out of stock Huawei Y6 Elite 4G Prepaid Mobile Phone $89 (RRP $129) with Free Shipping @ Target on eBay (Plus $50 EFTPOS Card via Redemption)

Huawei Y6 Elite 4G Prepaid Mobile Phone $89 (RRP $129) with Free Shipping @ Target on eBay (Plus $50 EFTPOS Card via Redemption)Affiliate

It Shows $109

Apply Coupon 'THANKS20' so it will $89

you can redeem $50 EFTPOS Card from Vodafone so $89-$50 = $39

Don't Forget 2% cashrewards $39-$2 = $37

More over this phone comes with $40 Vodafone Starter Pack

So Technically we are not paying anything for this mobile

Features are not too bad either

5 inch HD 720 x 1280 display.
8 megapixel camera.
BOX integrated sound chamber and two built-in speakers

you can redeem your $50 gift card from the following link

Original THANKS20 deal

Redemption Offer: Bonus $50 EFTPOS card can be redeemed when you purchase and activate your Huawei Y6 Elite 4G mobile phone.

To redeem your $50 EFTPOS Gift Card:

Purchase the Huawei Y6 Elite 4G.
Activate SIM card with handset and make a phone call.
Register on Vodafone.com.au/giftcard before 31st January 2017.

Australian residents only. Offer ends 31.01.17.

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  • +1 vote

    Super deal!

    only if they put in 1.5g of RAM, this will be deal of the year

  • +1 vote

    A ripper deal.


    is the network locked?

    • +1 vote

      Yes to Vodafone. Ring them up asking for unlocking as you don't have Vodafone reception at home.


        Free to unlock or?

      • +2 votes

        Vodafone are cracking down on the Huawei y6 elite activations. if you tell them you have no phone reception at home, they check the network reports for the area, if there are no issues, they will refuse it.
        I spent an hour on the phone with them as the building I work in has no reception for telstra or vodafone.
        It is a localised issue with the lower floors of the building. can't even get radio or digital signals.
        In the end I used the ebay seller in the other thread, $13 well spent.

        • +1 vote

          Same here, but my ebay seller from same thread was US$13, so ended up costing $18 which was my most expensive unlock ever.

          Really happy with this phone for my multi telco tethering device as covers all current 3G/4G bands bar the B402300MHz ( Optus Canberra ) and the B7/2600MHz ( Optus being rolled out Nationwide ).


    does the dual sim support dual 3g or 3g/4g?

    • +1 vote

      based on Whirlpool, I don't think this is dual-sim ->


        oh, i just looked at gsm arena and it mentioned it, but the vodafone specs don't https://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/huawei-y6-elite-...

        • -3 votes

          Single sim. I thought by now, how many times this phone as been on Ozbargain would be known it's not dual sim especially by someone who's a long time member and has plenty of comments, meaning he/she spends a lot of time on Ozbargain.

        • +1 vote

          @bargainparker: I think you're overestimating the correlation between activity and understanding of specific deals.

          For example, I'm pretty active and I know plenty about a lot of the credit card and AMEX statement deals because they are of particular interest and relevance to me.

          On the other hand, I know nothing about alcohol deals that have been posted because it's of 0 interest to me.

          However, if I wanted to buy alcohol for someone tomorrow, I would then start looking into it, and have plenty of questions about it because I have 0 knowledge about that stuff.

          Using your logic, I should know all the deals inside out.

        • -1 vote

          @illumination: Agree to a point, but this phone has been on Ozbargain quite a few times and if it was a dual sim it would very much be highlighted.


          GSM arena does not list this phone. This is the Y6 Elite. Not the Y6 as listed on GSM Arena. The two are completely different phones with different design and different CPU core. If you look at the pic for the Y6 listed on GSM Arena you will see the camera on the phone and the front are completely different to the Y6 Elite. Although not exactly the same, the Y6 Elite is more spec-ed like a Y5II.


    Guys 'Thanks20' is a targeted ebay code that you can only use once, on anything over $100
    Check the bottom of your ebay home page to see if you have it

  • +3 votes

    Bought one for $109 from Target last week for the old man.

    Great phone for the price.

