs to be much better - you're not making Lethal Weapon 7.

      Maybe everyone is just too knackered and jet lagged having to drag all the equipment around the world. I really don't understand what the show gains by this. The stuff in the studio/tent could be shot anywhere. There's a half hearted attempt to localise it, but not enough. Ep. 2 - Surely the obvious thing would be to have them build a ridiculous car to compete in the tire burnout competition? I'd rather see that than the Jordan bit which was feeble and way to long.

      Don't get me wrong, sometimes its good. Jeremy Clarkson, when in good form, can be very self depracratingly funny and witty. James May and Richard Hammond are very good side kicks/straight men to the big galoot. I'll keep watching, but boy it'd better get better than this.

      It feels like everyone is just taking all the Amazon largess and running all the way to the bank. One of the few good things is it streams in beautiful quality, unlike so much other Amazon video - and that is annoying because they can obviously achieve good quality when it suits them, so what is going on the rest of the time? Do they deliberately strangle bandwidth for less popular content? I signed up for Prime to watch this show, but I'd like to get my moneys worth with other content please Amazon. You really need to open the taps for all content, not just the big money spinners. It is surprising because Amazon usually do everything extremely well.

      Last episode streamed in rubbish quality, despite my 50Mbps NBN. It's very like watching one too many series of Mythbusters. Good fun at first, but theirs only so much stuff you can blow up before it gets tedious.

    • feels very forced compared to the old top gear

      Top Gear has always been incredibly fabricated and stage. It's the car equivalent of WWE, 100% fake/scripted dialogue and far too cringe worthy to sit through.

      • Top Gear has always been incredibly fabricated and stage

        Yes it is always fabricated/staged but if you watch the grand tour you will see it is even more-so.

    • Yeah I probably wouldn't pay to watch it. But I don't pay to watch any TV, so I'll be watching all the episodes anyway.

  • Worth it just for the opening 5min on the first ep

  • Any hardcore fan would have already watched this by now

    They did the stupidest thing by not releasing it worldwide at the same time, which would have encouraged many to get a subscription. Just asking for the show to be pirated.

    Amazon can now shove it

    • They have released it worldwide at the same time.

      You can subscribe to Prime in other countries and when Prime is officially in Australia next year they will port you over to the Australian Prime service.

    • This is one of the shows that they want people to pirate. Every episode starts with the Amazon on demand splash screen, that right there is your ad because many people don't even really know Amazon make their own TV shows now or even have their own streaming service.

      • That's an interesting take on it - does make sense if you think about it though

      • No, they don't want people to pirate their huge budget show just to get some awareness in the tiny market of Australia… They put that on everything they produce (which is quite a lot now), so they want you to pirate everything then?

        • Pirate now, subscribe later this year when Amazon open in Australia and Prime becomes worth a damn.

        • @AustriaBargain: No… They could have just made it free to stream on their own website (getting people used to visiting) if that was true.

          I couldn't care less if you want to pirate a show, but the people trying to justify it to themselves by claiming the companies want you to do it are just delusional!

        • HBO do the same thing, the most pirated show on Earth and suddenly HBO seems more relevant than ever, despite being a cable network. If The Grand Tour can become as pirated as Top Gear was back when it was still on, then the Amazon execs would be popping the champaign.

        • @AustriaBargain: I give in - you're right. Every TV, movie and music production company want us to steal their products because it makes them "more relevant than ever". I'll never buy media again.

  • +2 votes

    It doesn't get genuinely good until the third episode. The first 2 are a poor attempt but its defintely a return to form after that. anyone who hasn't seen it I'd encourage to stick with it. Episode 4 is a great laugh. Personal opinion of course

    • 2 was a bit of a let down, the rest have been good.

    • The latest ep is good, the xmas presents bit was initially scripted but goes unscripted, and mays piece on the GT40 was unreal.

    • Completely agree. The first 2 eps were a disappointment but every subsequent episode has been better than the last. Especially 4 5, 6 have been great.

  • Been travelling since this was released so haven't managed to catch any of it - thanks OP, something to watch over breakfast :)

  • Should have called the show Carbon Copy

  • Have they reviewed the Tesla Model S P90/100D yet?

  • If I subscribe to the Prime trial, will I be able to view all the episodes?

  • How can I watch in HD on my android 4k hdr tv?

  • Just watched the first episode!! Very good and enjoyable on Boxing day!! The celebrity segment in the middle was very funny!!!