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ThinkPad Yoga 460 / i5-6200u 8GB / 14" FHD / 128GB SSD / 2GB Nvidia / $959 Shipped @ Lenovo (Upgrade to 256GB SSD & WQHD $1059)

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Please note there are separate landing pages for each ThinkPad (see below). Apply the appropriate coupon at checkout to get the discount. For just $100 more, you can upgrade to the 256GB SSD & WQHD version of the Yoga, but you do lose the dedicated graphics. Ends 11:59pm AEDT Sunday. Feel free to call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 with questions during business hours. Enjoy :)


Yoga 460 128GB SSD FHD $959 (use coupon TA-YOGA-959)
Yoga 460 256GB SSD WQHD $1059 (use coupon TA-YOGA-1059)


  • Intel Core i5-6200U CPU
  • 14" FHD (1920x1080) IPS
  • 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SODIMM
  • 128GB SSD SATA3
  • Backlit keyboard
  • ThinkPad Pen Pro

Use Cashrewards for 7% cashback. Click here for $959 or here for $1059

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  • Bring back the 900S deal…!

    • +1

      You could always try messaging/calling a representative and asking to negotiate for the same deal. Worked for me.

      • Oh yes good idea thanks

      • +1

        What did you say to them to get them to drop the price? They just kept telling me the sale is over and they can't offer the same or a similar price.

    • Link pls ..

  • Can anyone tell me what is the main difference between something like this and the XPS 13? Is the XPS more powerful? All I can make of specs is that this has an i5 and the mid-high end XPS 13 have i7.

    • +1

      i7 is more powerful than i5 but this has discrete graphics card. Also the XPS has better build quality.

      The performance amongst devices in this form factor is extremely variable due to throttling when it comes to sustained performance though.

    • +1

      Weight, durability, build quality. Plus you don't have the function and control keys swapped ;-)

    • The looking of XPS's screen is better and the laptop is smaller and lighter, but the screen is fragile easy to break comparing to this Yoga

    • +1

      The XPS is twice the price though? I was considering the XPS, but should I just spend $1k and look for beer specials?

      • +1

        There have been some deals recently on OzBargain, e.g. microsoft store had one for around $1200 in november + cash rewards. Also Dell outlet has some deals now and then, and ebay 20% off. I'd only want to spend around 2k at the absolute most on an XPS and would like to have the QHD/4K touchscreen at that price.

        The reason I like it is due to the build quality and how small and lightweight it is. It seems pretty powerful, and the thunderbolt port allows for plugging in a GPU for extra power if needed for any reason in the future. I keep my laptops for 5+ years so that is a good thing to me.

  • +1

    Any deals for yoga 710 or 910?

  • Always spot on deals from TA. This is a good deal I recently brought a i7 460 yoga from the Lenovo over xmas with their specials which run out on the 6th. Same Yoga with TA deal works out to be $140 cheaper thumbs up

  • +1

    im using thinkpad yoga 14, i rekon its to heavy, almost 2.3kg, tablet mode is competely useless

  • I can't find any info on the "2GB Nvidia " - what is the card? If it's a 960m, i'll buy it in a heartbeat. 940m - i'll think about it. 920m - probably wouldn't buy it.

    • +2

      Says under the specs page: NVIDIA® GeForce® 940M 2GB. I would wait after CES and check out the refurbished designs.

    • +3
  • was waiting for this on deal since missed the couple previous. Thanks for posting. bought 1.

  • Can some one explain why people would want to flip their notebook into tent mode and then need to flip it back when they want to use their keyboard? Why not just keep it in laptop mode?

    • Photoshop/graphic design perhaps. It's a very niche feature.

    • Watching movies in an airplane

    • Tent mode comes in handy when you wanna play a video in the kitchen or something. I can't always guarantee the bench is clean, so the chassis barely touches anything.

      It's a very niche feature indeed. I use it in stand mode most of the time. I like to record gameplay footage (I play on a monitor instead of a tv). I can touch the screen to control whatever I need, and the chassis is out of the way as it sits under my monitor. It leaves my desk free to house my keyboard for the pc as well. I offload the processing to this laptop when I'm capturing pc footage.

      • Tent mode would be useful in this situation.

    • Why not just keep it in laptop mode?

      The screen is the width of the keyboard half-of-the-laptop further away from you in laptop configuration.

