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Salmon $8.97/kg, Fresh Snapper $9/kg, Fresh Hoki $6.40 @ Woolworths (Nundah QLD)


More details in the picture. They said there was at least 10 kg box of salmon left not including what's in the cabinet.

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  • Oh thank goodness it met the minimum quantity of 10

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    Adam Ruins Everything - The Awful Truth About Salmon and Tuna - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MmWCHFq0BA

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      artificial colouring of farmed salmon is old news. that dude is about 10 years too late

      • yeah, it isn't just the coluring, it's what they feed high-density factory farmed fish too (including the use of antibiotics)

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          And occasionally rogue GMO salmon

        • We don't get good quality affordable wild salmon here in Oz unfortunately. Don't have much choice than the farm tassie ones. They do have strict quality controls though but i understand it's not perfect.

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          @Bargaingeek: Ours is a lot stricter than Chilean farmed salmon. And the benefits of eating farmed salmon 3x time a week far outweighs cons.

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          Antibiotics are banned in fish farming in Australia. This is why we only buy Australian or NZ seafood.

        • @Lenneth: it's not banned. Huon use it when their fish get sick.

          Ora king brand don't use antibiotics

        • Sorry I got mixed up with chickens which Australia doesnt use antibiotics on. But still, I'd rather have antibiotics in my fish than sewerage.

    • Tassie salmon farming was investigated by 4 Corners weeks back. That covers the local salmon in this deal - more relevant & up to date, but not funny like Adam. Suddenly there are changes in feed supplements at Tassal.

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        It never ends, now there is a debate if the natural feed will be GMO or non GMO. I highly doubt Tassal will ever disclose the details. Fact is corporations always look to maximise profits even if it's at human cost.

        There is also research that synthetic feeds are no different than natural ones so who knows.

        Best salmon would be wild salmon like the Alaska one but too expensive to get here.

        Technically we can introduce Salmon to our rivers and oceans but Government will never allow that

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          Pollution from uneaten food & waste products in certain waterways is a big issue. Very hard to avoid that using pens, especially where currents & weather does not provide adequate flushing . But Tassal promotes it's ecological status & WWF logo.

          At Hobart Museum in the early 1990s, I raised the issue of Atlantic Salmon being a potential pest species. The fish showed attributes common to pest species in my opinion. A very controversial issue for a small State trading on environmental credentials & wanting to create more jobs & income. The discussion was promptly shut down.

          Recreational fishers I talked with on Bruny Island complained of catching "nothing but bloody salmon". So many were escaping their pens & voraciously feeding - taking over native habitat. I did my best to eat as many of those escapees as I could.

          Not sure if you are advocating for these to displace our native fish??

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          So you're saying in Tassie rivers right now you can easily fish for escaped Salmon ?

          If it means endless supply of fresh Wild Salmon, then yes bring it on (screw the native fish tastes crap anyway)

        • Ora king salmon is afaik, chinook from Alaska that has been farmed with best practices, in NZ

  • Xmas Salmon? Trying to get rid of old stock.

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    yeah , fresh frozen and thawed for convenience.

  • Perfect to make some salmon terrine or pâté.

  • wow

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    Salmon $24.00/kg, Fresh Snapper $15/kg @ Woolies near me - (NSW Tweed)

    • It's a store specific special - likely to clear excess Xmas stock.
      Will be manager mark down. Other stores may have surplus stock at different prices.

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      You must be in a rich suburb, only poor/trash suburbs get the $7/KG Salmon deal :/

  • expiry date is 29-12-16