    Be aware there is no notification LED, and Voda will likely want $50 to unlock.


    Only 22 left on Target Online official.I guess same stock level on eBay.Be quick if you want it.

  • +3 votes

    Ozbargained. COME ON.!!


    Out of Stock


    Would this be an upgrade from the Moto G 2nd gen?

    Is the screen plasticy/unresponsive like many of the cheap supermarket phones?

    • +1 vote

      I don't think it is an upgrade, unless you need 700MHz (Band 28) LTE/4G. The Moto G 2nd gen doesn't support LTE.

      I prefer stock Android, which is offered by the Moto G, over the Huawei EMUI software.

    • +2 votes

      Although Moto G 2nd gen is a nice phone responsive with nice screen and simple skin, this Y6 Elite after you install a $2.50 -$5 tempered glass screen protector on feels smooth and responsive with colourful crisp screen. This is 4G with B28 and 3G 850/900 for those who like switching sims and need fast speeds/good reception.

      The UI is more like IOS but slick and has many good features. Has a extra quick access key you can program, 8mp camera works well, and after you upgrade firmware ( if needed ) do a factory reset to recover around 500mb space.

      For under $80 after rebate, one of the best phones around new.

      I also prefer stock android, but had to retire my as new much loved Nexus 4 after suffering really bad reception issues and slow data speeds after the telcos are re-framing a lot of 3G to 4G in regional areas. My experience in Northern New South Wales around Byron/Tweed/Richmond Shires anyway.

      • +1 vote

        Thanks very much, really appreciate the info :)

        • +1 vote

          Note, the Note 3 Pro definitely is worth the extra $80-100 it costs, massive difference over this.

        • +2 votes


          You probably are right if your budget happily stretches further and you want the Note as your main phone. Myself and I think lot's of other buyers of this phone are choosing this phone as a second good cheap and capable back up phone, use as wifi hotspot with cheap data sims, or as a gift for older people/teenagers or smartphone beginners.

          As stated in one of my other comments, this phone supports all the major 3G/4G bands, I often prefer this over my LG G2 which lacks B28 ( need for both Optus and Telstra regionally ) and B5 ( need for rural Vodafone ). The G2 is a nicer faster phone with wifi or full reception area, but for me often has low/slow signal pickup in my area.

          This phone does most of what the Note Pro and G2 can do, lighter and smaller, 2yr local warranty and can use it within days instead of weeks coming from Hong Kong/China. Let's not forget the nice $37-79 price after $50 cash back plus bonus $40 sim too.

          P.S. This happily replaced my trusty $45 ( including $50 sim ) Y550 tethering workhorse that I had to wave good buy after dropping it in the local Brunswick Heads Marina/Fishermans Co.Op. Haha,….true story.

        • +1 vote

          @ozhunter68: Yep fair enough. I have a similar phone for backup as well, this is good for that.


        Thanks ozhunter68 for the info. Can you please point out where I can get a tempered glass screen protector you mentioned?

        • +2 votes

          Sure. I got a three pack as wanted one for friend and spare for me ( most drops will shatter protector but usually save screen :-). Delivered within a working week locally is always good. Can buy just one or two, many more sellers listed on ebay too. These seem nice and smooth as I have purchased some that don't feel as smooth and glassy, maybe less/no eleophobic coating hence not as responsive touch input.


          Whilst I'm at it, although cases are very personal, this one I liked and works well. Great value at $6 locally delivered with no stitching, thin and magnets are strong and close automatically. Only available in black exterior, with bone grey inside, clear bezel surrounding sides of the phone. Both my friend and I love them :-)


        • +1 vote


          Thank you :-)



          How are you liking your new phone after setting it up and getting used to it. A real pleasure to use I think. Great Value at these prices.


    Is this a good replacement for by Y550 backup phone? I had issues with been unable to store apps on the SD card of the Y550.. Same issue with this?


      No problems as long as you keep installed apps to under 3GB or so. Lollipop O/S is not as large as Marsh mellow, even after the largish Huawei Emotion 3.1 overlay. Snappy to use in daily tasks, slightly sharper screen and camera, thinner but battery slightly weaker, but can aggressively save power, some nice features there for low cost phone.