    • when i'm studying, i sometimes wish the keyboard wasn't in the way as I have a book open between myself and the monitor.
      I would find a tent-able laptop to be a useful feature :)

      • Yes, I can imagine this being very useful.

  • Is it relatively easy or difficult to replace the SSD with something of a larger capacity? I like the graphics on the 460, but 128GB….

    • +1

      I got two of these earlier in the year (contemplating a third now :p), and I upgraded the original hard drives to Samsung 850 PROs… There are tutorial videos around. It really depends on how comfortable you are with doing this.

      EDIT: I got them last year. Damn new year :p

      • I see it's a $99 upgrade to 256, so not bad.

        Can I ask what you use it for?

        I'm scouting for something for my daughter who is going to be studying gaming arts/graphic design.

        Anyone who knows if this would suit, please pipe in? I have until Feb. to purchase & wondering if I ought ought to grab this or wait it out….


        • +1

          I posted above with my main use, but I use it to draw as well. The stylus is pretty crap when you wanna draw with accuracy, but it's really handy when you wanna just slide things around in photoshop, pain gradients, etc. It's perfectly fine for an amateur.

          I'd honestly jump on this deal. I got a better deal than this when I got mine (Thanks TA :D), but it's never been that low again, but this is probably the closest you will ever see.

          I'd recommend the 940M model as well. I can actually run the newest games (somehow) at a decent frame rate. I had a potato of a laptop back when I was studying digital media some 10 years ago. I would have killed to have this baby

        • If your daughter wants accuracy, I can recommend an iPad pro. I use it in combination with Duet for my Thinkpad, and Astropad for my Mac. I wouldn't quite recommend an iPad on its own though. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are just too good to not use. The iPad is a much cheaper alternative to using Wacom products, but the MobileStudo Pro is everything in one. https://buywacom.com.au/products/creative-pen-displays.html. It's just really expensive

        • @sephiris: Hi. Does your computer have the Lag issue where it starts to lag when battery is low and charger is plugged in. The one I bought wouldn't turn on for the whole day if completely drained (battery at 7% auto shutdown). I would have to charge it fully and then reset the battery and let it sit for a few hours to get it going.

          Somehow I always felt the issue was hard drive related not motherboard as insisted by lenovo. If this was a one off I might give it another go.

        • I'm doing a games degree at uni and the programs I mainly use are Unity, Photoshop and Illustrator, which will definitely run well on this system. Unless she actually wants to play games, this'll be fine. I recently bought the 900s FYI

        • @El Grande:
          Hi el grande, I have been using this laptop for about 6 months and also experiencing this very annoying issue. I found that when the battery is really low and I plug in the power the CPU gets throtttled to about 0.4 GHz (according to the performance tab in task manager).

          After a bit of googling I came across a few posts describing the same issue, one of which recommended downloading a program called ThrottleStop and using it to disable something called BD PROCHOT. This has been working for me.

          Hope this helps.

        • @shack05:

          @El Grande:

          I can't say I have this issue on either of them, but I very rarely actually have it unplugged for that long. I have updated my BIOS though, so I have a lovely red logo when I'm booting up. I upgraded the BIOS when Microsoft released a forced update that literally broke my graphics drivers. I thought the laptop was being faulty, but it was just Microsoft being crap. At least the BIOS got updated, I guess.

          I have however constantly let it run flat while I'm not using it, but I never have issues using it once I plug it back in again. It's fine for immediate use

        • @shack05: Does throttle stop fix the issue permanently or do you have to run it every time?

          I ran dignostics when it was lagging and it showed MB failure. Email Lenovo and they offered refund straight away. I actually wanted a replacement so it made me feel as if they know about the problem. Its a good computer though if it works which is making me wonder if I should try a second time?

        • @El Grande:
          Yes I do have to run it each time but you can probably set the program to open on startup and then set up a hot key to toggle profiles but I never bothered.

          Also, updating to the latest bios did not fix the issue for me unfortunately.

          Can I ask what diagnostics you ran to show mb failure, is be interested to see if I get the same. Thanks!

        • +1


          Go to support.lenovo.com

          Enter your service tag.

          Update all drivers.


          Go back to support.lenovo.com and run Diagnostics. Do this when your computer is lagging and pluged in

  • +1

    Thank you to TA & also to sephiris for the "push"- lol.

    I went for the i5/256GB SSD/2GB graphics.

    My daughter already has the Wacom Pro tablet so this should get her going just fine!

