This was posted 5 years 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ASUS ROG G752VS 17.3" Gaming Laptop for $3069 + $11.20 Shipping to Melbourne @ Shopping Express ($930 off)


in a typical Ozbargain spirits, after buying a metabox form Kong computers i started looking for "best" gaming laptops and this came up. pretty much the similar specs as Metabox 17" but this one includes;

extra 16gb of ram ($119 at MSY)
internal Bluray writer (not sure of the value) ($139 for external at Kong)
windows 10 OS ($139 at Kong)
sub woofer (missing on the Metabox, not sure of the value)
8cell battery (vs 4 cell battery on the Metabox)
USB3.1-Type C(Gen2) with Thunderbolt

if you added the extras at Kong the total comes to $2866 (missing sub woofer, battery and the TB port), so about $224 more for Asus Brand and the looks(subjective).

should be a good one for some gamers. limited 1 per person

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    GTX 1070. The most important detail in a gaming laptop is the GPU spec.

    Alienware refurb is my current pick, will upgrade when I can get a 17" with 1070 for <$2000.

    • Yeah agreed but it is the same as the recent metabox deal so I didn't see it as a point of difference

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  • Given Xbox one is so cheap, I just wonder whether it is worth thousands of dollars for a GAME laptop? What are the unique games or experiences?

    • I was due for a new laptop after selling my MacBook pro, didn't really want to spend ridiculous amount of money on apple again as I am moving away from apple ( first the phone and now computer). Metabox provided very decent specs for gaming, potential/flexibility for future expansion, should be good for unity game development which I want to start learning and good for my GIS stuff.

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      the key question is whether you will use the laptop for other things besides gaming
      i.e. doing taxes, watching porntube, video editing, checking your email, browsing ozbargain and most importantly, taking it with you to school/work/holiday

      if you dont need the mobility then it might be more worth building an iTX small form factor PC. thats roughly 20-40% BIGGER than an xbox but easily much more powerful and half the cost of a laptop

      because the key benefit is that beastly 1070GPU

      and even at that point if the performance is not important for you, then you might want to consider that the upfront cost of an xbox is only $299, but you have to pay to add controllers, increase storage, pay for Live just to have MP and then your games are about 30% more expensive with worse graphics

      the benefit is that local co op multiplayer support ….and thats about it

      • I have the consols. This is good for other works, GIS, number crunching and obviously gaming. I have a desktop but it is hard to socialise with family with a desktop

        • thats why i said the console has its uses but its usually limited to the benefit of being able to play with people sitting on your couch

      • "it might be more worth building an iTX small form factor PC" - can you expand on this OP? I am looking into upgrading my gaming PC & want to get the best bang for my buck. If you had a budget of $2k, what could you realistically get?

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          i would highly reccommend visiting whirlpool forums for some australian based help

          or to help pick out parts, but then you would need to visit a few australian shops to get local prices which will always be about 25% higher

 is also a good price comparison site to start things off but it wont have the bargains that comes up on ozbargain every now and then for stuff like SSDs

          anyway, with ITX the difference is that its just a smaller sized PC compared to what you would think of as traditionally "huge" pc boxes

          the idea is that you want something smaller, but am willing to accept something larger than an XBOX. people usually use these as home thearter PCs (HTPCs) becuase of the size. you connect it up to the TV and do all your computing and tv/netflix/pirated movie watching from the comfort of your couch

          but because its a PC, you have the option to add a GPU and play games as well

          However keep in mind because its smaller, it will limit you in things like, PCI expansion slots (so you can only have 1 GPU and no other PCI devices), some of the motherboards are not as feature packed but will do the bare essentials (e.g. wifi may not be standard), you may be limited to 2-4 ram slots only, and because of physical limitations your cooling options are limited to the small stuff.

          ITX isnt necessarily cheaper because of the formfactor, its cheaper because you can only upgrade it so much (relatively speaking)
          That being said you can build a standard ATX sized pc for the same money with the exact same performance

          The whole point is whether you want a small PC case or can live with a larger one (remember a standard ATX PC can still fit in something as small as a case of beer)

          in any case, for 2 grand you have a TON of options

          if its for gaming, you dont even need to buy the latest and greatest CPU. its been proven that a first generation core i7 920 from 5 years ago still doesnt bottleneck gaming. You really just need a decent graphics card.

          So the reccomendation is a gtx 1070 (theres been a few bargains here on OZB so do a search) roughly $550AUD
          you need a motherboard, you can get one between $100-$150 (asus/gigabyte) let the guys in the forum above reccomend you one
          THe motherboard needs to match the CPU. so if you can find a core i5 or i7 skylake cpu (begins with 6xxx) that would be the 2016 latest
          2017 has kaby lake processors, but i wont reccomend it for the money.
          If youre lucky and can find the 5xxx series intel CPUs and the price is substantially cheaper than a skylake, then get that (just make sure the motherboard suits it)

          in fact i probably reccomend just getting skylake since its practically getting superceded and youll find stock easier

          mobo + CPu is probably 300-$400 combined, for NEW. you will get it cheaper if you find one second hand

          then comes ram, if you care about warranty. just get minimum 8gbs - 16gbs of ram. dont pay more than $100 for 8gb ram or more than $190 for 16gb (if buying in bulk)
          MSY and PCCG (pc case gear) for local stock
          DDR3 is more than enough for most people, you dont really need to fork out extra for ddr4
          or buy it from amazon when theres a sale

          then cooling. My reccommendation would simply to go to MSY and buy a corsair h100i for $110ish dollars (check gumtree and ebay first)
          it will give you super easy install water cooling with fans
          you can upgrade the fans to silent ones for around 15 each. cheaper if you can find SP120 fans cheaper, comes in many colours

