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FREE Technology for Healthy Living Course & Fitbit @ University of Tasmania Online (Back Again Plus Other)


Is time to get your shape back after the long break. What else is better than joining this course and the free Fitbit is back again. This time you get the newer "FLEX 2" device!!

Units include:

Technology for Healthy Living
Take the first step! Technology for Healthy Living is designed to give you an understanding of the technologies that can help you alter your daily activities to live a healthier lifestyle. You will receive a FITBIT® as part of your participation in this unit*.

Foundations of Food and Nutrition
Ever wondered what really makes a healthy diet? Foundations of Food and Nutrition is designed to provide you with the skills to identify nutrition fact from fiction, and make healthy food choices. Topics covered include basic nutrition, popular food fads, nutrition supplements and products, and current topical issues.

Vitamins, Supplements and Herbal Medicines
Explore health benefits and best practice in natural healthcare by studying Vitamins, Supplements and Herbal Medicine. Build your knowledge to make informed choices about complementary and alternative medicines.

Sports Doping and Performance Enhancing Drugs
Gain an overview of drugs that are prohibited in sport, how they function, and their effects on performance with Sports Doping and Performance Enhancing Drugs, a fully online unit from the University of Tasmania. Study ethical considerations, therapeutic use exemptions, and the systems monitoring the use of substances in the sporting world.

Self-Care for Mental Health and Wellbeing
Self-Care for Mental Health and Wellbeing is a fully-online unit that helps you understand and maintain a healthy mind and general wellbeing. It explores determinants that may impact upon mental health, using stories and vignettes from experts and members of the community. Students will investigate tools, processes and approaches to maintaining mental wellness, as well as examine approaches to developing resilience and coping with stress.

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  • +3

    Here we go again folks…

  • -4

    What else is better than joining this course and the free Fitbit is back again.

    Actually going out and exercising and not using an unreliable gadget to measure your results.

    I wonder if this course explains that people's problem is that they eat too much rather than what they eat and that aiming to "burn the calories later" is completely unrealistic.

    Probably not.

    • +2

      You're not totally wrong, so I'm not sure why you've been negged so much.

      • +4

        People don't want to hear the truth about their bad habits.

  • +1

    Do you get a university email address for all those deals?

    • +7

      Yes you do.

    • +4

      And Office 365 as well.

      • Office 365Pro! Free Publisher! Plus business Skype. I just logged in, its like Xmas/

        • +2
        • @alvian: Mother of God! What a beautiful thing to wake up to.

          Edit: on further exploration, you can not log into Lynda with a UTAS account, nawww.

    • +4

      UTAS emails are free for life. My account has been active for years.

      • +1

        Somehow mine is no longer active

        • Graduate or just did a free course?

        • @Clear: graduated 7yr ago

        • @qtntom: They've gone through so many upgrades and many MyLOs since then that they probably deleted them. Mine from 5 years ago is still working though.

        • +1

          Have you tried a password reset and/or re-registration? UTas recently implemented a new password policy (4 mandatory pw change a year) and all old passwords were invalidated. Visit this page and try your luck.

  • +3

    How to enroll the course? Thanks

  • "Registrations for this offering of Technology for Healthy Living are now closed" when you press the express interest button :-(

    • It works now! I just managed to submit the express interest.

      • +1

        Yes but it's closed for registration… you can just express interest

        • I filled in the Expression of Interest this morning and got an email just now saying "Enrolments now Open".

          Am now enrolled for S1 2017.

      • It works but you're putting your details in for the next course.

        • oh.. thanks maybe OP needs to fix the content of the post with this.

  • +14

    More info

    Something that might be useful:

    Just a heads up for those who have enrolled, but not yet completed your eCAF forms.

    Ensure that you provide your TFN, and select the option 'Full upfront payment of student contribution'. This will ensure that you will not be incurring a HECS debt.
    This information was provided as a guide from the unit coordinator of CXA004 Technology for Healthy Living.

    • Thanks

    • bugger, didn't read this before I completed the eCAF form, selected "defer payment"… hopefully now it doesn't mean I need to pay for the course.

      • Form states Note: This is only an indication of your payment option.
        Should not be an issue.

  • +4

    I've done the first three courses and can recommmend each of them.

    • +1

      Did you pay for the third on since they only offer two free units per student?

      • +1

        I was wondering if you paid for the third too as there are 4 units i am interested in doing but only if they are free and not HECs debt!

      • Sorry, do you remember where you read that only 2 units are free per student?

        I remember reading this last time too but can't find it on their website at the moment (and wondering if they removed the rule).


        • +1

          This page http://www.utas.edu.au/health/study/self-care-for-mental-hea… mentions the limit of 2 free units, but near the end it says 'We are likely to maintain some fee concessions to students who progress satisfactorily and maintain continuity of study from one semester to the next.'

          Not sure if that means up to 2 free units per semester, conditional upon the student progressing satisfactorily. Does anyone have a better answer?

        • @Shal50: i enquired about that. was told it's for those who are enrolled in the associate degree in hcc :\

      • +1

        No. All were HECS exempt for me.