  • +2 votes

    All over red rover:
    This item is out of stock.


    no stock :(


    That was too quick.

  • -2 votes

    1\2 Gb of ram….$9 for this to be a deal!
    Goodluck with 500mb of ram…2015 phone made for 2009 software!!


    Do you have to absolutely activate the sim to receive the eftpos card?


    Last time I checked Target stores had lots of c&c stock. Bought two before Christmas. .. very happy Jan. .. 😉. .. !! Note : Use the Target web site and Not the eBay link


  • +3 votes

    its actually works cheaper using cg gift cards purchase from amex deals last months than buy it via ebay code when do the sums.


    Best scan the phone to make sure no Adups spyware/backdoor is installed. Software sends your texts and contact lists to a server in Shanghai.

    Huawei was on the list but they issued a statement saying they don't deal with the Adups supplier. But the statement doesn't mention that their phones are free from it.

    Lenovo and ZTE are the ones we should be worried about.

    • +1 vote

      Lots of the stuff we think is addware are actually popular apps in China because they don't use facebook, etc and have theio own equivalents e.g WeChat for messaging so come peoploaded for last people.

      The phones we get in Australia from ZTE and Lenovo (Motorola) usually only have apps to make updates easier …… heck even Telstra loads their Telstra app on their phones and if it's bought from an Australian carrier, they bloatware is clean.

      Unlikely any of the Australian phones sold by Australian carriers send contacts or texts back to China….. you send them back to Google instead when you sync your phone and back up to cloud.

      Problem can be Android earlier than Android 6, as when you installed apps yourself, you gave them permissions to access your contacts, SMS, photos, etc and Google don't vet apps on google store, unlike Apple.

      Android 6 allows you to disable app access to sms and contacts on a per app basis.

      If you are worried about where your data goes …don't use a phone with lower than android 6, and check what permissions who have enabled on apps.


        What do you use for the scan on the phone?


        Pretty sure this isn't just Chinese equivalents…


        Please don't spread FUD without checking. The Adups app is system and can grant system level permissions to apps it deems appropriate to install without your knowledge or consent.

        As for scanning there is an app from Trustlook that can find it.

        It was also found on the Nook eReader tablet!!! That is how spread out it is.

        Huawei seems fine but if someone can scan to check would be much appreciated.

    • -1 vote

      Funny how when American phones send data back to USA, no one says anything, but when a chinese phone sends data back to China, everyone goes crazy.

      • +1 vote

        Well we agree to the data being sent to USA when we signed up for Google services.

        We didn't agree to have Adups installed and it having the permissions to install software without our knowledge or consent.

        The difference is clear.

        Please read up the differences between the two. One is knowingly and the other is unknowingly.


    Looks like people are having issues redeeming the gift card.


    The price is $129 now. Limited stock available.


    I bought this phone for my son for Xmas through the Vodafone shop at the price of $129 with the $40 free prepaid. Vodafone won't unlock for free - it is $75 or if we wait until January 16th it will only be $25. We get no signal at all even after they told us they had upgraded the network in our area :-(
    Also I had to chase up the $50 eftpos giftcard which took 4 weeks to arrive (instead of 2) and then today tried to use the card only to find it is invalid. So now had to contact them again to follow up on this.

    Will go back to Aldi Prepaid after the phone is unlocked as they do a $15 a month plan.


      Never believe the Telcos when it comes to reception. Do your own research in the area you need it to get reception. Ask friends, workers or neighbours etc how they fare with their phone and Telco, then make decision based on what will work for you.

      I am still waiting for my $50 eftpos card too, hope it will work for me. What problems were you encountering with that?

      To unlock phone now for under $75/$25, just go to unlocking web sites or ebay unlockers, I paid $18 and free as a bird now :-) One commenter said he got a $13 unlock, although me thinks that was US$, not sure.


    Huawei Y6 - elite mobiles only

    Get a $50 EFTPOS Gift Card in three easy steps

    1.Purchase the Huawei Y6 Elite 4G
    2.Activate SIM Card with the handset and make a phone call.
    3.Register on vodafone.com.au/giftcard before 31st January 2017.
    Australian residents only. Offer ends 31.1.2017.

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