    Thanks all


    • +1

      I hope your daughter enjoys it! :)

  • A Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260 deal would have been great. This is a bit heavy to be a portable device for my uses at least.

  • Thanks TA - I'm going to hold off to see if CES brings a Thunderbolt 3/USB3 variant of these Thinkpad Yoga s- I'd really like to run an external GPU (thinking Razer Core or similar) to bolster it when need be (video encoding and some more potent gaming).

  • I've been researching laptops for the last 2 weeks, and my budget was < $800, but this is a fantastic deal. I have needed to take a piss for about 30 or more minutes, but did some quick comparisons to other laptops I was interested in, and this is the only current laptop that compares to my 4 y/o, in-pieces Acer Aspire v5-571P. So I bought it after signing up to Cashrewards.
    I was so anxious at the buy, that I forgot I needed to piss.
    Fingers crossed this laptop lives up to the hype, and my expectations.

    Thanks a heap TA, you are the god of deals! xx

    • +5

      Too much information!

    • +1

      So did you piss yourself?

      • No. Too anxious about my $1000 laptop purchase.
        I made it to the toilet, because of severe general anxiety thumbs up

  • +2

    If the 256gb WQHD had dedicated graphics I would have bought this. Like the price, but going to hold out for an XPS deal.

    • +1

      You can customise the display and storage for the dedicated graphics model as well.

  • The specs for the price is very very tempting…….
    I'm hesitating to buy cause I want a laptop that's lighter than my current laptop so I can carry it to uni easier and I don't know if this yoga is light enough.
    Currently using Asus N56VZ (2.8kg without charger and only lasts about 2 hours with full charge)
    What do you guys think ?

    • +1

      This one is under 2kg, pretty good for a laptop, not so good for a laplet (laptop tablet).
      The specs are amazing for a laplet at this price. Very tempting…

    • I think for uni the best combo for me was an iPad running the notability app - I would ALWAYS carry it and have my lecture notes very neatly organised in it. For home a $800 custom built desktop (which would yield similar specs to above). You can probably get away with a $500 refurbished(with warranty) desktop too…

      With a laptop (even with a 1.8kg laptop), I found myself at times not carrying it with me because it was too heavy (maybe I was slack).

  • -4

    It's DDR 3 and an i5. There are more powerful & better built computers for the same price…. 'why' is this a "deal"?

    • +2

      For your comment to hold any weight, the computer must be:
      - have similar size screen (13-14")
      - similar weight (~2kg)
      - have tablet features (touchscreen, stylus, screen foldability)
      - similar battery life
      - similar specs

      This seems like a pretty good deal to me, i'm considering it.

      People often claim there's better out there, and then link to a 15.6", 3kg, non touchscreen, lump that gets 3hrs battery life max. May as well get a desktop.

    • Waiting for this 'deal' you speak of..

        • +2

          LOL, are you trolling… or serious?

          That's exactly the type of laptop that I predicted you would reference.

          That's a big 15.6" laptop, non touchscreen, non 2 in 1 yoga tablet style, non SSD, and no operating system.

          Compare Apples with Apples, and Oranges with Oranges, and stop wasting peoples time.

        • +1

          I guess we are looking for different deals.

          I want power, to replace my 2630QM i7 HP lappy that cost me just $640, 4yrs ago. Cheap & powerful - a true 'deal'

          It's been f'ing sweet for everything I throw at it.

          Fast forward 4yrs and dual core, weak CPU, low voltage lappies, with poor quality screens have flooded the market.

          The laptop at the top of this page only has a SATA version HDD, and an i5, and older DDR3 ram.

          Currently an M.2 PCIE NVME and DDR4 is the standard. DDR4 is 20% faster than DDR3. and the newer HDD protocol is up to 3.5 G/s.

          How is the laptop at the top of this page a 'deal' - it's OLD technology!
          Especially when the current spec can also be had at same price point?

          Furthermore, CES 2017 is happening right NOW and the 7th Gen Intel CPUS are all about to enter the market.

          I thought a deal saved us money and gave us huge bang for buck….

          I guess we have different ideas about what we're looking for and what we consider to be a deal.

          Maybe you could get a tablet - cheap, portable and 'touchscreen' (ooooooooooh touch screen….!)

          If that's trolling then I'm a troll doll lol

        • +1

          @ac17: I notice you made a similar comment on the current E570 deal. But that laptop has PCIe SSD, i7 and DDR4 RAM. So what's your main concern with that one? Is the price just too much, or is it the build quality?

