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Swann (Refurbished) DVR8-4550 - 8 Channel (2TB) 1080p HD Digital Video Recorder & 4x PRO-T853 Cameras $450 (Save $449) @ Swann


Looking for a camera set-up for the house and stumbled across this:

DVR8-4550 - 8 Channel 1080p HD Digital Video Recorder & 4 x PRO-T853 Cameras

Things I like about it:
Refurbished from the company, so any issues I'll go to them.
4x 1080p cameras, field of view 80 degrees, IR night vision 30mtrs
8 channels (for up to 8 cameras so you can add more later)
Live viewing via online, phone or tablet
HDMI out
RRP $899, online price $450 (including shipping to metro Adelaide)


A cutting edge & easy to use surveillance system with 1080p high definition video to see & protect your premises
Set & forget by recording from 8 channels for 160 days+ onto a massive 2TB hard drive
Seeing is believing with 4 x 1080p HD cameras offering 100ft/30m infrared night vision & durable construction for indoors or outdoors. Add 4 more Swann PRO-T853 cameras for full 8 channel monitoring
Save time & have peace of mind by easily locating incident video, then transfer to external storage via USB or network
View live or playback video in high definition on your HDTV, LCD screen or monitor via HDMI connection or VGA port
Surveillance in the palm of your hand with live viewing on Smartphone & tablets including iPhones, iPads & Android devices using the free SwannView Link app
Cut the cost of crime & know what’s happening with this expandable HD security system to suit homes, offices, small businesses & retail stores

  • Based on 15% motion events at lowest settings
  • Monitor, tablet and mobile phones not included. Not all handsets supported

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  • Don't know anyone who would pay full retail for this entry level equipment.

    • True that and there is a lot worse out there for a lot more $ (including no HDMI out either from the DVR).

  • How are the cameras powered? From the DVR or individual power plugs?

    • I looked up the kit on youtube, cameras have 2 RCA plugs, one for video and one for power. All cameras plug into a adaptor (like a 4 in one) when then plugs into a AC power supply.

  • +2

    Very old technology, would not recommend. Stick with PoE models.
    Decent HDD no audio on the cams, poor low light performance.
    Swann are a decent brand but your locked in.

    Kogan ect… regularly have similar or better units on sale at this price. Albeit with smaller drives.

    Considering how much power these consume and potential effort / cost to install , I would advise against skimping on a security system.

    For decent night coverage external IR lights are great to avoid blurr.

    Note: I didn't neg as it's a deal, just wouldn't recommend

    • +2

      Yeah I looked at Kogan and a few others and couldn't find something similar with the HDMI out and a min of 1080p video (+ larger than 500gb HDD) for the same price. A video I saw the guy installed a mic near the main camera, which the DVR supports the additional input, not something I'll use though. Power over Ethernet would be useful but seems more costly, plus has its own pros and cons, either way initially to install these things, unless it was 100% wireless, is a pain in the butt, but once you do it it's a set and forget solution.

    • noobie with surveillance cams, where is a good place where I could read up and research on PoE? what out of the box set would you recommend? cheers.

  • Bought a Swann WiFi IP camera, and regretted. I was away for a month, and hoping I can keep monitoring my house while I was away. Over the period of 28 days, the Swann server was down for 7 days. 25% failure rate on their server is not what I expected. Besides the unreliable service, the application and UI by Swann is horrible. I am going to DLink.

    • ergh how long ago was that, when it was down?

      • December 2016. specific date I can't remember. 20-ish I think. The first time it was down for 3 days. I thought someone broke into my house on the first day and disconnected the camera. I have to ask a friend to drop by my house to have a look. The house was fine. 3 days later, the camera came back online. The second time, I knew what was happened, and just waited it out, and it took 4 days for the camera to come back online. While my friend was at my place, I have him test the internet connection, and it turned out internet was working fine.

  • Can anyone recommend a "standalone" camera that can be used outside, runs off solar and just loops onto an SD card?

    • runs off solar

      are you kidding?

      • Guess I should have said a battery charged by solar. :)

        • you are still dreaming.

          except you can have strong sun 24/7.

        • +1

          Not true, saffers can just install Tesla roof and Tesla Powerwall. He can in fact power the whole house and not be dreaming.

        • @ausdday:
          Saffers said standalone camera run off solar not from Tesla.

          With the price of standalone camera still dreaming

        • @LoveBargain15:

          ahem ….

          Our IP security camera uses Solar energy to charge a 12V 55A deep cycle battery and that keeps the system functioning indefinitely. It can work for up to 4 days with no solar power whatsoever.

        • @ausdday:
          What is the cost then?
          After a bit of read i can only see there are annual fee for the sever $1 a day. Don't know the setup, maintainace and on going cost.

        • +1

          Well, I didnt see any word cost in the original question to be honest.

          "Can anyone recommend a "standalone" camera that can be used outside, runs off solar and just loops onto an SD card?"

    • +1

      Try the Stickup CAM from RING. Has an optional solar panel to power it. No SD card though - runs over WIFI. You can access it live from your smart phone (with bi directional audio). Has cloud recording (which you have to pay for after free trial) option. Reasonable rates.

      I've recently installed a RING doorbell. Love it!

    • +1

      Have a look at the new Netgear Arlo Pro (not yet released in Aus but supposedly coming soon). Netgear have also announced they'll be selling a solar panel for them.

      • Hopefully a LOT better than the normal Arlo - I had mine for 5 days before returning to JB. Terrible!

  • This or PoE HikVision?

    • +2

      PoE Hikvision. Slightly more $ but far superior.

      You can get 3 megapixel (~2500 x ~1500 res) weatherproof cams for around $80 or $90ea delivered via Ali or eBay with 10% off code.

      1500 vertical resolution trumps 720 or 1080P.

      8 channel PoE NVR (recorder) for around $250-300 delivered.
      Throw in any old SATA HDD or buy a new one for $65 (1TB).

      Very popular hardware, lots of overseas and Australian forum support.
      1080P HDMI out from NVR plus good phone/tablet app and support for 3rd party apps (I can live stream my cameras to my Moto360 smart watch via TinyCam Pro).

      If you pay a little more for an NI (international) model (rather than N) you can upgrade NVR to latest firmware whenever you like.

      Wiki and support:

  • Yeah I don't get the comment about pros and cons on PoE.

    PoE is easy as hell to wire, will work up to 100 meters, doesn't require 2 cables wired, just the one, does not require a power board with 8 plugs spaced far enough for the 8 Coax cameras unit plug packs and with a bandwidth of 1Gbps over the line, can handle any camera you can throw at it far into the future. The signal is digital so no loss as with analogue.

    Sorry what are the cons? Premade cables are cheap too. Yes, if you want to make you own it's a bit of a PITA and would take a little more time than home made coax. Is that the con?

    • Well according from this source:

      Possible problems or disadvantages of PoE?

      1. Power insufficient, powered device can't boot: 802.3af PoE standard maximum output power is below 15.4W, this is sufficient to provide power supply for most of IP cameras. However, this output power is not sufficient for high power consumption devices such as network PTZ camera.

      2. Centralized risk: Generally, a PoE switch connects to multiple IP cameras, if PoE network switch encounters any problems, all IP cameras will stop working.

      3. High equipment and maintenance cost: Compared to other power supplying methods, PoE technology increases maintenance workload, when considering security and stability, separate power supply is best.

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