      • +1

        I have done the first two and can really recommend them, good online presentation and interesting topics.

        Their website clearly states that 2 courses are free, I take that to mean that you can enroll for two free courses at a time. This offer comes back 4x a year, so easy enough to do more in the winter break.

        • actually, it states two units of study

          see the link that Shal50 posted a few comments up

  • Jezus I haven't even finished the current course. Lots of people are dropping out once the fitbit arrives.

    • +2

      I didn't get the Fit bit, but at least I now have access to a legit and free copy of Office 2016

      • -1

        Hi scrimshaw, is the free copy of Office 2016 still available? How? (Did the course start of this year & am wearing the Fitbit.) Only recently had a need for Office. Thanks😯

        • +1

          Login to MyLo first. That's https://mylo.utas.edu.au/

          You should see Office 365 link within the first page.

          It will take you to http://www.utas.edu.au/service-desk/helpsheet/office-365

          then click "Login to access your Office 365 apps online"

        • +1

          So, Microsoft Office Pro Plus (Office 2016) - "Office 365 Pro Plus is available to all active University of Tasmania students and staff for free on up to 10 personal devices."

        • @Infidel: 10, sweet!

        • @Infidel: Microsoft Office 365 is available using UTAS login and data is stored at UTAS servers following UTAS terms and conditions.
          Can we use Office 365 under our personal Outlook account? Also where do we find activation code for Office 2016 to install on other machines?

        • @akd:
          That was what I was trying to find out - activation code for full Office 2016 to install. Will have to stick with 365 or Office 2013 I bought for under $10 in deal.

      • How long do you get to use Office 2016 for free? Is it as long as you are studying or as long as you have an edu.au email?

        • +1

          Mine is still active even though I'm no longer studying (stopped mid year last year).

  • +5

    'Introduction to Family History' gives you free access to Ancestry.com if of interest to anyone!

    • You have to do that in a different term or can you do it all at the same time as the Fitbit class?

  • +1

    Is some debt added for you to pay off later?

    • only if you haven't followed the eCAF form instructions properly

    • No, there should be no charge against your TFN, that would be a normal unit.

  • Lots of Arts ones free too… http://www.utas.edu.au/arts/arts-units-with-fee-concessions

    And all 2017 units in the Bachelor of Dementia Care - http://www.utas.edu.au/health/study/courses/bachelor-of-deme…

    • +2

      Note: if UTAS is your first experience of online degrees, please be aware that there are other uni's that do it much, much better (just in case these freebies end up turning you off further study).

      • +1

        Not having a go but examples please?

        • +3

          Most regional universities have distance ed students as their main bread and butter, rather than as an afterthought, and it shows in how they do things. Things to consider: if the library sends out books for free (and free return postage, thanks CSU), if you get sent out a diary/wallplanner (no O-week freebies normally, so thanks UNE), if res schools are not compulsory unless lab based or industry mandated (Engineering, for example), if short term on-campus accommodation is available for res school attendees (CSU pretty good and CQU so-so), if the library stocks e-copies of the textbooks (WSU is doing this for all first year textbooks in 2017 but are hopeless in other regards to distance ed students), if online discussions are lively but not mandatory, if emails for support services are responded to within 2 business days, if you can reach someone in the know via FB for help, if group projects with other distance students are optional, if lecture materials are available for the whole term at the start or at least a few weeks ahead at a time for those of us that binge/stop/repeat (if not, at the very least posting the lecture within 24 hours of it happening so online students don't fall behind the on campus ones), if the quality of the video lectures is professional (CQU pretty good here as they are already multi-campus based, Deakin was a let down in regards to what they uploaded in my speciality), if the option to print lecture notes is available (thanks USQ for a $20/sem free printing credit), if there is flexibility of doing units over summer/term 3/trimester 3 (UNE good in most faculties), if all forms are done electronically (Deakin won't let you withdraw online from your last unit, grrr), how hassle free it is to get a student ID as a distance ed student, if you can easily lodge assignments online (and not just emailed in, needs trackability) and not have to paste a coversheet in there or a TurnInIt report (it really should be integrated and automatic). My pet peeves: ugly and confusing dashboards or entirely separate study/student services/admin ones. You will look at it a gazillion times, it has to be completely user friendly. UNE has the best one by far.

          So, yeah: UNE, CSU, CDU, CQU, USQ, ECU, Curtin, Swinburne, SCU, Griffith, Mq (to an extent), Monash, Deakin are your best bets (in no particular order).

        • I can't actually recall what was so off putting about UTAS's Bachelor of Dementia Care but it was enough for me to not go through with the whole degree despite it being free*. I think it was the irksome assessment tasks that were dull as.

          *funding from one year to the next not guaranteed).

        • @blerk: Thanks for the info. Ahh yes I think the Dementia thing might be a special case though, but then again I went to Uni overseas so I have no idea how it works (or is supposed to work) in Oz.