          Power supply. Can go wrong with corsair series
          But depends on whether you want to get a really good one ($200~) or cheap out on it ($100-150 ish)
          the most important thing is making sure the powersupply is powerful enough for the components you pick. so lets say 600-750watts depending on what you are buying and how future proofed you want it to be.

          here is a list. i would highly recommend someone to reccomend you one after you list out your parts (use whirlpool for that) you dont wanna get this wrong. but once you figure out the correct wattage, its up to you whether you want the AX/HX/CS series, or the cheaper RM/CX series or one of the other brands. just get the modular cable ones cause it will give you a cleaner cabling

          And then storage. The motherboard you pick should have plenty of Sata ports. assuming you already have hard drives from ur old PC, you can still bring them over to the new one. Get new 3.5" drives from MSY if you cant be bothered waiting for a sale
          But more importantly please get a new SSD if you havent gotten one yet
          i reccomend at least a 250/256gb ssd from Sandisk or Samsung. dont get the other brands like kingston or OCZ. they are not as reliable as the first two and Intel are really expensive.
          Watch out on ozbargain for sales of ssds

          you can get a 980gb sandisk ultra II for $240 these days during a sale which is kinda insane to think about

          Finally, case. There are literally so many to pick from i wouldnt know where to start. I would simply browse PCCG for the various options for the size and style you like

          a few things to consider:
          - does the case fit your Motherboard (i.e. ITX/ATX)
          - does it fit your GPU
          - does it fit the corsair h100i radiator
          - do you like the size and look of it
          - do you like where the hard drives and the mess of cables are going to be located
          - is the price ok?

          brand wise, antec. corsair, lian li, NZXT, fractal design and some cooler master cases are good brands

          i personally use lian li and corsair. but i would reccomend a corsair or NZXT as i believe their quality is top notch and you get a clean look with modern features like magnetic dust filters that are so easy to remove and clean.

          PM me if you want more help. i love this stuff

        • @furythree: WOW! Just saw your amazing response, you've blown me away with all this detail and I will study it carefully over the coming days. Definitely given me some food for thought in building my next gaming PC - many, many thanks for your help :) :)

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          @thefish: no problem

          building a pc is half the fun. the other is using it of course

          head over to reddits/r/buildapc or/r/pcmasterrace if you want more help and dank memes

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      good spotting, but this one has an extra 16gb RAM, total 32gb

      • ROG gaming laptops have 4 slots, so it is easy to install another 16,

        That's if you actually need 32… 16GB is more than enough for high-end gaming and using Chrome at the same time.

        • Yep, 16gb will allow you to keep your tabs open on Chrome. Just.

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          @yojabbajabba: I have this laptop with 16GB version and i can play witcher 3, dota 2 ,a use chrome with more than 10 tabs open at the same time with 9GB of used RAM, so i would say 16GB is enough,

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    +1 for the effort.

    I had this Laptop (Previous Model) trust me it is one of the best laptop I have ever used. That Laptop was a tough SOB. Dropped it from the table once on a concrete floor not a single dent or scratch on the surface. Accidentally spilled coke once on it took the battery out and cleaned it with the slightly wet cloth and left it overnight in front of the heater, next day worked like a charm. Seriously Asus G75 has premium build quality and amazing performance. I want to buy the new model with 1070 graphics just waiting for the price drop which is unlikely or I will buy it before going to overseas to claim tax at the airport to get it slightly cheaper.

    • also asus have world wide warranty (my laptop did) , i broke power connector (my fault) on mine ….. asus service centre fixed while i waited as they had parts in stock,was out in an hour with laptop fixed .

      people seem concerned about warranty and how quick things are fixed on $500 phone ….. i'd be more concerned about a $2000 laptop.

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    I have had a horrid experience returning something faulty to Shopping Express, so I'd advise against them unless the price is far lower. Since it's not, I'd say no deal. Buy the centrecom or MSY one as they are far cheaper.

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      I'm curious to hear your experience with Shopping Express.
      I just send back a DOA Asus ROG just yesterday :/

      • Basically my monitor was dead on arrival, and after I tested it with multiple computers and cables, I sent it back. Shopping Express/FuTu went dark, and when I rung them, they said it was working (but refused to prove it) and only offered me a fraction of the price back. I had bought it through eBay, so luckily eBay found in my favour and refunded me fully.

        Hopefully you'll get a better experience.

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          Currently going through the same experience with a monitor atm… sigh

          Be glad your purchase was only a $400 one

        • Fair enough. I thought OzBargain community had nothing but rave reviews about SE. They used to post a lot of deals themselves which seemed to have died off.

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      Yes agree with you. I would rather buy it from trusted retailers like MSY or Wireless1

  • Anyone had issues with older models? I bought one a few years ago and had a screen issue out of the box, MSY refunded straight away as it was a common problem apparently.

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