        • @ac17:

          Yeah true, how is this a deal when you can get a desktop with 3 times the power for the same price… what was I thinking.
          Also why are people raving on about how powerful smart phone processors are, when a desktop for the same price is 20 times more powerful…
          Also my car can go 200km/h, and this laptop can only go 6km/h when i'm carrying it, how is this a deal… :0

          You obviously don't understand the saying "Compare Apples with Oranges"

        • [@RichRichardo](/comment/4462707161 153/redir):
          The price.

          It's not quad core!

        • @Josh81:

          Your car may go 200kmph but many cars can do that, and they probably cost less than yours. They are good deals.

          This laptop is not!

          Lenovo have these sales every week.

          Sub $800 would be a bargain.

          Search staticice for an i5-6200 with 8gb Ram. There are HEAPS. Lenovo for nearly $1100 with all your so called bells and whistles can be also had by other brands (and they are offering quad core), which makes it not so much a 'deal' but more just 'the norm' in the same way as most apples and/or oranges are simply run of the mill pieces of fruit.

          This laptop like just about all laptops over $800 will get the job done - sure. But it's not an AMAZING "Get on the phone now" kinda deal.

        • @ac17:


          There is nothing in the price range with the build quality, touch screen, 2in1, weight and gfx of this device.

          Also keep in mind that 959 gets 7% CR.

          Obviously another laptop is going to have better processor, ram, gfx etc. But it is going to lose in 3 other areas.

          This laptop is a JACK OF ALL TRADES. No laptop is able to beat it in every aspect for 890.

          Just because you don't care about build, weight, touchscreen etc. Doesn't mean others don't.

          Who cares about slightly faster processor or better gaming card when all you're playing is dota or lol or indie games. Not like you'll have a good experience on AAA games compared to an average desktop unless you get super heavy one with a 1060+. Basically the other posters are right, you compare apples with oranges.

          I don't give a crap about quad core processor and 950/960 or ram when the battery drains fast, doesn't have good trackpad, build sucks compared to lenovo standards, no touch or convert, heavy, no OS and still costs $1000+

  • I think the 1059 deal is out, it still works but the nvidia 940 has vanished from the options list

    • Just called sales to see if they could fix it, they were willing to add the 940m back to the deal, but only if I paid an additional 150$

  • Page is down :(
    I was just about to order 10 for my company

  • Just called, issue with website, will be back up shortly!

    • Ordered Yoga 460 128GB SSD FHD $959(www3.lenovo.com) (use coupon TA-YOGA-959) with 512gb SSD Thank you!

  • I use Photoshop a fair bit (nothing too complex), so a dedicated graphic card vs a WQHD screen and extra storage is a tough one..

  • edit: comment deleted

  • Think I will pull the trigger on the $959 model, just wanted to ask whether it's worth upgrading the SSD for $99 (to 256gb) or just buying an external Samsung SSD? I'm an SSD noob - would the Samsung one be faster?

    • I am thinking the same thing. Have looked around, and most other similar laptops are $1500 and don't have a GPU.
      Thinking I will just get the default 128gb drive and then get a 500gb drive when I see a good deal (currently they're around the $200 mark, cheapest I've seen is $185).
      Just wondering whether I should sell the 128gb drive when I remove it, or do I need to keep it to reinstall it for warranty purposes…

      Remember to use cash rewards to make it $892 :-)

  • For those who ask: a 128GB SSD formats to 111GB. That, is where you start.


  • Anyone received a shipping update on theirs? Ordered mine on the 9th, expected to ship 20th, expected to arrive 30th. A bit disappointing with a 3 week wait but oh well…

    • Same. Originally it was expected to ship on the 9th of Feb! I gave them a call and they said there was some parts shortage causing a delay in production. Mine is the WQHD version though so maybe that's causing the delays.

      • Hmm that's interesting, when did you order and when was the first expected shipping date? Mine 'should' be shipped tomorrow but I've been reading many horror stories, so I'm half expecting it to be delayed :/ I'm so impatient when it comes to these things. I got the FHD version btw.

        • Ordered on the 9th. Shipped @ midnight last night. It will get shipped to the local agents in Sydney and they reship from their warehouse. Should be here on 27th

        • @El Grande:Should arrive today hopefully! Was passed onto DHL yesterday afternoon… fingers crossed

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