        • @blerk: I have been thinking about doing some diploma courses in Engineering or Management. Do know whether there are relatively cheap (free?) distance learning courses. Thanks.

  • What is the census date? Does anyone know? Also are the exams online?

    • no exams. just timed quizzes and written assessments

  • +1

    Did this last round it was on, informative and awesome - love the Flex 2!

  • +1

    I don't see an enrolment option just express interest.

  • +1

    will this affect anything for students from different university?

  • +1

    I love free stuff as much as the next guy! But isn't the cost of the Fitbit just being passed to taxpayers anyway?

  • Do you need to enrol in the Associates Degree in order to undertake the unit?

    • no, just the unit

      • Thanks, I just enrolled in the unit.
        I said I was done with academics after two degrees and a masters but this looks like child's play in comparison 😂

        • +1

          sounds like you'll breeze right through the unit. the quizzes are very easy and the written assessment can be done in a day or two depending on how much you want a high distinction ;)

  • Can anyone tell me if the student status can be used to get a student Opal card in NSW or a Student Go card in QLD?

    • +2

      I would imagine only if you are doing a full time study load, which is 3 units a semester min.

    • +4

      Usually student concessions are only available to full time on campus students.

  • So only the "Technology for healthy living" unit gives you a free fit bit ?
    The others sound more interesting but doesnt look like you get the free fit bit :S

    • +1

      Yes, only the "Technology for Healthy Living" unit offers the free Fitbit. An activity tracker isn't particularly relevant to the other units.

  • +2

    I did it last year. Enjoyed the course, liked having a Fitbit, but definitely worth it for the student email address and, as we're all OzBargainers, the cheap/free offers you can get with said email address.

  • -5

    Can someone tell me if we actually have to study or pass a test?
    Or is it just information dump?

    Also can we use fake information? I'm already studying a graduate engineer course at an actual university, is it possible to do both?
    Apologies for the newbie question.

  • +2

    Don't forget access to Microsoft Office 365

  • A bit of a weird question but do you get the Fitbit before or after?

    • before or after..what?

    • +2

      (Probably neither) You can order the Fitbit part-way through the unit (after successfully completing one of the assessment quizzes).

  • Why are they offering all this stuff for free?

    • +1

      Normally for units the uni gets paid twice, one lot from the government for what becomes your HECS debt (Student Contributions, determined by the HECS bands) and one lot for the government contributions (has heaps more funding categories that degrees fall into). By doing this they are only getting the second lot of money (it's far cheaper to run online units) but are gaining student numbers that look really good on paper (and the students may want to continue on as normally double funded ones further increasing enrolments). The free Fit Bit is a) used in assessing this unit and b) serves as a gimmick to get people in the door. UWS and CQU have previously used free iPads to compete with more prestigious universities.

  • Alright, I've enrolled. Lets see how this goes.

  • +1

    Applied. This is right up my alley and I'm keen to get some brainwashing. Also good to get into the rigour of higher education again, and extra keen to get myself edu email too

  • I signed up, thanks op. I received a congratulations you are enrolled page. They didn't ask for my tfn. So I definitely won't be charged anything for this? Will this qualify me for uni days discounts?

    • +1

      you'll only be asked for your tfn while you submit the eCAF form. you'll get instructions on how to fill it out properly to do the unit free

      • I think I messed up, I was approved for "Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP" and "Obtain a HECS-HELP loan for ALL or PART of my student contribution amount", does that mean I'm going to have to pay for this? or is it still free?

        • why don't you just call up UTas?

  • yo sup guys i dont have a tfn, will i still get charged

  • Thanks again

  • Has anyone received confirmation on enrollment yet? I signed up 10 days ago, and my Adobe CC trial is about to run out, I need that .edu address STAT!

    • +1

      Just got mine.

    • I got my confirmation a couple of days ago, so it should come through soon for you.

    • Thanks guys, it came through, just in time too, i had to pay full price for Adobe CC tomorrow if it did not :D

  • Enrolment process is slow - asked about application as hadn't had response in promised 14 days since receiving confirmation on 6/1.

    I can confirm that your application was submitted on 7/1/2017 and was received by the Enrolments team on 11/01/2017. Due to the large number of applicants, processing is taking slightly longer than expected.
    It is currently being assessed, and you will be contacted once your enrolment has been approved.

  • I am in the process of completing the eCAF, and wondering which option I should select. My visa type is Permanent Resident. Should I choose " I am a holder of a permanent non-humanitarian visa" (option 7D)? That says I don't need to enter TFN if I choose 7D. How does this work then? Am I eligible for the fees concession in this case? Curious…

    • From what I understand from @Spaceback post is if you enter your TFN you can get the course free as the government pays a contribution, and do not need to apply for HECS, and from watching the video, it will accept a humanitarian visa TFN. If you do not provide a TFN, I think you will have fees, and need HECS. HECS is now a case by case approval, I just got a letter about it changing 2 weeks ago.

      • Thanks for the response @stormii.. I may have missed it but I don't know about the eCAF video. Mind letting me know where I can watch it? Ta

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